Free To Play Weekly (ep.55)

This week on Free to Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard, Waren Story: Closed Beta begins, Flyff Will going gold, Heroes & Generals launches new video, World Of Tanks launches update 7.4, Web Koihime Musou begins open beta, Vindictus launches episode 10, sweet giveaways, and much more.

Free-To-Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Game of the Week: Drift City


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Discussion (81)

ATA47 8 years ago
hey whats the game at 4:16 ? :3

Stivertsen 8 years ago Go there if you are seeking beta keys for games, still about 2600 for Heroes and Generals.

Chrono 9 years ago
just shut the f*** up guys. I bet you didn't even know whats her background is. Just so you know she already got an experience in this kind of thing(hosting and commenting on free mmo game world including gaming consoles). Jessica Brohard deserves to be here and deserves the spot coz she simply got the looks and the wits to do it. She began hosting on mmoattack on a segment called Daily Drop, she aleady did alot of Daily Drop videos. Go there if you want to check it out.

sethsamson 9 years ago
noooooo bleee chick version suck .... magicman get your @$$ back here

MaxHavok 9 years ago
i was happy to see a hot gamer girl....then she opened her mouth about warren story and flyff......blah

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Donald 9 years ago
Ya know after seeing her it makes me miss watching Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler on XPlay.

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BiizzY 9 years ago
Ok first of all congratz on the new episode because i thought it went very nicely. Yes ok we get it you got a new host who happens to be a young attractive girl that talks about the F2P world and news but, guys.... we got to give everyone a chance that is what makes this community more alive and in -depth with it's subscribers. I say even thought she is new and you feel she should do smaller bits and rolls well it could have been worse. What about the main crew of MMOBomb didn't even have the slightest bit of talent to give us the details and excitement we strive to get when opening the doors to the free to play world ( that was just sarcasm Magic we all know you and the crew has everything it takes so don't kill me ! jk). Yes like G4TV there are alot of more opposite sexed hosts entertaining us with the fullness of the show but, i think she has spunk. It is such an old word but, i could tell while she was hosting she had a good vibe and output on what she was doing and if you can't get that from just one episode then watch another and another and so on until you see "wow this girl really can relate to the F2P gaming world and she actually know's what she is doing :D instead of getting infront of a screen and trying not to make her eyes read across her lines on the camera man's side of view". Give her a chance and let's see if Jessica Brohard is up for the part.

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Sebastianated 9 years ago
I believe she did kinda well, not my favorite "Free to Play Weekly" Vid. But, like other's have said, it take's away from what ya'll were doing before her. Making it more about the MMO then just a pretty face promoting some game's, which weren't even put into good detail, like usual. Either way, thank's for the video. Enjoyed watching.

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Name (Required) 9 years ago
I think she did well, don't know why some people are being so picky.

Echoman 9 years ago
We got a badass here. Don't like don't watch and no offense of course.

CHZ 9 years ago
Fire her and get the old host back.I know you put her as host because you think the show will get more popular as she will attract more horny little nerds but in that case you could have at least put a girl that looks like something,at least average looking girl and not Jesicca as she is one of those girls i wouldn't touch with a stick over my monitor.

I meant no offense to anyone with this post,but really...get the old host back.The first one was the best,the second was meh at first but i got used to him,but this one is just a big NO.

Nosferat 9 years ago
Many as it seems still do not get it. What relevance does it make if it's a man or a woman? Do you really care about superficial details this much?

The hardcore questions have been lost, the essence of the show has been lost. It starts to look like almost every other corporate dominated show that has some nice young faces to read out extremely bland and tasteless scripts that have no real value or meaning to the people who are interested in the subject of gaming.

Debating whether a woman should or should not present such a show, or how she performs is superficial and mostly irrelevant. Yes she should be a gamer, yes she should know a thing or two about online games.

I do not come here because I am interested to see a sexy woman or man, I come here because I am interested in the newest mmo games, how "Free" they are, how biased the corporate status is and how many of the promises made by the game companies are actually true.

