Former Blizzard CCO Rob Pardo spoke to the BBC last week, saying that e-sports should be featured in the Olympics:

“There’s a very good argument for e-sports being in the Olympics. I think the way that you look at e-sports is that it’s a very competitive skillset and you look at these professional gamers and the reflexes are lightning quick and they’re having to make very quick decisions on the fly. When you look at their ‘actions per minute,’ they’re clearing over 300.”

While my first impulse is to chalk this up in the “never gonna happen” category, let’s take a closer look. While “fully mental” games are competed for at very high levels – think chess, poker, and various board games – they all lack the visual appeal of video games. And don’t underestimate the International Olympic Committee’s – on paper, a non-profit organization – desire for profitability in its endeavors. If e-sports grew too big and too lucrative to be ignored, the IOC might eventually give in to public pressure.

All that being said, there are plenty of reasons to believe that we’ll never see e-sports added to the Olympic spectacle. First and foremost is the question as to whether public perception could ever shift to all e-sports to be classified as “sports,” alongside basketball, track and field, swimming, and so on. I won’t delve too deeply into that argument, other than to state that it exists and would be the foremost hurdle for e-sports to overcome in the public consciousness.


Another issue is the games themselves. Nobody “owns” basketball or the 100-meter dash. On the other hand, Riot owns League of Legends, Valve owns Dota 2, and so on. Adding a video game to the Olympics would probably be seen as far too much of a crass commercial move. For these and probably many more reasons, I think the chances of e-sports making it to the Olympics are slim to none, with a heavy emphasis on “none.”

But who needs the “real” Olympics? Could e-sports themselves band together and create their own Olympic-style extravaganza?

Yes, most of the big games already have their own world championships, but the same could be said of many Olympic sports. Soccer/football has its own leagues, the World Cup, and various continental championships, in addition to the Olympics. Why couldn’t the same be done for e-sports?

A big hurdle in the establishment of this kind of event would be, I think, the willingness of all the involved companies – Riot, Valve, Hi-Rez Studios, Blizzard, etc. – to come together support the event as a whole rather than just view it as another way to promote their own brands. That’s not how for-profit companies typically think, but promoting the event and the prestige of winning the “E-Olympic” (a lousy title, and I welcome suggestions for a better one) championship should be a major goal.

There’s also the question of whether such a spectacle would even be necessary. The modern Olympic games came about during a period when the world was mostly starved for sports, especially international competition. Today’s major professional sports leagues were still in their infancy, and there was no radio or television, much less Internet, to keep you up to date with the latest happenings. The Olympics filled a void that no longer exists; if you tried to start them up today, they’d probably be a semi-interesting sideshow, but would have great difficulty establishing prominence with all the spectator sporting options we currently have available at our fingertips.


In the modern world, e-sports would seem to need this kind of exposure even less. Nearly 30 million people watched the 2014 League of Legends World Championships; what would Riot gain from having essentially another World Championship? More than likely, smaller games would try to latch on to the publicity surrounding the event and ride on the big boys’ coattails, which doesn’t serve those larger companies at all.

All in all, I’d put the chances of e-sports making the Olympics at effectively nil, with the chances of an E-Olympics coming into existence at slight, but not totally zero. Maybe the smaller e-sports companies will find a way to band together and make the event happen, and – if they have the patience and the funds – grow it large enough that the bigger companies will want to be a part of it.

The question is, would they give out real gold medals or would you just get a gold medal tag to use on the game’s forums?

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. E-sports will NEVER be in the Olympics. You can not compare them to sports. It’s literally apples and oranges. The sports you see not just promote good mentality, but also good health. The Olympics has always been about a show of strength, in all things etc from each country. E-sports does NOT promote good health. It does NOT show strength in all things.

    However, the most important factor is sports have stood the test of time. E-sports will NEVER stand with the test of time. A few years from now, LoL may be around, but people will have moved on to better games. Games always evolve, and people will always move on to things with better graphics, etc. Unlike video games, sports will always be there. Soccer, Equestrian, etc have existed for decades, centuries even.

    By the way, if you think Sports isn’t mentally AND physically taxing, you really need to get out more…

  2. As some people said, the best thing would be special e-olympics. Like there’s summer olympics, winter olympics, olympics for disabled people, there can be e-olympics. I never watch how other people play but there are many people that likes this, so why don’t creating another olympics?
    Another aspect, “Nobody “owns” basketball or the 100-meter dash. On the other hand, Riot owns League of Legends, Valve owns Dota 2, and so on.”. There’s stupid suggestion but if there will be league or olympics for computer games, why don’t create independent moba game, combining some elements of most famous moba games and creating official moba game that no one owns (or it owns organisation that won’t do p2w or p2p). What do you think about that?

    • Independent game would be nice but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. 🙂 By thw way, I agree with another olympics.

