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By MemberZone,

This discussion seems to never end. One group that are males playing female characters are called raging homosexuals, the other group who are males playing male characters are called raging homosexuals.

"I don't want to look at a guys ass the whole time!"
"Why do you look at the ass in the first place?!"
"You can't not look at the ass!"
"I'm not looking at the ass right now!" etc. etc.

However, this whole discussion is pointless, much like any discussion gamers have. The reasons are simple and I'll try to make them ever more simple for you. It goes like this:

There are two types of players:

1. Immersionists: Basically they put themselves IN the game. That is to say, they become their avatars. If you'll permit me a pop-culture reference; "Their avatars are a projection of their digital self".

They simply can not play a character that's a different gender from themselves because the immersion would go right out the window. Males can't play females simply because they're not female and making a female character would not be "them" and vice-versa. And they actually don't see the proverbial "ass" because it's like looking at your own ass, entirely pointless and damn near impossible.

2. Controllers: Here's the switch. Controllers are able to play anything because they play every game as they would a strategy game. That is to say, they control the character who does not represent them but rather is just a character in its own right who they "control" and "guide" throughout the game-world. They usually have a mass of alts as well used for various tasks within the game (professions, mules, grinders etc.). An immersionist may also have those but not often and not as many. They do spend some time looking at asses and various other "lovely pictures", no judging.

These are the two basic different players. Let us expand:

- Male playing a female in FPS games - the answer to this is actually simple, most believe female models have smaller hitboxes thus are harder to hit. That's it. Although if you're grasping at straws like these perhaps FPS games are just not for you, try instead:

- Playing a female in MOBA games - Considering there is virtually no character customization and the characters are "named"(No fighter, rogue etc. but rather Bob and Mildred) one simply plays it as a strategy game thus MOBA games are mostly played by "Controllers" while "Immersionists" can usually be found in RPG games.

- Female playing a male character - This is either because she doesn't want to be bothered by puby little kids, the game doesn't offer a female version or she wants to pull the "Sims", if you've ever seen a female play Sims you'll know what I mean, it's like a small theater of psychological horror.

Now if you don't go under any of the above categories... well... you have bigger problems which require the sort of help I am simply not equipped to offer. Naturally the vice-versa mechanics apply to the above categories, females can also be Immersionists and Controllers.

That's it. That's the whole wisdom and trouble behind this argument. You don't have to agree with each other, mostly due to the fact that you make each other uncomfortable, but at least now you'll understand the reasons. That's all from me. Enjoy the proverbial ass. Later.

by Nox


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Discussion (53)

sara 9 years ago
unfortunately the problem is way more than these the players (even also Ingame mods) in game have the freedom to act anyway they want without being worried about their image as in real word they have restrictions but not in for example they are angry with some thing in real life they just come in to chat room and start bullying one of the new players .
so each day we have a group of people teasing one member to have fun or get rid of real life tension.even some moderators are not an exception some times even they are a part of the group.
managing such wide range of different players with different backgrounds and different cultures needs older and more experienced moderators .a 20 years old girl cant really handle it as s/he is still involved with her/his own emotions rather than being logic.mods are selected from members and actually this is one of the worst points in game as a player cant stay neutral in their judge.

golgo28 10 years ago
As long as people don't cyber in public chat on the game I don't care what gender they play.

iluvgamez 10 years ago
This is old but i had some laughs reading thru this.

Ill always pick a female char if there is no gender restriction. The only explanation i have for this (in my case) is because i played the last years so many male chars. I grow up with the classic NES. Playing with a female char back then was nearly impossible. Enough breastmuscles seen over the years, bounce the boobs babe. lol

Marco Freire 10 years ago
I played World of Warcraft for 4 years and currently play Aion and all my characters are all females and all because im a man and i love boobs.

Maria 10 years ago
I guess I'm an "immersionist." xD Several times I've had friends in games, who I'd "known" for over a year, and then they show me their other character, the opposite gender, at which point is the awkward "Are you a girl or a boy?" moment... Good times, good times.

bates 10 years ago
well....if you think that the most "hardcore" mmo players are....hmmm how to say it without be offensive?...anyway low life people?fat?kids? you get the sure the only reason they make female characters is because its the closest thing to a woman they can have.....she "belongs" to them they "control" her...i heard cases of people falling in some kind of love with theyr character.
Anyway this is the main reason i think.And again no offense.

FD_Stalker 11 years ago
author tells the truth that I believed...
and, I like to use female characters in games

Darktower84 11 years ago
This really is a fun topic to talk, i really dont care which char anyone chooses..I think that the ones that care about it just want to run after the female chars and yell "will you be my online gf" thats just my opinion, have seen some funny moments...

byron1848 11 years ago
May be a very old chestnut but still a fascinating one (and hardly likely to be resolved any time soon!) so thanks for the op piece nox.

I'm just not sure about this Immersionist thing though. I always play a female character for a whole load of reasons (of which habit is no doubt one by now!) but am still somewhat of an Immersionist. See I think you have to distinguish 'digital self' from 'rl self' - that's one of the joys of the net as a whole let alone MMORPGs. If you are an old white guy like me then it can be highly enjoyable to play as a young black woman. I am sure not playing as my rl self but a fragment of my 'digital self'? Yeah a bit I reckon.