Who presents that is one of my least concerns, this is not "The Jersey Shore" or some other really bad mainstream show, this is mmobomb....right?

Echoman 9 years ago
Come on bros give her a chance, don't be haters.

Steve010101 9 years ago
A little too scripted...and acts too much like that League of Legends chick.

Echoman 9 years ago
Why there so much haters, they should see a girl talking about games as a best thing in the world, but it looks they prefer dudes over girls. Sausage fest it seems. It start to feel awkward here. :[

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lilfighter 9 years ago
I think she`s a damn good addition and can`t wat for her to show all she`s got...Yes! Gaming related, of course. The community is sceptic because it is so tight togever and they are harsh on rookies, but she already fit in many viewers hearts. :)

Kocain 9 years ago
real woman in mmobomb

3abdo 9 years ago
i got 5 things
1:she is cute
2:she is Sexy
3:she is Not professional
4:ik Magicman wasn't the host he is in cast show Only

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Crysis 9 years ago
nice show nice cutie girl keep it up ur awesome
givin show more sense ;o

franco 9 years ago
omg ........... nice i hop she will keep it up

franco 9 years ago
omg ........... nice one mmobomb

DC 9 years ago
I sense some stereotype comments on this page. Why she doesn't know nothing about games? because she is a girl? come on guys stop it. we are on XXI century! Not every girl is a noob. I liked this improvement, she hasn't great boobs or a great body, but she is cute. And come on, are you gay or something? If a show doesn't have a girl you cry like hell, if it has you cry like hell... sorry if i mispelled.

Soxx 9 years ago
Should probably do an interview with the girl on a different show or something, People might not cry about change so much then... Just an opinion, think she did good though considering she had the pressure of a camera on her aswell for her first show.

DragoonisMystic 9 years ago
Ok u 'll I'm a older gamer lady and I'm in agreement with Magicman give the person a chance. One time isn't good enought to form anything about this cast .After several times then u can speak your minds. Btw I thought it was a pretty good airing . :-)

Seekerpilgrim 9 years ago
I stand corrected. It looks like the FtPC hasn't been updated since Episode #23. Any idead what's going on?

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Seekerpilgrim 9 years ago
I don't know if you guys are aware, but it appears iTunes hasn't updated FtPW since 5/13 with Episode #49. Any idea why? FtPC seems to be current, it's just the video podcast that hasn't been updated.

xBryce 9 years ago
Lol, to be honest. I'm already tired of seeing her face all over the site. Kind of like they're forcing her down our throats.

Like I said..she did ok, but close communities usually hate changes to things that are already doing great. And again, it's probably making most people think MMOBomb is going mainstream. ( which I hope to God they do not) They just need to stick to their roots and stay true to their Subscribers...Unlike most other sites.

Nosferat 9 years ago
What the hell happened with you guys? I'm not that angry about the chick, I do not really care if it's a man or a woman there. What I care about are the hardcore questions, have you already been bought? Where is your backbone?

If this is all that is left, you do not need humans to present the show, you just need a pc voice or something to read out the script and that is that. No questioning about it being actually f2p or p2win, no opinions whatsoever about patches, upcoming games. I am not interested in the script the corporate machine has given you, I am interested in your thoughts, your opinions.

The "joke" about Koihime Mousou was in bad taste, it's like those old Arnold Schwarzenegger jokes"stick around" or "I suppose nothing hurts you: Only pain" wow, amazing...

"anyone can dive in the action in just minutes" what the? Please, your own thoughts, you have no idea how annoying it is when you try to sound authentic yet you sound just so fake reading out that script.

Glarag 9 years ago
In my opinion it can even turn out good. What I noticed: Sound effects are louder then Jessica's voice, she completely forgot body-talking with a full-body capturing. I don't have any more problems.

For those who started like: "She is clueless" and "She doesn't know a thing about gaming", well I have two things to say:
- You said these things before you even knew who she was or what she does in her freetime, which is a stupid thing to do.
- Magicman told in several comment that she is a Gamer. I think an apology is in order.