  3. — Nobody “owns” basketball or the 100-meter dash.

    sure nobody can own sports nor the idea of sport . but there will always be someone in the background who knocks profit out of everything which has to do whit sports and has the right to do so no matter what (money talks). valve ows dota, riot owns league of legends. yeah sure we know that fact and sure its obvious that they make money with it. but really cmon. someone is making the real big deal money out of sports but the greedy ones who are acting in the background will always be in disguise.

    imo there is no niche in the typical oplympics and will never be accepted and i dont want to see it there. because a lot of people dislike the idea of gaming becoming a sport or dont and will never accept the idea of “gaming” becomes more and more popular in ways of competitive sports.

    i think e-sports will grow stong but will never cross its way with the typical olympics. it will become its own “highlight” for younger generations.

    e-sports or … e-olympics deserves its own platform.

  4. Lots of comment and i agree with them that games being in the Olympics is bad idea and it will not happen. The points some use to back this opinion on the other hand, not so good.
    Imo the best points that games should and will not be in the Olympics, have been mentioned in the editorial by Jason: , We as gamers do not see e-sports at the same level as physical sports, non-gamers will never do.

    • Something happened to my comment… Only part of it appeared for some reason. Anyway completing back some of it main points are mentioned by Jason: “Nobody “owns” basketball or the 100-meter dash. On the other hand, Riot owns League of Legends, Valve owns Dota 2, and so on.”, “First and foremost is the question as to whether public perception could ever shift to all e-sports to be classified as “sports,” alongside basketball, track and field, swimming, and so on.”…. continued above

  5. Before answering this question you should ask, do I really enjoy watching someone else play a game I can play myself and does the rest of the world want to do the same?

    • Yeah, definitely. I really like watching pro-level Starcraft2 games even though I have the game installed and could be playing it. It’s interesting to see how people who have significantly more experience than me play the game, what tactics they use, how they react to different situations.

      Of course I could be playing the game myself, that’s good as well but those games are nowhere near that level, be it micro, macro, mindgames, whatever you want.

      That’s one of the appeals of watching others play video games: if I feel like I want to play a game, I can do it whenever I want – something that’s not possible with physical sports because you need to find the players yourself instead of an automated matchmaking system.

    • Ask yourself why watch physical sports like football when you can go play yourself with a club in your area and do many people like to watch physical sports that they can play themselfs like football, soccer, basketball, etc.

  6. I don’t believe we could make e-sports work as a part of the Olympics, there wouldn’t be enough time for that. Physical sports are a lot faster than most video games: a 400m swimming takes 4-5 minutes and that’s already a fairly long distance in one of the slower sports. In a time-based sports you do your best to achieve a good time, there is no need to go another round. In “PvP” sports (football, tennis, basketball, etc, where the competitors can influence the result of the opponent) the only advantage you get is in scores, there is no need for a rematch (unless extending the time period would make it too long to play).

    In video games a single match on average takes quite long compared to most sports – a game of Hearthstone is about 8-10 minutes (longer with control decks, slightly shorter with aggro and one-sided card draws), 20-30 minutes in Starcraft2 (have seen a 75 minute match as well), same for DotA2 or League. That’s one game, and one game does not give you a real result in most cases: the opponent can try something cheesy or catch you off-guard and win, dropping out due to something like that would be extremely frustrating and not really interesting to watch either, you need Best of 3 from at least round 16 on (at least Bo5 for an RNG-based game like Hearthstone), at least Best of 5 for the first 4 places (including loser’s match for 3rd/4th place) and Bo7 for the finals.

    The point I’m getting to? Unless you featured just one game (which would be an extreme advertisement for that game) you needed to take a really long time for each game to be played out, you probably want to watch every match from the round of 16 (or even 32) so they can’t overlap, and you might want to watch multiple games (so not just Hearthstone for example but also Dota), so those games can’t overlap either. You probably don’t want to watch the same game a day for 8+ hours (that’s also extremely tiring for the players as well), but then it stretches out for days.

    Some numbers: R16 with Bo3: 2.5 games on average (SC2 or ARTS), 25 minutes each: 62 minutes to decide who advances, about 70 with breaks, you have 8 of those + 4 in the Round of 8, that’s 12 * 70 = 840 minutes = 14 hours.
    R4 with Bo5: 4 games on average, 25min games: 100 minutes, 110 with breaks, 2 of these: 220 minutes = 3.6 hours, + another of this for the 3rd place: 5.5 hours (330 minutes).
    Finals: Bo7, 5.5 games on average, 25min each: 137 minutes, about 150 with breaks (2.5 hours).
    Total: 840 + 150 + 330 = 1320 minutes, that’s 22 hours, and that’s just one game after having your top 16 players with really generous match-times. You have at least 2 such games to play, that’s already 44 hours, you can’t play more than 8 hours a day (that’s 4 for one game which is still quite a lot for the commentators), so that’d add at least 4 days to the Olympics in itself, I don’t think that this is affordable.

  7. I don’t personally think it’s such a bad idea. If you look at some sports that are actually in the olympics there’s a lot that focus more on hand eye coordination and less on who can run the fastest or what have you. I think a lot of it is that the public perception of a “professional gamer” is some fat slob sitting in his basement pissing in gatorade bottles, but the games that are generally in the e-sport category require twitch fast reflexes. Plus with fewer and fewer people actually watching the Olympics nowadays (especially in the younger generation) I think adding e-sports would give a huge boost to ratings.

