Free To Play Weekly (ep.56)

This week on Free to Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard, C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal Open Beta begins, Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms has announced, Firefall System Requirements, Warframe, Knight Age and much more.

Free-To-Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Game of the Week: Tribes Ascend


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Discussion (44)

Shelby 11 years ago
Customizable instances? Yea the game that invented instances(Anarchy Online) had that same feature. Seems like content is being lost and then when its brought back its considered unique. If you want to create quality games then look at the past. Games are getting worse not better.

DarKLatioS 11 years ago

keylock32 11 years ago
Just a suggestion
don't look stare too long on a script, we are watching you, so look at camera as well.
other than that, you did pretty much good job for hosting a videogames show, good luck.
and a question
what happen to old narrator? did he get fired?
tbh I know mmobomb because of Free weekly video, so I might miss his voice someday.

also I hope mmobomb can get their own channel on youtube, because I also knew that freemmogamer & mmobomb are the same, for what reason... I don't know why.

cacalips 11 years ago
Why is the staff actively posting on this TOPIC but not on MMORPG conversations in other threads???

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gqninja 11 years ago
This show is very informative and pretty unique. If you don't like it then don't watch it. Everyone wants to be a critic, nobody wants to be mindful anymore. >.>

Echoman 11 years ago
Magicman you lucky bastard, if i were you i wouldn't hesitate to ask Jess out on a date, and i hope your wife doesn't read this cause im gona get killed by her for this. :)

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Skozz 11 years ago
Why is that girl so cute I'm having a hard time watch the actual gameplay footage ... :P It's getting better every episode just keep it up !

drakths 11 years ago
Jessica SO funy i Love this video

Edenas 11 years ago
Nice, Jessica brings freshness to the mmo news ! Keep it up Jessica, you are great ! :))

DragoonisMystic 11 years ago
darn it should have stated wouldn't not would *

DragoonisMystic 11 years ago
Ok my turn .may lands people give her a chance ,this is only her 2nd airing. I'm sure there is alot of u who would even make half of her talent . So again back off and give her chance kiddies. Yes I can state that since I a older lady who games ,more that enough oder to be your grandmom!!!! ;-) Grand job u go girl!!!!

Jesterhead1985 11 years ago
C9 was a big let down. nice graphics. but a repetitive mess of nothing.
Im not saying Vindictus is better. but it has a bit more going for it.

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BizzY 11 years ago
Good video and nice improvement. Keep it up jessica

sethsamson 11 years ago
Warframe is based on motion pictures and anime series Guyver

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Stacy 11 years ago
The Repopulation looks great. I'm also looking forward to C9. I'm going to download that tonight and give it a try. I'm going to feel guilty cheating on Aion, but oh well. :P I'll want something fresh to play anyway while waiting for Guildwars 2 to arrive. I ordered it last week and I HOPE it gets here before the 20th so I can play the last beta weekend before launch.

BTW, Jessica Brohard did a great job with this video. I enjoyed her commentary. Her jokes made me giggle and her personality really shines. I hope to see her do more of these.

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meeee 11 years ago
jessica is soooo cute and funny , it makes the show tons of fun
and that commodore 64 line made me ROFLMAO

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Dragoninja 11 years ago
This video was better. I still feel like the new vids are repeating old information. But I personally like all the corny jokes. I chuckled at the Commodore 64 comment. And you can't beat a cute lady. Like, REALLY cute. Go internet!

Keep up the good work, or I'm going to turn you into a gnome with leprosy.

Genesis 11 years ago
Finnaly a new free to play weekly ... i was worried ^.^

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Rockmeo 11 years ago
AWESOME , i love this girl ^^ hes gorgoues and wears pink bra! we love this girl ;p!

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Nosferat 11 years ago
No, those really corny jokes NOOOOOOO!!

I feel as I am surrounded by 80's show hosts and movie directors that give people like Arnold those really crappy one liners that are not needed.

When there was talk about the system req for firefall, the failed sarcasm of "wait that is all they are announcing, no open beta?" was just too obvious, either act and make it seem that you are sarcastic, or just drop the act and say something more credible like " For people who expected more news, sorry, no open beta yet, but at least now you if your machine is ready to Firefall"

Commodore 64 joke was also really not needed, it felt forced as if you are putting a gun to someone's head and asking "was it funny Joe? well was it? Tell me it was or I'll blow your brains out"

"see that's how you celebrate something in gaming", now that was jut wrong in every possible way I can imagine. A new map is not something that you take as an example to show other people and game companies, it's a map not a 5GB free DLC that offers loads upon loads of content.

The Repopulation, finally something short,precise and to the point, I like that, no forced sarcasm, no forced joking, something simple that gets me and the other people the info that we actually need.

Sorry for being so harsh but it's as if this show does not know what it wants to do, who is your target? what age group,what category? What is your identity? You want to be funny, serious, core? You can't be all at once. There are youtube channels with people like the Angry Video Game Nerd, his show has an identity that will appeal to certain people and a certain age group, or angry joe who also presents and reviews games.

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Sebastianated 11 years ago
Great video, Loved it.

Glarag 11 years ago
Noticable improve in body-talking, sounds a lot more professional, more emotions in voice. Way to go. Keep up the good work Jessica. Very good job on thos episode.

fiiiiirst 11 years ago
fiiirst fiiiiirst fiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst

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