I’ve been following Gigantic for a while now, since Motiga’s big press reveal back in the summer of 2014, through my hands-on taste of the game at PAX South last year and beyond. Last week, the company announced layoffs, and those came just after layoffs near the end of 2015. Things are looking rather unpleasant for the arena brawler’s chances, even with the backing of Microsoft due to being a Windows 10 exclusive.

Over on Ten Ton Hammer, Lewis Burnell has done a greater analysis of Motiga’s shortcomings, titled “Gigantic: What Went Wrong At Motiga?” To sum it up, Burnell thinks it’s the age-old problem of spending wildly and running out of money before a viable product could be produced.

“…the studio may have been looking at staff expenditure of up to $10 million a year. With no income and having failed to allow players to pre-purchase Gigantic through a founders pack, the studio is inevitably burning through its capital. Without factoring in server costs, studio rental or promotional trips to conventions such as Gamescom, it isn’t entirely surprising that funds have rapidly dried up.”

This doesn’t seem too surprising to me. At PAX South 2015, Motiga had a huge booth, private rooms for demo sessions, and flew in dozens of volunteers. As Burnell points out, they had a similarly large, and expensive, presence at Gamescom:

“a whole host of the Motiga team, including 50 Windows 10 PCs, 30 Xbox One booths, 25 European community coaches and 22 Motiga developers set across two halls, for 5 whole day [sic]”

Motiga Giantic Booth PAX South 2015

All of this happened without a single cent of revenue, not even from Founder’s Packs, which Burnell points out as being a huge mistake for Motiga not to offer, comparing it to Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins. It’s led some players to openly question whether the game will ever see a full release.

I hope it does. I haven’t played it in about a year, but I really enjoyed it, even in its unpolished form. Burnell, who has more experience in the game, thinks that too much time is being spent on trying to make perfect a game that is “already of a quality superior to rival products.” That leans a little too close to suggesting it should be shoved out the door in whatever state it’s in than I’m comfortable with, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we did see a rather hasty release in the coming months.


  1. The biggest mistake is that its for windows 10 only otherwise people would play it.I also got a beta key but i cant play it because i dont have or wont have windows 10.

  2. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Gigantic is a great game and its got a huge learning curver with a lot of gameplay mechanics. it still needs improvement but just in closed beta i feel I enjoy the game as much as dawngate are league back in the day for me. The devs may have messed up and it was a stupid decision to not sell founders packs but that made the beta waaay better by not introducing any payments pre-release. The cash shops weren’t even released yet. I’m sad to see such a strong beautiful game have a terrible start but it deserves a place in the moba community. its, its own style and game format. no one can really say much against them anyway. That kind of fiscal position motiga takes is what makes it already better then most f2p’s. I love this game and I’m critical of most. If they release a founders pack there is no question in my purchasing it.

    • Also all the moba’s already listed started somewhere. you can’t write it off it doesn’t immediately have a presence(which, btw, did have a pretty good one starting out). League is the underdog of the gaming community and is now the most played mmo that launched the gaming community in the spotlight and created the future for any esport. f2p games are likely to fail but that doesn’t decide a games future. Give a game a chance for once

    • i am whit you brother! to bad devs these days make only mobas and pvp games for retards who give them money PVP programing is very easy unlike PVE….. easy money!

  3. an NDA that only recently got taken off, bill it as a moba and nobody cares if it isn’t LoL/Dota 2/Smite/HotS and the recent start of hero shooters (Overwatch, Paladins etc) and Gigantic didn’t jump on that bandwagon so that probably didn’t help either


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