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JayCrow 9 years ago
I thinks im in love<33 you guys might go bersek but im going pervert :)

Bcool4ever 9 years ago
I love you free to play weekly. Even thought its changed completely, in a way that I like it a little less, its actually cheering me up to see that you released it on my b-day. Thank you MMOBomb for releasing this on my b-day.

Busersuser 9 years ago
OK...hmm why have you changed the entire free to play weekly??it was so good and now is so sorry mam but i realy find annoying the way you talk about the news it sounds so "not professional".i realy hope you bring the other guy back to host the free to play weekly cuse this is realy a fail ( in my opinion ofc)

Dragoninja 9 years ago
Why is iCarly's mom hosting now? Does she even know what an MMORPG is? This sucks. Guess im just gonna watch ***** instead, I really liked MMOBOMB better. I did notice though that everything in this video has already been covered elsewhere. Hopefully you are just trying her out. Shes cute, I like her. But get someone that knows what a damn game is. Take it back to the way it was or get a girl that actually knows games! Seriously, I love this show and watch every episode. Please don't ruin it with this cute but clueless young lady. She doesn't even talk good. Sorry to be so harsh but gamers are a serious bunch, believe it or not.

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1346y 9 years ago
nice! going to try out warenstory

TwoDigitScout 9 years ago
Excellent production! Very professionally done.

Sage 9 years ago
I in all due respect preferred the old f2p weekly presenter better and maybe you could start a new show for Jessica that involves girls talking about games giving their points of view but F2P Weekly was perfect just as it was and the old presenter was great :)

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xBryce 9 years ago
I do admit she's a looker, but I do also think she should be doing smaller parts than just going right in and hosting any type of show. You guys should have went with the "Hot Chick" from the start, because now most people are getting the Mainstream vibe from you guys. (Which is what put MMOBomb on a higher pedestal.)

I guess I'm just saying good job, but in the future I would slowly introduce someone new into such a close MMO Community. You always want to satisfy your Subscribers.

Xstract 9 years ago
If one wishes to play Vindictus how does one do so out of usa????

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Cody 9 years ago
Ok Magicman.... Your lucky you're the shizz... Ill give it a try.... Don't make me give the new free to play weekly the good ol A-BOMB!!! If she sucks ill do it :P Cant wait for the new free to play cast....

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Cody 9 years ago
Ok so i guess MmoBomb is going to turn into G4tv..... Hmmm are we going to see cop's next???? Mmo Hut here i come..... Well i guess all mmobomb cares about now is Facebook/twitter and girls that are very hot but dont know SHIT about games..... sad sad sad....I love hot girl's but im not blowing people's face off in Firefall and thinking about being balls deep in some girl.... GET BACK TO GAMING!!!!!!

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Faze 9 years ago
WHERE IS MAGICMAN Q_Q we want u baaaack :((((

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Echoman 9 years ago
I fell in love. :)

majorx 9 years ago hot.... nice ^^

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phonz 9 years ago
It`s her first episode guys. Give her a chance. Personally, i thought it was done well enough and she'll be pro in no time.

Raz2508 9 years ago
Maybe the sound could use some improvements :)

demirian 9 years ago
She need more emotion's or dunno just Show me you interesting too .. Guy was more charismatic than she . But nice videos .

romanonwar 9 years ago
I think it's a very good idea to put a happy, pretty girl into the Free2Play weekly.
I think it's making it more interesting.
I watched the Videos from the beginning(I think since 2011) and i love them!

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poopa 9 years ago
i love jessica brohard

Peyote 9 years ago
I love you, too ♥

nothingness 9 years ago
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I tune into this to watch the videos and not an Entertainment Tonite attempt. The voiceover and info provided is just fine, but leave the focus on the video footage please.

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assassin99 9 years ago
who is this ??????? where is the dude who was in the show??? and i am 1 first

DMflatron 9 years ago
first? nc 'sexy' good work mmobomb

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