MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Showdown Round 1 Recap: Upsets and Surprises

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor

The first round of the MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Tournament is over! It's the most exciting round of a tournament like this we've ever done! What's that? You say it's the only round we've ever done? Technically still correct...

OK, let's take a look at what we've learned so far...

Things went mostly according to form in the Warrior and Cleric divisions, with only two higher seeds claiming victory – one of them being a 9 beating an 8, which is only barely higher. Then we hit the Rogue division and everything went haywire. A late surge by The Lord of the Rings Online fans wasn't enough to stave off elimination (more on that later), and the KingsIsle community rallied behind Pirate101 to help it advance to the second round.

But the biggest shocks came in the Rogue and Wizard divisions, where both #1 seeds were booted in the first round. Dota 2 and World of Tanks both lost – the latter in such a close matchup, we had to go to decimal points! Our guess? Dota 2 and WoT fans just considered it a shoo-in to win and didn't bother showing up. It just goes to show that you can't take anything for granted.

Many of the first-round matchups were cakewalks; that tends to happen in these kind of tournaments. It's meant to give the “lesser” games a bit of the spotlight – and a chance to score the upset, as some did – before we move on to the main course. Now that some of the chaff has been whittled away, we should be able to get on to the more intriguing, and closer-fought, matchups.

Who will win? That's in your hands!

A few maintenance notes

Just to clarify, we're not playing favorites or “rigging” the contest in any way, despite what some comments have said. We did not inform any of our industry contacts about this tournament beforehand and the only notification we've given them otherwise is via the Tweets you've been seeing, which inform both sides of a matchup. It's their choice as to whether or not they choose to rally their community to vote for their games.

One game that did a great, though belated, job of such rallying, was Turbine, for the first-round matchup between LOTRO and Mabinogi. Turbine started working its fans about three hours before the Monday deadline (after the matchup had been open for 69 hours) and, at the 1 p.m. Pacific deadline had almost surged into the lead.

Here's where things get a little sticky. The polling site we were using doesn't have any way to “close” a poll, so the best we could do was, at the deadline, start going through each contest and manually recording the results. We started right at 1:00, but, being fourth on the list, the LOTRO/Mabinogi matchup might not have been officially “closed” and recorded until about 1:01 or 1:02. After recording the results and updating the website – about 1:15 – we glanced back at the poll and saw that LOTRO had taken the lead. It was too late, but that still led to some confusion and consternation. And had we gotten to the matchup a few minutes later, it could have affected the results.

As such, we've decided to switch to a different polling site for the second and future rounds, as you've probably seen already. This one will allow us to close polls, which we will do promptly at 1:00 p.m. on deadline days, to hopefully avoid any future issues like this. Thanks for voting, and we hope to good luck to all the remaining participants!

Got all that? Good! Now, on to the voting!

Current matchups: Wizard Division, Round 2

The voting on this round will close on Friday, March 14 at 1 p.m. PST.

(16) Eden Eternal vs. (9) EverQuest
(12) AirMech vs. (4) Heroes of Newerth
(6) Neverwinter vs. (3) Warframe
(7) APB: Reloaded vs. (2) Wizard101

The winners of each division will face off to determine, once and for all, what is the best F2P game – or at least which game has the most rabid fans!

M 2/24: Warrior Division, Round 1
W 2/26: Cleric Division, Round 1
F 2/28: Rogue Division, Round 1
M 3/3: Wizard Division, Round 1

W 3/5: Warrior Division, Round 2
F 3/7: Cleric Division, Round 2
M 3/10: Rogue Division, Round 2
W 3/12: Wizard Division, Round 2

F 3/14: Warrior Division, Semi-Finals
M 3/17: Cleric Division, Semi-Finals
F 3/21: Rogue Division, Semi-Finals
M 3/24: Wizard Division, Semi-Finals

F 3/28: Warrior & Cleric Divisions, Finals
M 3/31: Rogue & Wizard Divisions, Finals

F 4/4: Warrior vs. Cleric Division winners, Rogue vs. Wizard Division winners
M 4/7: The Final Match-up!

