Aura Kingdom is an Anime MMORPG developed by X-Legend, creators of Eden Eternal. In Aura Kingdom players get a choice of 8 classes and venture forth accompanied by a special companion called an Eidolon. Players can perform special combos with their Eidolon and collect new ones on their journey. A unique passive tree and cross-class weapon combos are some of the other highlights of Aura Kingdom.

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  1. Do you have to carry even out off combat the weps on your hands all the time? Would be nice to have them on back or waist or something

  2. i dunno why people bought founders pack, this game wasnt even worth considering to have a founder pack option, all the retards tht bought 1 got scammed lol, specially since aearia games is hosting it, i wouldnt give 1 cent to a shitty company like tht

    • =)) stop playing games man,the worst company is Perfect World Entertaining because they make really pay to win games not aeria games

  3. Btw, looks rather decent for anime mmo that is. If the game had different than aeria publisher it would be just perfect to spend some time in.

    • You know, just because mmorpg’s have “Tab Targeting”, doesn’t necessarily make them bad. You could look at World of Warcraft (Hate that game), and Final Fantasy XI, and XIV. Those games keep making millions, and keep subscribers, so obviously, they’re doing something right, if they’re continuously making mass amounts of cash.

      If you dislike Tab Targeting that’s fine, but you’re not in any really position to critic them are you? As a gamer sure, but as a single player/person, your opinion literally means jack squat if you’re the minority.

      The Beta of Aura Kingdom thus far isn’t terrible, not that great either, least it’s flashy, and not so boring.

      • You just named 2 pay to play games. Of course they’re going to be better.

        The point is anything with the “FREE” to play tag is going to be crap, pay to win, cash grab. So by making the game the same as every other game that’s already out there, what makes it stand out?

        • what you expect man,the game is not made free,so they need to sell something to make money and keep game online and not to shutdown it,so why you dont make a game by yourself and stop saying pay to win,in almost every game you can be better than the guy who pay,it just you have to play longer to be good,so if you are casual player stop playing online games and go play offline games,it will be better for you

  4. Is anyone getting an error when trying to login the game. I get an error that say’s “cannot connect to server.” Is this a founders pack beta only. If so than I got to wait for other beta’s than.

  5. Seems like you guys seem to be the Stupid ones . First i am a Founder , second i life in totally different timezone. You guys just jump to conclusions , well sorry to Disappoint you but the you are the morons here, at least Stemar was able to answer normal the rest just showed that they are underdeveloped , at least brain wise and manner wise. Have a nice day. And just to cure your stupidity a bit , it wasn’t an error on my side, my founders pack and so the Beta Access wasn’t Activated by the Aeria system , the Support did it and so i was able to play. And I hope you two , moron and cacalips, i hope you never reproduce yourself.

    • Lol that happens, I had almost the exact same problem, but it already is solved. Can’t wait to end works day so I can log in and play. Peace and happy hunting.

  6. @Bishonen
    It wasn’t working because you are a complete moron. You failed to noticed the 100000 posts about how the game did NOT launch until today.
    The servers have NEVER been online until 4 PM dec 16th pst.

    • Over the last 18 years of gaming it is shocking the basics of where to go for trouble shooting still evades people. It is 2013 and basic “read the manual” skills fail on so many -.-

    • You’re the reason games have bad communities, go play single player games please. No reason to be so immature and talk rudely to people you will never meet or know.

  7. Tried to play it in the last 2 days , and well , i could get into the Logging in Screen , not further. The game just closes without an error Message. Iam not so much into anime like MMO but actually what i heared about the game made me wonder if its Really that good. To bad i never get to find that out. On my personal list it gets a 0/10 for not working. And yes i reinstalled everything and so on.

    • Maybe that is just because servers opened like 10 hours ago and you need to buy a founder pack though, without it the games does not allow you entering it.

      • Man, its almost as if the founder packs give other people an advantage to the game. Sucks that I’m to broke to experience the luxury that one gets when they do buy it. That unknown knowledge on how the game works/ already achieved the games full potential before it comes out in open beta. So I just decided I’m never going to play another game that as a founder’s pack offer, because it’s just not fair to be able to watch someone else play it. I mean really how would you make money off of it. I guess if you get to record yourself playing it first right.

          • Lol Asdasfa, you honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not pay to win at all and nor is it pay to have fun. I bought the $20 founders pack. There are tons of people playing atm, Costumes drop in instances etc. The cash shop isnt anything close to pay to win. So don’t go bad mouthing a company/ game before you know anything.

          • @Hellsplushie

            You do realize it’s founder’s closed beta correct? Any costumes you’re going to get in instances are going to be wiped for Open Beta, the only reason they’re dropping them like that is because Aeria is catering to a player base that has already spent their money to get in. The cash shop is also most likely subject to change once the “free” loaders have a chance access to the game.

            I myself was excited for the game even after Aeria pretty much massacred one of my favorite MMOs (Grand Fantasia) but after seeing the whole founder packs business (a new trend I despise) Im just going to give up on this game since it will inevitably flop with regards to the cash shop balance.


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