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Storybook Brawl Gameplay - First Look (HD)

Join Xizta as he sits back, relaxes, and takes a calm, cool, collected look at Storybook Brawl, a free-to-play card game/auto brawler similar to Hearthstone's Battlegrounds mode.

By MMOBomb Staff -
Causa, Voices Of The Dusk - Gameplay First Look

There's a new entry into the CCG space coming out of Early Access next week and we jump in to teach you how to play and give you our first impressions of the game.

By Michael Byrne -
Scavengers Early Access - Gameplay First Look

What could end up as a pretty decent PvEvP/Battle Royal-esque experience, falters a bit as Early Access starts with some pretty limited options and a very linear progression system.

By Michael Byrne -
To Hell With It - Gameplay First Look

Your cat ends up opening a portal to hell and you have to jump in after them to save them...but you'll have to hack and slash your way thought the corporate structure of the company and deal with HR to come out of Wimpy Imp's ...

By Michael Byrne -
Enlisted - Gameplay First Look

Enlisted is a free-to-play World War 2 shooter from Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment.

By Jason Winter -
Diabotical - Gameplay First Look

Take your Eggbot into murderous action in Diabotical, a free-to-play shooter from The GD Studio.

By Jason Winter -
V4 Global - Gameplay First Look

You like big numbers and basically managing an MMORPG character without the pesky need to play the game?...

By Michael Byrne -
Rogue Company - Gameplay First Look

Hot on the heels of some other round based hero shooters, First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios try to make their mark with Rogue Company.

By Michael Byrne -
Hyper Scape - Gameplay First Look

Hyper Scape is a fast-paced free-to-play battle royale from Ubisoft set in a virtual world where you use a wild array of weapons and hacks to survive and take out the competition.

By Jason Winter -
Royal Crown - Gameplay First Look

Zach takes a look at a personal current favorite Royal Crown (no, not the cola) in this First Look, but is the mobile app turned Steam battle royale worth your time?...

Crucible - Gameplay First Look

Take on both a hostile planet and even more hostile enemies in Amazon Games' first entry into the free-to-play shooter genre, Crucible!...

By Jason Winter -
Shadow Arena - Gameplay First Look

Pearl Abyss converts their Black Desert Online PvP mode into a 40 person battle royale in Shadow Arena.

By Michael Byrne -