But whatever floats a boat is fine with me.

Oms 11 years ago
I always create my first character as a male but through experimenting I usually gimp them. My second is often female just to visually mix it up. It's because of this that the female usually ends up being my primary.

KiX 11 years ago

TheGamer 11 years ago
Lol looks like Vegas, what happens in mmos stay there :D...
Anyways iam neutral in this things, if you want to make a female, good for you, if you want male, right, Its just a games, that dont make you IRL...

Nox 11 years ago
I don't see why so many of you are getting so defensive. I did my best to explain the reasons why people play as they do and I think they stick so there's really no need for it. Just enjoy your gaming experience, if you like to play a female to look at her ass, that's ok, if you like to play a male for the same reason, that's ok too. There's really no need for "I do this because of this and this is what I do, so f*** the rest of you!". You can just go "I, as a male, can play as a female without it affecting my gaming experience." and leave it at that if you're already uncomfortable about your reasons.

idnawa 11 years ago
Who the hell cares, I play both male and females in MMO's, I'll play female if they look cooler in gear and often they do (even if sometimes it is sexist) but I'm not roleplaying at all, i'm playing the game. My Sith Juggernaut in ToR is female and she kicks ass.

Problem officer?

kkk 11 years ago
playing with a male character on WoW.... look at it's ass....


Magicman 11 years ago
Interesting thoughts Nox!
While this argument has reared its ugly head for far too long, I guess I'll throw my .02 in. If you've seen my First Look Videos you already know that I roll both male and female toons. The reason? I don't have one most of the time actually. Sometimes the armor looks better on one or the other, sometimes the stats are influenced by this choice, and sometimes it was what came up by default when I picked the class and I ws too damn lazy to change it! In my opinion, play the way you all want to and I'll play the why I want to, that's the point of the game anyway, and if someone wants to throw sexual slurs at me in game since I'm a femal toon, I guess I'll go curl up with my wife and watch "The Notebook". :)

Thanks for the discussion Nox! :)

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TenShiN 11 years ago
In most cases I play female character, only because I love beautiful girls, and I love to customize my character, and lets say I'm trying to create my female ideal. And one more important thing, I can't imagine some character classes, like support for example, to be male, or warrior to be female, this just creates some sort of disharmony in my mind. And I have a girlfriend.

Nublet 11 years ago
The gender of my character depends mostly on the game itself. Does it look like a "realistic" mmo or a cartoony mmo? How does the armor look for each gender? Are there gender specific or relationship aspect to the game?

If it's cartoony I generally go male since I don't like looking at a little 2d maple story type of female. If the game has marriage systems and so on I generally go male unless I need to make alts.

For the "realistic" mmo's I'll look more so at the armor and body type. What do I find more appealing? Is it the huge guy with impossible sized muscle or a more acceptable size? Are the female armors more streamlined and appear better than the general blocky guy ones? And simply do I find the female model with armor attractive to look at or not. So usually I end up rolling female characters with the occasional guys depending on the class's armor.

Now when it comes to gender locked games I couldn't care much it's whatever class happens to have the skills I enjoy using the most.

sethsamson 11 years ago
im controller some times i play fem some times i play male character models ...this gives me different game play experiences in some games ... which in the male char is stronger and fem are lighter ...
in some other they just looks different ... for exp in Global Agenda male char look awesome ..
but in lets say Guild Wars fem char looks awesome .. and i play like 8 or event more hours a day .. so looking on male behind whole this time ist kinda weird for me
while in others open worlds games like APB or DC Universe i want to look scary i play with big male char ...
it all dependence on game and graphics that this game provides .

gasor 11 years ago
this is normal a man play with a female character, and a girl play with a male character, is for preference what you want see the butt and the muscles of a male when you are a male or the curves in a girl in a game when play hours, month or years

Dantiko 11 years ago
That is it, that's I've been trying to tell every f*** player of FPSes, f*** everyone choses female characters for 1 reason, smaller hit boxes, that's why I am against female characters in an FPS game, the only sollution would be making a fat female character.

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lerolonde 11 years ago
in my opinion they are homos , or people tan cant get any girl in real life ;) and is really disgusting .

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Saex_Conroy 11 years ago
what makes the most sense is to make a:

male character called Susan or Betsy
female character called Thomas or Richard

Curst 11 years ago
I don't mind people who pick female characters only because they want to look at females (although I think that.. umm... "special movies" are more suited for such needs). The thing is that I know alot of male players who pick female characters because they actually enjoy the fact that everyone treats them as females. Now that i find disturbing.

shawn 11 years ago
I play both male and female characters in mmo's and I am homosexual. My main character in any game is always a male character. After I have built him enough to be happy then I build my females. If the option is there I will use maximize bust effect :)

crazystraw 11 years ago
The title made me smirk a little. Though I hear discussions about this so much. For me it doesn't really matter too much. I will play females when the game allows it, and I can't for that class or whatever other restriction then I'll pick a dude, and on one occasion I actually picked a male one over a female one since I liked the design better (Trickster: Dragon over sheep, just saying). Though this has made a decent impact since when I am playing a female, I am asked a lot if I really am a girl. I always find that funny. But, as I said, I don't really care; let them play whatever avatars they want. I only concern myself with my own, really.

