and Perfect World Entertainment are pleased to present our readers with a closed beta invite to the Swordsman Online closed beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Take part and get ready for one of the most exciting martial-arts-based MMOs to come to North America and Europe! Swordsman is a client-based free-to-play action combat MMORPG, set in the rich world created by Louis Cha, one of the most famous contemporary writers in China. Players explore the grand world of Jianghu culture during an intense era of the Ming Dynasty, a world of martial arts and chivalry, honor and glory. Swordsman is brought to life with Perfect World’s latest gaming engine: Angelica III, capable of highly detailed character models, smooth skill animations, and realistic environmental changes.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Visit and download the Arc client.
4. Install the client and log in with your Perfect World account information.
5. Click on your username in the upper-right corner.
6. Select Redeem Key and enter in your beta key.
7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
8. Have Fun!


The Swordsman Online Closed Beta start date has yet to be announced. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for any upcoming announcements on the official Swordsman Online homepage.


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  2. “These countries are banned regions for Perfect World Entertainment:


    Hong Kong


    South Korea




    Japan (banned only for Rusty Hearts)

    Unfortunately, we are unable to allow new registrations from these regions.

    We are obligated to block regions which have their own localization of certain games. Some regions are also blocked for administrative reasons. The same regions are blocked for all of our games.”

    -Perfectworld / Arc
    Date: 2013

  3. There has never and likely will never be a good martial arts MMO, Age of Wushu included. They’re all cheaply made, horrible tab or pseudo-tab target pieces of garbage. And don’t tell me Wushu wasn’t made cheap–the models alone look so dated. Even this Swordsman game isn’t fully free aim. Le yawn.

    Please rage at me! I love it! =)

  4. Yes i know that’s not MMOBOMB fault but thay could ask when the beta will start, naxt time they will give some keys but they will not even know for that game are those’s keys. This is ofc a bad advertismen for PWE cuz they announce beta without giving a date and that’s stupid. Many players wann play Swordman but they can miss it cuz PWE give a damn about telling a date about.

  5. maybe an MMOBOMB employee will tell ppl when the beta will start ?????????????? you give the key’s and don’t even mention when the beta will start that’s so proffesional

    • it is not MMOBOMB fault that they not say date maybe publisher of game has not revealed the date but has made Beta keys as they checking things over so not going be Server bombed,Millions of bugs etc etc MMOBOMB is just a site that Advertise games on and is No way there fault for no date

  6. so when does it start? says comming soon thats all, lets give keys and show screenshots of the game but no cbt live date

  7. I go to get my key and then this message appeared: “Notice: Undefined variable: 0 in /home/mmobom5/public_html/forum/Themes/default/index.template.php on line 1317” and I then I tried to reload the page and I just lost my key…

      • yet your on this site.I’m guessing you work for and in a weak attempt to get traffic you came here.Considering most f2p mmos are more excited when they get praised by this site then your crappy site.Look at warframe they are making sure everyone and their grandma know they won the mmo showdown this site did.But the devs of the game don’t seem to care about

  8. Loved 9dragons, especially BEs drops in cc and hoarding it to upgrade weapons. Well i doubt this is going to be similar. I just hope its not as boring as age of wushu/wulin.

  9. man i got one of these keys before but then there came a storm and then you can probably guess what happened.If you don’t finish downloading and your PC shuts down then your screwed no back up key and you cant re-download, but if you close it properly you cant start downloading from where you left of.

  10. Played 9Dragons very heavily so I’m hoping this will be similar but better. Also hoping combat will be similar to TERAs, looks a bit like that but we’ll see.

  11. gah another PWI crap… they suck especially the arc… remember kids when it comes to the arc just say Noah

  12. hmm and no it’s not like age of wushu.. yes in the fact that it’s eastern art style and story/ martial arts/ qing qong.. but no it’s not tab target- it’s action based like tera or blade and soul. you’ve gotta aim most skills and actually connect them with the enemy.

  13. Ty for key hope this not P2W as bad as Age of Cashu is

    Any idea when beta starts checked on web page and cant seem to find a date

    Thanks for any info xD

    • its a PWE game so late October to early December would be about right. closed beta weekends for 2 days of game play once a month for 6 months, then a 6 month break with no word before you hear that 5 months from that point they plan to do OBT. which will actually take 9 months and by the time the game does releaes to OBT it will be outdated graphics and no one will care or want to play it. Thus the legacy of Perfect World.

      • The game will run 24/7 in closed beta till the end of it. There will be a character wipe afterwards and the date is sometime this summer unless they push it further for a legitimate reason. This is why there is no dates yet but it has been confirmed that it will run 24/7 (PWE says).

        • sure you believe what PWE tells you… they always tell the truth and never ruin any of their games. Bet you believe the government doesn’t lie and everything on the internet is real like that girl in the State Farm commercial. I’ve played PWE games many times before trying every one of them out since 2006… horrible gaming company and they always run their CBT the same way… games that aren’t even ready to be in alpha testing that that tweak to make it pay to win then charge thousands of dollars in the cash shops. I despise all things PWE they ruined on of my favorite games Champions Online

    • early access is the only way PWE makes money from games… they build hype and say no one can join unless you pay… then you pay for their incomplete games which they completely change by the time it hits public play in which they charge for normal gameplay through the cash shop and make the game almost unplayble… Perfect World!

      • the same happened to me when Forsaken World was in CBT and OBT, thats when i played it and it was good, but after the official release it because shitty and now its not even playable – there are multiple types of currency, also there are two markets, you need to buy with real money some gems that slightly increase your chance of not failing when upgrading armor (probably 2% or so)

        the game is like a cruel joke to every gamer, and i dont get why are people still playing it, its not anything new, just a huge grind

  14. When you are on the arc platfrom click your username upper-right corner and there you will see Reedem your key…
    Let’s hope it will worth playing ^_^!

    • no the game folder will be 8GB 17 needed to install the game so at some point it takes double space cause you will have downloaded install file and installed game and at the end of the install the downloaded install file will be deleted and you will be left with a 8GB game

  15. thanks, pretty sure i’m not gonna stick with the game, but it looks interesting enough to at least test it of for a bit


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