Vote early, vote often, but whatever you do, just vote!

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About the Author

Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play MMO title since 2009.

Discussion (143)

justinsidious 9 years ago
sooo....what happened are we not doing final rounds??

Loke 9 years ago
SWTOR have the worst F2P system of the history

Sedreas 9 years ago
For the guy who plays Mabinogi and he hates it because its p2w and complaining about the pets you have to pay for..... ARE YOU THE BIGGEST F******** WUSSY EVER!? I have been playing mabinogi for 5 years now and for the first 2 and 1/2 years i had literally NO MONEY for vip, pets, gaccapons, NOTHING!!!!! I did surverys for nx and got enough saved to put a kangaroo rat, pelican, and a thorough bred horse FOR FREE ALL IT TOOK WAS 3 HOURS, 30 MIN A DAY FOR 6 DAYS ITS CALLED EFFORT MAN! Mabinogi constantly evolves and has new aspects, sometimes nexon's support staff could be faster in responding, but the issue reported is fixed before a response. Getting in game gold is easy if you just put forth the time, farming can net you 200k-450k depending on how well you take care of your farm. It takes a week, but in that time you can run dungeon, do the gens, do shadow missions, skill training, or leveling. Nexon has given away a total of 15 free pets NOT counting the ones you can get from events that reguire trade ins, like doki doki that is currently going on. They have given away COUNTLESS free items, and give bonus' to new players and has a tutorial that actually engages you to teach you the skills you need, not just giving you instructions, but shows you the ropes. Yes if you spend money you get extra bonus BUT ANY GAME DOES THAT!!!!! Look at runescape the f2p experience is great but you eventually run out of stuff to do so you either quit or you go to being a member which gives you a ton of bonus'. Yes the clouds do quick healing thats easy, but you could just as easily get r1 healing, or r1 party healing, or idk r1 pot making and get the same amount of healing or higher. They cause enmies to go to sleep too? How about get r1 lullaby make a ton of enemies sleep and increase your damage. Oh frost dragon freezes enemies? How about get elemental wave and use frozen blast or idk USE REGULAR FROZEN BLAST. Scooter stuns enemies? How about get shock, or idk high rank sand burst (which is outrageously easy to attain). Oh flying pets? theyve given away 3 free ones and with doki doki if youd o the event without a pet. Vip gives extra xp and less dura loss? YOU PAY FOR THAT SERVICE. And it isnt a huge boost that gives an unfair advantage it just helps. And if you start as a human you get a free elf and giant card so you can explore EVERY aspect of the game. The games music is phenomenal, you think its tons of repeating? Thats called the f****** melody, the base music is the same, but then goes into the harmony. Belvast' music is amazing, port qilla, shylien reserve, hilween mine, nuadhas theme, neamhain theme, morrigans theme, naos theme, ferghus' theme, commercing music, the ending g3 fight scene and g2 and g9 and g10 and get the point. The music is enjoyable but it also draws you in. Not only that you can create your own music and play it on a VARIETY of instruments and can even make your own orchestra! there are 1000's of armor/outfit combinations, dyes to change colors, and tons of mix up match up. The character is easily customizable and offers good choices, yes premium cards or pons allowws for better customization, but free stuff hows a nice range of customization too. All gens as of 7 years ago are free ot all players, transformations, demi, special upgrades, artisan, everything. The game encourages players to work together, you can solo if you like, but it makes it easier for the community to get together. How is mabinogi buying anymore votes than any other game? Every game in this event is doing events, telling people to vote, or giving links to this page. Mabinogi doesnt require you to have a million different characters to master skills, you can do it all one char(granted since there is so much in game content at the moment i thik it takes a 15k total to master everything right now?) And the game isnt good for just onew players they offer more advanced dungeons and sms to offer a fun expereince to vets. The game isnt just for teens, its a game that gets attention from young and old iknow people who are 9 playing all the way to 50!!!! its a game that rarely gets boring. You dont have to grind to enjoy since there are free rebirths, and while youre waiting you can play music, farm, hang out with friends or a guild, commerce....Its such an amazing game. I only played RO for maybe a week not my type of game, but it still doesnt compare to mabi. I dont even know how pirate101 made it this far, TOON TOWN WAS AND IS A BETTER GAME THEN PIRATE101!!!!!!! You can diss mabi all you want, but for evrything you said that is unfair or is p2w in mabi i will cite 10 exmaples proving youre inaccurate/wrong. You have to put forth effort, as in most fun games, without any effort how is it fun? you get bored, mabi is exciting and eventful. Now a game im sad to see not in this is Shin Megami Tensei online, not as good as mabi but still a great game none the less and deserves respect. You want to complain about mabi fine, but your only showing how lazy you are when the game offers more to f2p players than to those who pay, nuff said.

