This week’s show is an all interview spectacular where we spend some time with a few different developers and get the scoop on some upcoming games. We voice our concerns directly to them and get the low down on why they think gamers will enjoy their title. Havek gets a bit upset over Marvel Heroes, Damina brings in some thoughts to try and calm him down, and Magicman sits back and enjoys the show. Cap it all off with some Weekly bombs and Viewer feedback and you have one jam packed session. Enjoy!

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week’s biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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  1. not true..all games do not shut down..for example Dark Age of Camelot. still has a huge following even fan made servers and you can still pay to play the original servers. as far as im told they are still very active(i havent been able to afford to play in some time) the reason they have had such success…..idk maybe cuz its the best mmorpg ever released. even with dated graphics id still pay to play it b4 almost anything that is out now,sooo tired of rushed out copy-cat japanime koreatoon crap. matter of fact A BOMB!!!!!! on everything thats come out since f2p started. f2p should mean CRAP.

    • I don’t think all f2p games are crap. Yes, there are a lot of pay2win or unfinished games, but there are good f2p games like Champions online, Argo or Rusty Hearts. Well, that’s only my opinion anyway.

  2. i dont understand what raderz lag u all are talking about or i am lucky i am not getting it or i am used to it or something bcos i went alpha of raiderz i was invited to beta give mount at lvl 5 so i was just standing place doing that yahhaa sound that mount has option for 5 mins any ways no lag i didn’t check ping it should 250 or so bcos i am from India and the bomb to Flume games it is Indian company which bring forsaken world i dont like bee mean or something but didn’t want try planet side 2 bcos i didnt what happen my very old system when see so many people from everywhere make lag my cpu catch a fire i didnt tell about this 3 week bcos i didnt net for 3 week just got it today saw all 3 episode didnt nice work magic man and see on mmo and other server which is not plant side 2

  3. Big Point is a big user(no pun intended) of the Unity Engine which has the Unity Web Browser Plugin. This basically just allows the game to use the browser for nothing more than a window to draw the game to, bypassing the traditionally slower native browser application design. I’ve played an FPS made with Unity and played in a browser and found there to no real lag in general. Another case in point is Quake Live, another browser based game that doesn’t have the lag associated with it. Much like the stigma of F2P games being low quality dying, so to shall the browser based stigma die.

    For the question of the week I’d actually have to say Planetside 2 surpasses the hype. While I was aware of the previous Planetside game, it didn’t make much of an impact on me when it was released. However after seeing several videos for it(thanks in huge part to TotalBiscuit using it for his Mailbox videos) I’m now super excited for it and am even starting to look more forward to it than MechWarrior Online(which I am currently in the closed beta for).

    Keep up the great show and congrats on the 50k subscribers(still too lazy to actually use Youtube’s subscription service, if it’s something I like, I do the good ol’ fashion way of bookmarking it).

  4. Hi guys from Russia. I want to give my HUGE A bomb to a planetside 2 for not giving me a beta invite tho i applied for it 25th of december. 25TH OF DECEMBER! It was last year, ye.

  5. My personal opinion tended to side with Damina this episode, especially with Marvel Heroes. I have yet to give a Da Bomb/A Bomb, but even with videos of Planetside 2, I’m reserving my judgement about over hype until I get to play in the beta. I prefer not to judge games until having had a test run. I DO believe GW2 may have been somewhat over hyped, not by ArenaNet, but by the fanboys/girls themselves.

    Great episode as always, looking forward to next week.

  6. I am going to drop a new bomb…
    F bomb to ariea games… they deserve it.. Closed down repulse because they didn’t get much money, that’s what they get for adding an AK-47 , which is not sci-fi, Making it overpowerd, like most shooters do with AK-47’s, and adding an AP value for it.

