The MMOBomb Forum Community's Best of 2015

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor


To celebrate the end of 2015 -- and ring in a whole new year or gaming -- MMOBomb decided to ask its community to weigh in with their thoughts on what they believe to be the more succuessful free-to-play games of the year.

To kick things off, we came up with a list of potential categories and asked our forum goers to list their nominations for each. These categories were:

  • F2P Game of the Year (Any Genre)
  • Best MMO
  • Best MMORPG
  • Best MOBA
  • Best ARPG
  • Best Team Shooter
  • Best New Expansion
  • Best In-Game Events (Holidays and such)
  • Best Browser-Based Game
  • Best F2P Transition
  • Best Cash Shop
  • Best Developer
  • Best Graphics

Community members were also given the option to suggest their own categories if they felt we had missed anything.

Initially I had planned to do a secondary post allowing everyone to vote on the nominations. However, with the holidays and everything we effectively ran out of time for that. Instead I tallied the nominations and awarded the games with the most nominations the win. For most of the categories, the wins were by a small margin… Except for Best F2P Transition, in which one game received the vast majority of the noms.

So, without further ado, we give you MMOBomb Forum Community’s "best of" for the year.

F2P Game of the Year (Any Genre)

Best MMO
No Winner - This one was all over the place

Blade And Soul

Heroes of the Storm
Runner up - SMITE

Path of Exile

Best Team Shooter
Team Fortress 2

Best New Expansion

Best In-Game Events (Holidays and such)
No Winner - Also all over the place

Best Browser-Based Game
Town of Salem

Best F2P Transition

Best Cash Shop

Best Developer
No Winner - Again, all over the place

Best Graphics

We’d like to thank our community members: Merkadis, Flevalt, Adrian87, Uvi, Smariusx2014, -GG- TheSeconJoker, EnterMurmillo, ShoppingCartGLX, and Puppetface for their input on this list. If you’d like to join in on the conversation, the original thread can be found here.

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