    • I’m sorry..did you just seriously claim that twitch reflexes is an actual skill? Bro, this isn’t the Ninja Games. Reflexes by itself means nothing–it just isn’t a huge thing on its own compared to physical stamina, running speed, flexibility, supreme balance and coordination–you know, the real things used by real athletes. If all they care about is ratings, to hell with the olympics. But to add freaking videogames as some kind of serious olympic “sport” would be a mockery of all the real athletes who do more than just sit in a chair and play a videogame all damned day to “get good”.

      To even mention videogames in the same breath as other sports is offensive because unlike videogames, getting good enough to be..say..the fastest man in the world (usain bolt), or say..I don’t know..five time Mr. Universe and seven time Mr. Olympia winner Arnold Schwarzenegger takes real dedication and the will to push you to your limits. It means more than just having knowledge of a crappy videogame that no one will ever take serious beyond nerds who have zero true athletic ability.

      Bottom line is : Ratings can bite it. There’s a reason olympics are exclusively real sports–real sports take more than just twitch and rapid clicking of a damned mouse and keyboard.

      • You don’t even know what the hell you are saying, it’s the fcking same, video games and sport, both of those take the same amount of dedication to get good at it, you don’t even know how hard it is to get better at playing League, you don’t even know how much dedication you need to become the best, you think it’s easy? Do it yourself, stating all those shitty facts simply because you think it’s not hard, because they simply sit in a chair, you think thats all they do? Just because you are unable to grasp just how great it is what kind of stuff some people can pull of in a game, you mock them? You are out of your damn mind sir. What i’m saying is that e-sports take the same effort , dedication and clearance of mind to get to the top, just as normal sports do. Every Sport expects different kinds of strength from those that play it, and just because you yourself and many others cant realize it, doesn’t mean it is like that.

        • think about it …how long has league of legends been out? in comparison to how long has the olympics been a thing? Idk about you but you cant say league of legends players have the same dedication as sports athletes…sports players have been practicing their whole lives …yet a league gamer probably only started practicing league when it came out LOL so you cant say it takes the same effort and dedication…you have no idea what youre talkin about -_-

        • Esports should never be put into the olympics/winter olympics/special olympics because those events are meant for athletes >_< people can bring up gun play but you gotta remember gun play is part of the triathlon …they dont just shoot guns -_- ONLY way I can see league being part of the sports olympics is if it was part of something bigger like you play one match then do 400m dash…then do a swimming event…then do another sporting event…etc. you cant just give the video game its own slot in the olympics it will be part of something else…cause you have to remember most athletes have both physical and mental prowess…if there is only one, it doesnt deserve to have its own slot in the olympics -_-

  8. No way. I may not know a lot about sports, but I sure as hell know how much those athletes train in order to compete on a worldwide level. If the gaming community wants to make their own version of the olympics then by all means go ahead, but leave it out of the actual Olympics.

  9. Having pro gamers in the Olympics would be embarrassing.

    If we look at the 3 sports that was mentioned — basketball, track and field, and swimming — we think of LeBron James, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. So what, we put Faker’s name on that list? That would be silly.

    Esport is just a competition hobby, like yo-yos, RC racing, cup stacking, etc.

  10. I don’t see the need for video games to be in the Olympics. My Favorite event is the Winter Olympics women’s free skate, would I really want to watch some guys play LoL when I can play it too.

    • The argument of why would I watch someone play a video game when I can play it myself applies just the same to every traditional sport.

      • Not really mate, some people have health problems like asthma. Anybody can sit at a computer and press some buttons and click a mouse.

        • You’re going to much aside the point with the health argument and you can have health problems that can stop you from gaming. We are talking about competitive level sport/e-sport after all, so let’s assume that in both cases, health is not an issue.

        • The argument of I can’t play a sport due to health reasons applies just the same to E-sports. If someone only has one hand, he’s not going to be able to do the same things that a pro gamer can. Same with people that have nerve damage or whatever, or issues with epilepsy.

          • Mate, theREALhandi was born without hands or feet but he still play CSGO like a pro. But I bet theREALhandi can’t play basketball or hockey like a pro mate.

    • Don’t get me wrong, i do not think that games should be in the Olympics. All this why i would watch something i can do my self, is actually a great argument that that works against your opinion! I can play a game, but will i have 300 actions per minute, will i play it at the same level as a professional player? Same i can get some skates and break my as* on the ice, but will i do the same moves a professional athlete does? Answer to both is no. So in both cases i watch them exactly because it is something i cannot do my self!!!

  11. E-sports. That term still makes me laugh. It’s like calling a Poker champion an “athlete”. I think I can feel my arteries harden just from thinking about it.

  12. Yeah cause I’m so sure putting a fukkin videogame in the olympics would raise those basement dwelling nerds to the same status as world class athletes who train and exert themselves physically and mentally all year. What a joke. If videogame nerds are athletes then I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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