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MMOBomb's Official 2022 Predictions: Kotick Stays, Anthem Goes, New World Goes F2P, And More!

Plus: Will Daybreak make noise in the new year?

By Jason Winter - 1 year ago
You Can Now Play Anthem For Just $4.99/Month -- Is Full Free-to-Play Far Behind?

We only do predictions around the start of the year, both for general F2P news and for what we think might go F2P next.

By Jason Winter - 4 years ago
If F2P Is In Anthem's Future, It Needs A Lot Of Work

Have you heard the latest “Anthem is going free-to-play” rumors?...

By Jason Winter - 4 years ago
Apex Legends Helped EA "Significantly Outperform Our Expectations" In Last Quarter

Electronic Arts released its Q1 and FY2019 financial statement yesterday, and on the follow-up earnings call, had all sorts of nice things to say about Apex Legends.

By Jason Winter - 4 years ago
Report: Fortnite's Success Led To Epic Crunch

Another week, another tale of a game studio working its employees to the bone.

By Jason Winter - 4 years ago
BioWare Discussed F2P For Anthem, But Decided It Wasn't The Right Direction

"Almost free-to-play" is probably pushing it, but that's the title that Edge Magazine (via GamesRadar) decided to go with when talking about Anthem in an interview with BioWare's Jonathan Warner and Ben Irving.

By Jason Winter - 4 years ago