Fiery 11 years ago
I think every once in a while the pervert in you is going to show up and make you act based on your......yeah.Other than that isn't it sad to judge a person based on some in-game choices ?

PS: The right word for men playing as females should be Drag Queen, just sayin :P

WhyPayMore 11 years ago
I usually play as female, I admit. Though I know that often players go easy on females, so I take the advantage of that. Also on MMORPGs I'm most of the time a fighter/warrior type, and most armor design for males look like big lumps of iron running around. I prefer a little less excessive designs, which mostly leads me to females. Sometimes I use it for the greater good. Like in Maplestory I used to have a female account, only for the quest for couples. I married my own account. (Twice the amount of quests :D Twice the amount of goods.) However, my female account became my main, since my male's where f*cked. Wrong skills, ect. You know.

But I don't know why this discussion is going on, seriously. I think the group which opposes this, has been framed to often by going on an ingame relation, only to find out they've been "dating" a guy. That's just sad, who'd have a relation on a game. Believe me, they're in a large group. Since I know the amounts of the so called "friends" invites ingame.

And if that's not the case. Then why do they care. They have nothing to bother, since they don't need anything regarding their gender, ingame or IRL. So, I seriously can't think of any reason why this discussion is going on. Except for the "relation-scam" problem. Which makes the problem shift to: Why the hell did you have a (serious) relation ingame... (I know there are some games that support relations and stuff, though I'd pick a male then)

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Griffihn 11 years ago
ugh... i guess i'm in the third category (none of the above) or maybe both and then some!? dunno... i seriously fail to understand what all the fuss is about. you're a guy who like staring at women so you make a female char in order to avoid a restriction order irl or a guy who thinks he's so macho or narcisistic that he wants to be seen everywhere so he makes a male char (or simply thinks the male char looks acceptable enough to play). same thing goes for women: they wanna see something nice, they make a male char; they wanna go full throttle shopaholic and raid the online clothes/casual wear shop so they make a female char. these preconceptions belongs in the stone age. those classifying someone as homosexual or w/e simply 'cause they were born before the first world war and still call afro-americans (or european gipsies) negros and think it's the right thing to do is pretty much the same crowd that started this bs in the first place. why does everyone tend to forget what the O in MMO stands for? online=w/e crazy thought crosses your mind, put it in there and see if you can gather a crowd.

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McClintick 11 years ago
You can't say there are two types of players then go on to explain three more types. Also noone refers to it aa "controler" stick to pop culture references. dont use a word that noone ever does just to rehash a topic that is brought up monthly. wow you wrote an article just to post a image you googled

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Dowser 11 years ago
if all the character were played by guy then that means all people who play as females in games are in any online game are guys really big stereotype cause they rule out the thought that girls don't play mmo's as girls also play as just girl characters heck if a guy want to play as a girl doesn't mean he homo and a girl playing as a guy means nothing its just a game doesn't matter what gender play as what, its there own choice to choose and maybe they can't choose because of gender locked characters in some of the most recent game but the classes those characters have fits their interests better it not only males on the internet that's just my opinion

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cop 11 years ago
In mmorpg i take male char bc im male, and i treat female char as females playing even if i dont know they maybe man behind it . It does not mater too much, but if i get really good friend with somebody, play long time and then i discover that they are opposite sex then their avatar is a little weird... I approve taking female char if no male is available for that class etc. but then at least put male name for that char...

BodyBuilder 11 years ago
well this my opinion i always make a male char since i am male anyway...if i want a girl then i can call my girl friend for a night or in the worst case watch some porn..MMORPGS for me are some sort of entertainment and fun...i want my char to be stronger and able to compete if i am beaten by a female char then it's ok because this is a part of the game...basically i want to be a Hero in an MMO not a heroine need to imagine yourself wearing that armor and sword and you're the one who going to free the Girl from the's all related to the RP everyone have an opinion about this...

Krayn 11 years ago
i was amused reading this.ty Nox
i think i m more into the Immersionist side.But we all end up rolling into a female character from time to time stare...

Xazur 11 years ago
Just imagine you made a avatar with your own gender and to represent you. Then imagine your in the game and you go..... "I have such a great ass."

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XxBLAZExX 11 years ago
GIRL in MMO's is Guy In Real Life XD

i play girl chars sometimes but i go for armor looks as sometimes Female chars get better looking armor
Also Female chars that dont say what sex irl get Items/gold etc free from noobs trust me i have goten soooooo much from this lol (to all those that say Gay. is it gay that i dont have to spend 2-3hrs my REAL LIFE farmin when can get free xD)

To know if a Fem char is Real Fem ask to speak on TS or else it a guy

Tour 11 years ago
Bull $£!^, that is why it's called role playing game; because you can role play the player you wanted to use. Those people that say being a man that role play a female character in-game are homosexuals are bunch of ignorant bastards.

I role play a lot of female roles on my drama classes but that doesn't make me homo.

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