View 1 reply
mabiman 9 years ago
Mabi isn't cheating its because we have a strong equal classless society that doesn't war like the other selfish games which is everyone 4 themselves mabi allows others to help to improve game and forum society so it isn't a war but a feud and we don't have class restrictions the weapon rule is "as long as you can use it be a b**a** combo killing machine". Others need to stop crying and face u were ur own downfall because u guys don't want to reach out to others as much as we do (except mantainance that's random sometime)still a good game though

Maruu 9 years ago
<3 Mabinogi, happy we won!
Mabi 5-ever~

Noxsa 9 years ago
If APB:Reloaded wins in the F2P poll then i'll get uber mad, that's the most cheaters game ever ... *** realize that all the cheaters probably gonna cheat this poll with fake accounts 2***

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mabiman 9 years ago
Mabinogi won as of 1pm 66 to 34 percent

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Deyuaru 9 years ago
I do hope Mabinogi will win this round. The gameplay is kinda slowpaced but I only liked the music part of the game and also the clothings and armours which are kinda cool.

Deyuaru 9 years ago
How EverQuest 2 lose to Ragnarok Online??? Come on, something is odd with this poll...

EverQuest 2 have more players than Ragnarok Online which got replaced by Ragnarok Online 2. So it should be EverQuest 2 better than Ragnarok Online in terms of graphics, content, customer service(player service), bug fixes, everything..

View 1 reply
OuterScience 9 years ago
Currently rooting for Warframe and Mabinogi. (Mainly Warframe)

View 1 reply
Sino 9 years ago
APB is more P2W than F2P. Too bad there is no official classification for P2W...

View 2 replies
GameFriendly 9 years ago
I don't like these type of polls they start argruments and just make games hate others games while MMOBOMB is laughing their ass off of these we are acting like a bunch of monkeys. I for one don't care even if my favorite game (Pirate101) is on the poll. I just don't want to find out the "best" game is we all have different taste in games so don't make fun of other games as simple as that. I could of ignore this and just move on with my life but this is unreasonable. Why do you think people make fun of us gamers? We get to butthurt and rage over the internet this is seriously unhealthy and needs to stop. I love playing pirate101 and I truely do but that doesn't make since to hate a other game that you never played or dislike because other people love the game and they get butthurt over your comments. I for one am not going to fall for this trap that is set for gamers to fall in.

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why 9 years ago
If Mabinogi's combat or gameplay isn't unqiue, please I really want to know if there's anything actually like it.

You know, combo oriented combat that's kind of similar to a fighting game, in that you have to consider positioning but also what attacks are viable where they all basically stun the enemy. Not just targeting an enemy and pressing a button to use a skill, or just doing so in sequence while minding the fire on the floor, I mean actually considering damage types, which attacks will keep you from being retaliated against and whether or not its viable based on your position etc. Tera isn't really like that, WoW or any of the standard MMOs aren't like that, seriously what is?

