Daybreak's Rumored New EverQuest And PlanetSide Games? We're Not Buying It

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor May 1, 2018

EverQuest Next Landmark unveils Founder's Packs, early access detailed 2

When a company announces layoffs, disgruntled ex-employees usually talk. When there are layoffs combined with all sorts of other questionable behavior by the company, the rumors really fly. And while all that is going on, there's plenty of space for false rumors to make the rounds, as people try to stir up trouble and win Internet Cool Points by being the flashpoint for discussion.

Such is the case with today's "rumor" that Daybreak Game Company is working on a ton of stuff, all purportedly sourced from an employee who was let go last week. The Reddit thread is here, and while the original post is deleted, one commenter has copied it down. It reads:

Ooh, exciting! New EverQuest and PlanetSide games! Battle Royale! Games dying left and right! Wow, amazing! Thank you, nameless insider!

Yeah, we're not buying it.

First, there's a denial in the comments by "Maergoth" who claims to be "fairly in the know" and who "didn't sign any NDAs, but you might have if you actually worked for the company." That leads one to believe that Maergoth is one of the actual Daybreak employees who was let go last week and is calling out the original poster as, well, not. Sure, Maergoth could be lying too, but -- and I'll admit, this is just personal opinion -- he/she seems more credible.

Also, we reached out to Daybreak and got the standard official response that the company doesn't respond to rumors and that "we’re always looking for ways to innovate and explore opportunities that make sense for our players and our community." Granted, we don't know how much to believe Daybreak's PR after what happened last week, but it's something.

So let's look at the substance of the post. It says, basically, that H1Z1, Just Survive, EverQuest, and EverQuest II are on their last legs. Does it take an "insider" to make those kinds of claims? All four games have hit on rough times, and it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see any of them shut down later this year.

PlanetSide 2 is carrying along well enough, the post says, with new content planned. That jives with what we've heard publicly from the dev team, so it's again nothing an average person wouldn't know.

He has nothing on DC Universe Online. That's strange ... you'd think someone so well connected with every other game the company makes would be able to offer something. Unless, of course, he's just a player of Daybreak's other games and doesn't know enough about DCUO to make any broad predictions ...

That brings up the two biggies: PlanetSide 3 and EverQuest 3, both of which are supposedly in development -- despite the layoffs -- and are supposed to have a battle royale focus, because, hey, the best way to rile up gamers these days is to say a much-loved or highly anticipated game is going to implement a battle royale mode. Oh, and EQ3 "aims to compete with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen." That's the real belly-buster. Nothing against Pantheon, but it's a niche title designed to appeal to old-school MMO fans -- the kind that SOE/Daybreak long ago stopped trying to lure. EverQuest Next wasn't going to compete with Pantheon or Crowfall or Camelot Unchained. It was going for the larger Elder Scrolls Online/Guild Wars 2/Star Wars: The Old Republic audience, at least, with World of Warcraft no doubt in its (distant) sights.

So yeah, we're calling this myth busted. Which means we'll look that much sillier when "EverQuest Battle Royale" is announced later this year, but we're willing to take that risk.

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Jason Winter, News Editor
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Discussion (4)

Your mama 2 years ago
MR Winter though agree its myth I do feel you are definitely basing your opinion on the MMO genre and its player base.#1 there is no old school MMO market, either you make a good MMO or you dont. Elder scrolls is far from a MMO and us of the MMO genre fans have fled it in massive numbers. ESO is nothing but a poorly written single player rpg with lobby esque multiplayer options .their is a massive market for the True MMO player it's just hard to keep us if you leave your product untouched for almost 2 years like ESO did before they added content.combine that with rewrite game to feed of a churn phase temporary player . I think you underestimate the Pantheon. Though it is niche like rift was it will far exceed what you journalists think it will attract

Maergoth 3 years ago
Lol. A friend just showed me this.

The implication that I'm dumb enough to work for Daybreak is only topped by the implication that I'm dumb enough to be let go by Daybreak.

I was a top player in the top guild for a long time. I talk with developers often. Hence the (extremely basic) knowledge that NDAs don't evaporate after you quit a company.

How anything in my post could be considered a lie is absurd. I was calling someone out for having no proof, not making a claim whatsoever. Just that if EQ3 was being developed, I'd be one of the first to know.

Try to contact me next time before putting words in my mouth. Thanks, amigo.

DEmodeboom 3 years ago
ya a game that has building and capping points for planetside 3 just like with fortnite... I mean it be like did the devs even play planetside 1 at all ? I mean with planetside 2 it seems they got some of it but not all of it down and if that is the case with that game that is an awful joke at this point.. Sorry buddy its kinda hard to take someone serious if you are sprouting nonsense Mr. Anonymity.

Horrific 3 years ago
Everybody loves drama ! maybe its just a clever attempt at guerillia marketing ? "Hey look we are still making games and there are new ones coming out despite all the bad press " but just under the premise that its not them "officialy" saying this (who would belief them after the recent stuff) but under the cover of anonymity ?

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