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Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor March 4, 2013

Gather around folks, and bear witness to the rare sighting of a triple-A studio creating a real-time strategy game. Simply going by Command & Conquer, EA’s up-and-coming Free-to-play game brings the beaucoup bucks to real-time-strategy. Echoing its predecessor, Command & Conquer: Generals, and continuing the Command & Conquer franchise, C&C is a big budget game with slightly larger expectations. We here at MMOBomb were lucky enough to experience the game in-person at Victory Games studio located in LA.

Those of you who are familiar with the C&C franchise will find Command & Conquer nostalgically familiar, like the new version of Juicy Fruit (Still tastes the same, but that bright yellow is just wrong). With the updated addition to the franchise, C&C is set in a universe that mimics our own. A world set in the near future, where players choose from one of the three factions to command. The factions featured are: the European Union (EU), a sleek and modern military governed by European countries; Global Liberation Army (GLA), a guerrilla-warfare organization utilizing the black market for outfitting their weapons; and Asian-Pacific Alliance (APA), an upgrade of China from Generals, which has access to cheap and plentiful units.

With similar game mechanics as previous C&C games, players collect resources by processing salvage yards and refining oil fields. Building a base and expanding across the map to access more resources are crucial to gameplay. Polish up your micro-managing skills as you also have the ability to train troops, build tanks and control air units. Some factions such as the EU, have building restrictions that only allow construction to take place within proximity of command centers.

One of the most noticeable features of the game are its graphics. The developers emphasized the amount of details C&C battles will showcase. Suggesting us to zoom in and view the intricate work put into the game. Built with the Frostbite 2 engine, C&C creates impressive physics-based gameplay, albeit a cosmetic feature only. While controlling tanks, you can see trees or fences being obliterated in the tank's path. But that's the extent of the interactive environment. Don't try to drive your tanks through the buildings, you'll just end up witnessing a sad tank dance around it instead. Ultimately, the sharp graphics and highly detailed maps will largely go unappreciated during quick RTS battles. Who is going to zoom in and out while micro-managing during a PvP match?

While what was experienced in the alpha preview may not reflect the final release, there were a few crucial features missing from this fast-action RTS. Available in previous C&C games as well as any other notable RTS in history, the idle worker button is just missing. Poof! Knowing whether a worker is done building or if a newly created worker is just standing around looking at the sky, is a shot in the dark. Another frustrating feature that was missing is the ability to tab through your selected personnel. With some units having unique abilities, being able to use those abilities becomes a hassle without the tab selection available.

With previewing any early version of a game there were some obvious balance issues between units. While it was amusing to see tier one ground troops easily over taking tanks and other ground vehicles, it's definitely something I'll look forward to seeing changed.

As with most of EA's online games, there will be a cash shop. The cash shop was not part of the preview, and its overall impact on gameplay is unknown. But, what is known is that there will be two types of currencies: an in-game currency and a cash-only currency. The in-game currency is restricted and cannot be exchanged for the cash-only currency. No amount of time will get you the cash-only options which reportedly will include boosts, some exclusive generals and cosmetic skins unless, of course, you take the time to open your wallet.

Unlike its predecessors, the preview of Command & Conquer did not feature a single-player campaign nor was there any mention of a campaign being in the works. Breaking the RTS tradition, there will not be any ability to play C&C offline either. Fans of Generals may appreciate an updated version with sharper graphics and an emphasis on PVP and Co-op missions. Just as long as those same fans enjoy the multi-player aspects of an RTS more so than its single-player experience.

By M. Hauschel

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Nettie 4 years ago
ascolta paolo, ma per caso, ma deve essere proprio un caso, è in vendita?ma il computer non lo puoi reui?tstreinon so in quale stato l'hai comprato, ma in italia per gli acquisti su internet c'è il diritto di ripensamento entro 10 giorni dalla data di ricevimento!

engdown 8 years ago
I've learn some excellent stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much attempt you place to make this kind of wonderful informative site.

rezaa 8 years ago
The worst thing is the developer hasn't been aware of it. If you take a look at Age of Wushu, you will see some new gameplay system.

zhengf 8 years ago
the euro mmorpg that im anticipating are jewels of the north and sword coast city. cant wait to dive in. oh and another one called age of wushu, it has a unique battle system which are quite amazing

Eahater 8 years ago
No one griping about the "always on-line" DRM B.S. that EA insists on ruining games with?? (SIMCITY 2013)??? yea.... Quote dagudman: EA... That's enough said.

TAKESHI 8 years ago
I love C&C Generals but this is totally shit!

Amanoh 8 years ago
Multy pay a lot to have fun!!!!!!
Are the rules now in video games .... i feel so bad....

PROfessional 8 years ago

dagudman 8 years ago
EA... That's enough said.

Cyberpunk 8 years ago
I dont care,if its good iam gonna put money into it

Amerden 8 years ago
Anybody can become angry — that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way — that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.

yep Aristotle!

and EA, ...

legofkain 8 years ago
I find it surprising why they even bothered to release another game in an already decaying franchise. It's as if they are mocking the gamer community, since they know that people will always buy their crap. When will gamers learn that the best way to teach these guys a lesson is by not buying the crappy shit they produce?!

Razer 8 years ago
It seems bad but it gets even worse. EA is no longer content with just ruin our favorite franchises, they're taking it to the next level and including microtransactions in ALL of their games from now on. Not even $60 retail games will be safe from this nickel & diming pay2win garbage anymore. Just a heads up, in case you're thinking of grabbing Sim City (5) or Battlefield 4.

DesertFox 8 years ago
This is my last hope for EA, they've already ruined Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Sims. If they ruin my favorite series I've played as a young boy, I'm done. Might just go bang my head against a wall...or just gather some friends and play Red Alert 2 for a couple hours to vent my anger out.

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Name (Required) 8 years ago
Looks great, but RTS games are easy to screw up when they are F2P

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spell 8 years ago
cmon!! release the dog of the warrrr!!!

anon 8 years ago
This free to play genre have gone too far, soon it will have killed all franshices.

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ugurano 8 years ago
one comment: PAY TO WIN

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NOPE.avi 8 years ago

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