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About the game:
Title: Tribes Ascend
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: Hi-Rez Studios
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios

Explosive Features:

  • Tribes franchise.
  • Unreal 3 engine.
  • AAA free-to-play title.

Tribes: Ascend is a free to play 3D multiplayer FPS with stunning graphics. The shooter game features classic Tribes elements such as fast-paced jetpack combat, skiing, load-out changes and vehicles, combined with teamwork and strategy. Tribes: Ascend also adds new weapons, class-based combat, and character progression.

Tribes is one of the most popular brands in multiplayer gaming, with previous titles in the franchise being played by over one million people.

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System Requirements

Tribes Ascend Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz
Memory Ram: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB of free disk space
Video Card: ATI or Nvidia graphics card (512MB) or better

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  1. Well,none of this looks like Halo for me.
    Halo doesnt have superfast skiing and most of its weapons doesnt have explosion radius,if i remember.

  2. There were like anti gravity tools, Full body metal suits, jetpacks everywhere outerspace ships, futuristic weapons and masks yet they cant even make a laser? what da hell man

  3. gud news and bad news:

    bad news is it is no longer being developed by its publisher.

    good news is that its not p2w and still alive

  4. I’ve been playing the Tribes series of PC games since Starsiege: Tribes in 1998. Tribes 2 for me was the best of the series then followed by the disappointment known as Tribes Vengeance in 2004. Tribes Ascend just “feels” right coming from playing the 1st 2 games so many hours. TA is a damn fine game, but no longer being developed as the current developer has no idea how to manage it to be profitable for them. As of right now there support forums have been removed, but the game servers are still up until whenever they feel like dropping them. Since day one of TA I’ve been shocked how few players there where being so much fun and satisfying this game is. You can usually find at least 10 servers in the USA that have over 40+ players on it. Free to play so download it from Steam or their website, create an account and join in the fight while it lasts!

  5. this game is nothing like halo halo suck like f*** if halo’s like this then so is planetside and other alien sci/fi future mmofps

  6. I liked this game, I got addicted to it and it a little bit cross with “Halo”. What I hate about this people camping at the generator -_- also im surprised that this game won awards.

  7. I’ve played all the tribes games, including this one. This latest iteration suffers from the same problems that every version after the original Tribes experienced: Fixed map borders and velocity limits. The original game was fun an exciting to play as a team because ski runs could be created from a long distance off (think 2 – 3 x the lengh of the current maps) and allow players to fly through the enemy flag at super-sonic speed. It made HoF (Heavy on Flag) useful and coordination challenging. This version completely lacks that.

    In the current iteration, the addition of pay-to-acquire armors and weapons even takes away the possibility of trying out the different armor types without spending RL $$ (This may have changed since beta, if so, post a reply).

    If what you want is a nice looking shoot-em-up in the sci-fi genre, then certainly give this a try. If you’re a former player of the original Tribes, don’t bother. This version will disappoint you.

  8. I had enough playing this game and same game like this!! This type of game is very easy!! U just use launcher and and jetpacks to get one shot one kill!

  9. When I looked at the pics, the game looked just like Halo. But then I watched the trailer, and my opinion changed. Installing the game right now!

  10. When I looked at the pics, the game looked just like Halo. But then I watched the trailer, and my opinion changed. Installing the game right now!

  11. best FPS game ever played! :)))
    I love the “shot” effects display crush and so 🙂 (kinda like in crysis2)
    I can only recommend! 🙂
    Play and get sucked in! 😀

  12. i can understand why people are saying it looks like halo, BUT they are wrong… halo looks like THIS.. amazing

  13. this is not halo and if u think it is close well your wrong cause this game originally was made before the Xbox was ever invented this game was out and it was the best game evar i still have the game too but my bro hid it somewhere and ii want to play it now

  14. why dont the talk about legions overdrive its like Tribes Ascend but a little bit worse graphics and its tps or fps whiche ver one u want it to be

  15. Have been playing the closed beta for a little bit now. It is extremely fun & Addicting. It is tailored more toward my type of fps (fast paced, fast respawn, not a great deal of strategy involved) So i am probably a little biased. Playing on the max settings the game looks beautiful.


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