I think Mabinogi is a spectacular game because of its combat, not to mention the fact that its supposed to have something for everybody like life skills or music, tons of clothes and a really social community, but god damnit is the administration horrific. The engine is old, you get your occasional hacking outbreaks, and in some cases its pretty pay to win (Yes, I'm talking about reforges, you can get a lot more potential damage out of reforges as compared to a skill/stat hoarding build, and is also just an RNG gamble)

but the reason Im asking is because I love the combat more than any other MMO I have ever played. Its completely unique, as far as I can tell, which makes me feel like its completely under-rated, unless theres another game out there with similar combat or concept, in that case: i want to play it

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Maria 9 years ago
"A late surge by The Lord of the Rings Online fans wasn’t enough to stave off elimination (more on that later)"

Oh shut up, they were using voting bots and everyone knows it. And when someone tried to bring it to light what did you do? Turn off comments.

The fact you let this shit slide is disgusting.

View 2 replies
D.Alex 9 years ago
so w8 are those riged cuz i saw what you did there.Why where you afraid you would lose your credibility? I dont get it but i am done here this chart is nothing now not even worth bringing up.

ةةMoe 9 years ago
for Cleric Division
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Sai 9 years ago
I, for one, welcome our new MMO overlord, Mabinogi.

View 2 replies
Arandompersonhaspawned 9 years ago
Only if players would vote on their game only now this is going to be who has the most people in their game will win or the most hated game out there will loose.

Arandompersonhaspawned 9 years ago
I love how no pirate101 players aren't complaining. Even if its Not free to play you still gotta vote on the game you think is better ^o^ not just because you don't like a mistake or something about the game.

View 1 reply
Mooks101 9 years ago

Pharuan 9 years ago
I'm a little pissed to see LoL beat out Blacklight: Retribution when yesterday it was 45% LoL and 55% Blacklight: Retribution now not so much, im glad this site offers games more time based on how much money they're offered.

View 1 reply
Idontknow 9 years ago
Pirate101 is kind of a pay to play game but you just need a subscription to play the game. Their subscriptions cost about 9.95 and a year is 80, sometimes its on sale for 60. There are companions in the game but you don't have to buy them . You get a good amount of free companions that are equal or stronger than the crown shop companions. Their are some companions you get from storylines that are a little weaker than the crown shop companions but its not a big difference. There are also mounts which cost crowns, which is the currency for the cash shop but you get a free mount in the later areas. The pets, they are dropped everywhere so you don't have to buy them. The ships you buy are for gold, and it's not that hard to get gold. You can farm for items for free if you have a subscription. If you don't, you gotta buy the area which cost crowns but if you buy it with crowns, you will have access to that area forever. The cash shop is just stuff that are "cooler" than the ones you get from quest. Some of the storyline companions are stronger than the shop companions. They are also good quality. Some company's offers stuff for free but they are low quality and looks like crap compared to the shop ones. Also if you are in trouble and don't look like you can finish the quest by yourself, you can post on a pirate101 fansite for help. Sometimes the fansites will offer farming, which can level your pirates ship up or to get more gold or help you one your quest. The free to play areas are short but if you have a subscription, your good. If you are an all nighter person, you can the finsh the game in a couple days. If you are slow, you can finish it in weeks or months.

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Razer 9 years ago
It's entertaining to watch peoples' reactions to polls like these. The fanboys always get fired up because they forget that this is nothing more than a simple popularity contest. Time to get the popcorn.

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Code 9 years ago
An hour and a half in, and Mabinogi vs. Pirate101 already has almost more votes than any of the match-ups from the previous division...


View 1 reply
HouseFoxx 9 years ago
I almost expected World of Warplanes vs War Thunder Airforce.
Too bad not a single person at MMOBomb knows about that awesome game.

Jason 9 years ago
Pirates101 shouldn't be on the list, since its not F2P.

View 1 reply
=w= 9 years ago
It'd be nice if mmobomb left a link between this and its previous poll...

extasist 9 years ago
the game which will be posted somewhere in ofc game forums, have higher chance of winning so thus voting is dogy...

