Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes Shutting Down

Not sure how this slipped our notice, but Wrath of Heroes will be shutting down permanently on March 29th. Players can no longer purchase gems for use in the cash shop nor will they be able to seek refunds, but they will be able to try out almost 18 new heroes before the shutdown at a rate of three or more a week. These were work in progress heroes at various stages of development that never made it to release.

It may come as no surprise that EA-owned Mythic Entertainment, the studio behind Wrath of Heroes, chalked the closure up to the game’s inability to meet financial goals. In a FAQ post on the official Wrath of Heroes website the studio stated it will now shift its focus towards the mobile market and must “reallocate resources” in order to support their new direction.

You can read the full details including a farewell letter from the games producer, James Casey on the official site here.


  1. Grounded

  2. Mounted!Dunno what that means,but still.

  3. Oh, that. I forgot it existed. What a shame.

  4. Hahaha “It may come as no surprise that EA-owned Mythic Entertainment, the studio behind Wrath of Heroes, chalked the closure up to the game’s inability to meet financial goals” silly EA Games…
    You greedy bastards sure love some green paper!

    1. + This x100000000000000000000000000

  5. This game was doomed from the first days of it’s development.

  6. There were so many balance issues that were never fixed which make it far worse than League of Legends, even though they had less champions/heroes. That’s what you call an embarrassment. There was also very little customization and obtaining a hero took at least a month. EA is ridiculous and should never think twice about making a free to play game ever again. It’s not intended for the greedy.

  7. just now? that should be shout down like when it started!! :P

  8. thats sad i really loved the game someone should buy the license from EA

  9. lol ea. hahahahahahahahahahaha hope all of ea’s p2w shit dies. plz no h8 ea u feggots no es raep plz.

    1. too bad no can tell what your saying.your spelling and grammer is terrible even by internet standards.

      1. you’re saying. Your
        Don’t correct people and then proceed to fail hard.

        Though, you are right.

    2. I have no idea what the words you put together are. So…do you like or dislike the game? LOL!

  10. The game wasn’t all that fun, bad balance issues, kind of boring after the first few matches, no starting characters to play as, and they were hella expensive to earn.

  11. LMAOO its shutting down? no way..

  12. we all saw it comeing looks like ea is learning its leason on puting out filler titles tho its still sad to see any game fail even if it wasnt good i help the best for the game even tho i have never played it.

  13. What a shocker!

    Hah! I’m kiddin’. Most of us saw this failure coming from miles away.

  14. EA= Eat Acid

  15. EA does not learn, ever. they simply pull the plug on something when it ceases to have the profit margin they desire, then do the exact same thing with a new facade…no learning here.

  16. Duh, why should someone make a game total free? Do you work for free? I despite all the comments about how greedy people are, how a game should be free and such… Although I never liked Warhammer, but I never against the idea of paying for a game as long as it’s a good game. And yes, for all intend purpose, a game should make money. Naturally, a game can only make money if they design something people like. I can say this: I never see a popular free game ever before. Majority F2P have additional features that can only unlocked by paying. Money also motivates people to work harder. All the truly free games probably have about less than thousand of players, if you think paid game’s administrator is horrible for not listening to you; just try to imagine what a free game is, they can give a rat’s ass about what you think.

  17. Wow, Another EA fail… Why am I not surprised.
    Wish the company would go under already. Pisses me off how they are destroying Need for Speed World with greed and once a year annual game updates.

  18. This game far more interesting than I thought. So does Age of Wushu. The stunning scenes with special effects are vert eye-catching. Huge world map is also interesting.

  19. the amount of new mmo releases this year is crazy, i cantdecide which one to go for, maybe i should start with age of wushu, heard some interesting comments about it.

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