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About the game:
Title: Drift City
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 3D
Genre: Racing
Developer: NPluto
Publisher: GamesCampus

Explosive Features:

  • Great Cel-Shaded Visuals.
  • Large Game World.
  • Lots of Missions.

Drift City is a distinctive free MMO driving game that is one half role-playing game and one half racing game. It offers both single player mission modes and multiplayer racing modes with beautiful cell-shaded style visuals, making it a racing game that is truly original and providing a unique experience. Players choose their vehicles, modify and customize the design with a simple and intuitive interface, and upgrade the performance of their vehicles.

Drift City will keep you driving for hours on end thanks to the open-ended gameplay. There is no linear path to follow, you are free to choose to follow the main story, complete some secondary missions, race in the Battle Zone against other players or just drive and explore the huge game world that is Mittron Island. The mission objectives are diverse, ranging from delivery missions against the clock to some that pit you against other racers.

Meet with your friends or make new friendships, create a crew and race in Drift City, performing combos to fill your booster gauge and unleashing a phenomenal burst of speed. Drift City is a racing game that stands out as one of the best examples of the genre.

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System Requirements

Drift City Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
Memory Ram: 256MB Free
Hard Disk Space: 1GB
Video Card: GeForce 4 64 MB

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  1. I loved playing that game many years ago when I only had a laptop with a weak graphics card available. Sad that it’s gone from the west, but the way the game got ever more pay-to-win from one publisher to the next one, it may be for the best.

  2. Pay 2 win game. some crucial items are on real money price when it should be a on-game money price. but can be A winner through sheer huge mega super hardwork. lol

  3. This game is by far one of the best games iv ever played and for the new players who dont know or ask high levels how to make money cause they know and will tell u ofc u will complain about not being able to become good when new but its good that way also because u dont want everyone to be a pro and it gives u alot to work for and look forward to to become a pro all u have to do is work at it and u can enjoy doing it two this game is my new favorite

    • it is not a pay2win lots of people i.e. me grind ah and parts shop allday to make money i started at the bottom and now im at the top like anygame u have to work hard and people should stop expecting handouts so far havent spent one cc and i have multiple v9st cars you need to find out what makes u money in the game and do it untill u become someone u check allchat theres so menny people on the grind everyday trying to make money what r u talking about

  4. this one is hard with the game move and the years of back ground i played when it was new its changed alot so dont take the review to mutch to heart

    the game seems rilly eazy to pick up and it is tell you try pvp but seens most of you wont be pvping any ways i wont go mutch in to that the game comes with a story that you rilly do have to follow lucky its a rilly eazy to get in to and fun story mainly the story teaches you how to drive but it teches you eavery thang about how to drive so when a mission seems eazy theen the game will make the next one hard if you do a mission and fail it 2 or more times the game makes it a little eazyer for you. you will find that it dosent seem to push players to work togeather well the old gms did that with events i am not sure about the new gms but the game seems to be doing fine so ill say their doing jest as good ro better then the last gm’s(games masters) with all the cars you can pick and the way that you cant buy your way up the game make every one very difrent ijn their driveing style and how they look its rare to see 2 cars that look the same the action and decale system alow players to make eazy money to buy thang tho some times the economy teens toi go haywire main around even times when good parts are needed and are being found the gmae has guilds that will rank up bye tokens witch players get from missions time trials and pvp matches makeing player eazly able tojoin and help guilds players are very nice and 2/3 times will help you with any problems you have i lovw the game and keep it on my list for the simple fact that it’s FUN to hang out and talk wile with do huv chases ro time trails i think most players should try this and old players should come back to it becuse of all the changes

    Love; The Rose You Can Not Touch

  5. I was a pro drift city racer till last year when i quited, as eyeclubseals said, u need to spend alot of real cash to keep up in this game and worse its very adictive. I spent around 1500 Euros in like 5 years playing Drift City, and let me tell y’all it wasnt worth it. Just a warning for the ppl DLing this game.

  6. Nice game and everything, but it gets VERY repetitive and grindy after level 50 or so. As in, being stuck in the same area doing the EXACT same thing to level (21 levels to get the best non-cash shop cars and to finish the storyline). PVP-wise, pay-to-win is rampant, as in needing to pay the cost of a decent game every 3 months or so just to keep up, with many cash shop boosts carrying over to PVP.

    And don’t even get me started on the ST cars (the best in the game), these are obtained from scratchcards ($9.90 per card), and if you’re not EXTREMELY lucky to get a V9, expect to pay between $30 and $100 (no typo, one hundred US dollars) to upgrade it. Oh yeah, and also expect to grind like a Chinese bot to foot the bill for the parts as well.

    In short, it’s fun until you get to the fourth area, then the game quickly becomes a tedious grindfest with no end in sight, with only the richest being able to compete in PVP races with any chance of a win.


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