  7. Okay im gunna put it this way PS2 is amazing it really does live up the hype buttttttttttttttt i have one problem with the game … its really hard to start like a massive team play rush u need 2 have a good group of friends working together to do anything amazingly fun but when that does happen damn skippy ur gunna have an amazing time

  8. btw we might be related havoc i got an aunt and uncle in canada XD
    weekly question:
    i signed up to both betas of firefall (been waiting months) and planetside 2 honestly im interested in both but i gotta say whoever gives me the beta key first is gonna get my Da bomb and my vote for gamescon winner.

    first lets get this out of the damina gets a DA BOMB from me as shes been great over the weeks.
    I know its not free to play ( well it is to me atm) but i got a DA Bomb for final fantasy xi ultimate collection abyssea edition im a long time fan of the final fantasy series (yes got the ff xiv collecters edition with the cup cloth map and journal) took a while to get through the play online viewer but finally started playing it cant stop looking at my red mage mithra’ss ass >///>.
    also anogther Da Bomb for planet calypso for being the game second life could never have been fun.

    • lol ,roflmao
      ” btw we might be related havoc i got an aunt and uncle in canada XD”

      Had to quote you on this. 😀

      But with that stated you and me might be related since i live in Canada also. hahaha

      I do agree with Damina doing great on the show, I was honestly worried when Magicman had stated he was going to bring on female co-host’s a few month’s back. But thank’s to her, she has put my mind and thought’s at ez of the show just losing it’s feel to me.

      But i have still not watched an episode of F2P Weekly since who ever it is took over. No offence to her,But not what i was looking for in that department,But we live in a world that sex sell’s, I just can’t be bought 😛 lol

      Peace neokiva !


        • Hey no problem,You truely deserve to be recognized.
          I guess the more show’s Havek is on you need to be there to carry his dead weight.. lol
          Poor Poor You.

          A conversation between Magicman & Havek conserning last 2 episodes with Havek

          Magicaman – Yeah Yeah, you were farting in bathtubs and laughin your azz off !

          But simple Havek thought he was smart or rather did’nt think he was retarded so he can’t afford to play retarded, Being a smart co-host.Acting like a guy that thinks he’s smart, Now that’s tricky!

          Havek – Wait, About What?

          Magicman – Seriously, You don’t know !

          Havek – * laugh’s *

          Magicman – Everyone know’s you don’t go full retard.

          Havek – What do you mean.

          Magicman – Check it out, Sejiro,Looked retarded acted retarded,Not retarded!
          Selfius,Slow yes, Retarded maybe but he charmed our fan’s,He was a damn MMOBomb Hero!
          You went full retard man! Never go full retard!
          You don’t believe that, Ask Brim and his 8 bit first look’s.
          Remember, Went full retard got stuck looking at game’s like that !


          Glad you have done some homework before your cast’s Damina!

          Don’t be a Havek … * fart’s * hahahahaha


      • lol just joining in on the havoks joke, i have seen free 2 play weekly but that was before the female host took over (jessica brohard brohardt?) however to be fair free 2 play weekly is a solo man/woman show, proberly not used to a panel show format

  9. Thank’s for Another Fine Show !

    I thought it was going to be rather long but … Forgot his name (like i care or cared to remember)
    But the Diablo/Marvel.. Just seemed a little to high on himself. 20 minutes well, Not well wasted just wasted.

    Don’t get me wrong i do really enjoy these interviews but no one has been that in love with themself’s.
    ( Thats the vibe i got )

    Loved the Mac burn on Havek 😀



    • even though its not from the games world i know of someone in love with themselves more then marvel dude well two simon cowel and in the world of gamer ceos 2nd goes to Hilmar Veigar Pétursson ceo of ccp.

  10. I agree about Pando Media Booster. I hate that sh*t & remove it as soon as it is finished DL. Add Akamai NetSession Interface too. Publishers need to stop requiring us to add this crap in order to DL the client.

  11. love the show ,as always ,nice questions for devs and ceo,s from the company’s, and i agree with you guys about ,waiting to see if the game is going to be like 1 or another or if unique. still waiting for key for planetside ,looks great. see you guys next weeks show.


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