Philipe 9 years ago
this bad website doing mmo ultimate f2p ? and they never test this games after doing this ? very bad this is.. have game total f2p and they not receive 1 win lol i see who win and they have alot p2p itens

Anon 9 years ago
League of Legends is currently LOSING to Blacklight Retribution?
I don't like League but how the hell is that in any way possible given leagues IMMENSE following.

beergo99les 9 years ago
this is my last time posting here. You might aswell hand this to smite right now. If 7.6k votes only lead to 36% ..that's more than the total amount of votes you guys get for any other matchup.

View 1 reply
beergo99les 9 years ago
Smite is getting scripted as heck right now. Before this they had like 20k votes in favor of smite over that kingdom game. The total voting was the highest, and second highest was that Dota 2 upset. Some guy is literally just scripting going into incognito mode, and just voting over and over. Smite just doesn't have the awareness or the ability to keep a forums up pull this many votes. This fast. They had a 80% lead within hours and a total of 6.8k votes cast. When the others barely had 500. No way.

I call shenanigans

View 3 replies
shinesprites 9 years ago
maplestory's not a game. it's a bank now.

Jaquena 9 years ago
Hey! What happed with the Smite vs Marvel votation? Last time I checked it had around 9000 votes, 8X% in favor of Smite. Now there is only 8600, 67% in favor of smite.


Tadp01e 9 years ago
World of tanks lost?!?! to some anime game?!?! i don't see how this is possible

View 1 reply
hovsep56 9 years ago
pirate 101 vs mabi huh ? since they're both classic games i think mabi will win IF pirate 101 was actualy free 2 play i would change my mind 100% but it isnt so pirate 101 is at a BIG disadvantage since mabinogi finaly listened to the community and removed all the anoying restriction like inventory or mounts

View 1 reply
Beergo99les 9 years ago
seems like this competition is getting trolled.

View 1 reply
Colorz 9 years ago
Dota 2 lost to a shit game lmao

View 3 replies
cacaball 9 years ago
We have a saying in accounting: garbage in, garbage out". These numbers reflect bad game choice feuled by bad gaming community. "dota and tank" did notvrally because they dont come here... Mmobomb assumed they all would flock to a gimped voring event?? Lollllll....
Maybe if Omer was hosting lol lol fail.

Code 9 years ago
Vindictus got screwed! They had Warframe beat!

Regardless, Go Mabinogi!

View 1 reply
Greenglish 9 years ago
TERA is the best free MMO out there. No gambling. No restrictions. True action combat. Beautiful graphics. Elin.

View 1 reply
TheAuger 9 years ago
Yep, no shenanigans going on in these polls at all...

One poll that has one game winning by 85+% has more votes than all the other polls combined & has 3x more votes than it's next closes poll. Move along, nothing to see here.

View 2 replies
Evo 9 years ago
Not to be a nitpicker, but I need to ask: Did the organisers define the difference between FTP and Freemium before the contest? Because I would strongly suggest that such clarification may eliminate some contestants.

EG: DDO would be considered a Freemium game rather than a true FTP, as it requires subscription to maximise character progression. As with LotRO and EQ2. A true FTP would be unrestricted, other than aesthetic purchases and character boosts.

View 4 replies
JP 9 years ago
league ftw

mattmanrx99 9 years ago
Path of exile and infinite crisis. That is going to be a fun one haha.

View 1 reply
Branden 9 years ago
WTF no Guild Wars 2

View 1 reply
K 9 years ago
Where is warframe?

View 1 reply
Pieareround 9 years ago
LoL vs. Blacklight?
Warframe vs. Neverwinter?
This is going to be a tough round.

View 2 replies
Curst 9 years ago
WoT lost in the first round not because " fans just considered it a shoo-in to win and didn’t bother showing up". People haven't been voting for Eden Eternal. The've been voting against WoT, simple as that. Too much hate towards WoT here.

DoTa situation I'm not even going to try to comment.

The whole thing just shows that this "ultimate F2P showdown" is ultimately unobjective and in the and is an "ultimate bull****".

View 3 replies
In Her Name 9 years ago
Thanks so much for changing the polls, hopefully there will be less confusion this time.

Mounted 9 years ago
Mounted son

View 1 reply

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