United Front Reveals Open-World Crime Game Triad Wars

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

As we reported back in June, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has been hard at work developing a free-to-play game. Earlier this week, United Front revealed that game, an open-world sandbox action game called Triad Wars.

Like Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars takes place in Hong Kong, and combines driving, shooting, fighting, and all sorts of other mayhem, legal and illegal, into a single package. You'll play as an enforcer, a low-level thug in the Hong Kong triads, trying to make a name for yourself and rise up in the ranks and forge your own criminal empire.

"Your turf is interesting, because it's really an extension of the player's personality, the types of rackets that you choose to run," says Design Director Steve Ferreira. "Whether you choose to focus on counterfeiting goods, counterfeiting currency, smuggling things, it'll change the way you approach the game day-to-day."

If you're into Grand Theft Auto-style gameplay, Triad Wars sounds really promising, and we're looking forward to hearing a lot more about it. You can sign up for the beta here.

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Discussion (7)

MFoma 9 years ago
Sleeping dogs online ? :d I WANT IT ! :)

Matt Wert 9 years ago
I cant access game said to both of my mails that are already taken WTF ? I have never registered for that beta test

SgtLex 9 years ago
I would love to play this, just don't use the APB driving mechanics. It was so bad, lightly tap left you go far left. It seems like a game that will hit big if the mechanics pan out.

Vladimir Putin 9 years ago
I want to play this so bad.

zoren 9 years ago

Meow 9 years ago
So basically it's Sleeping Dogs online, should be interesting.

bigcracker 9 years ago

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