MMOHut Editor-in-Chief Becomes US Editor on MMOBomb

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff, July 23, 2012

We’re not usually ones to report drama concerning competitors. There was a great bit a drama over the weekend stemming from Spunkify’s, MMOHut’s former editor-in-chief, expose on Reddit. We here at MMOBomb support Spunkify’s actions, and his stance against choosing advertising over content.

So, with much pleasure, we’re happy to announce that Spunkify will be joining the team here at MMOBomb as the US Editor. He will be providing the same community driven content, and will be actively involved within the community. Glad to have you onboard, Spunkify!

For the newcomers don´t forget to register in our site and follow us on social networks like Youtube or Facebook.

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Discussion (167)

homerito 9 years ago
Please, bring OMER all along!!!!!!

Roderick 9 years ago
Spunkify FTW!!

eunusunt 9 years ago
Former MMOHutter here,
I just found out about this whole really saddens me. But oh well, life moves on and so will I, meaning migrating here.

We're behind you Spunk. Gamers backing up gamers, ftw!

NECOxESMELO 9 years ago
This is going to be a huge change and improvement to mmobomb nice

bangxbox 9 years ago
so where's kitty? is she still working in MMOHUT with omer?

Furrypawz9 9 years ago
heck yeah!

Orpheus 9 years ago
Spunkify!!!! :)

I'll miss Omer btw...

zvermilion 9 years ago
lol and with Spunkify, mmobomb also inherits 80% of mmohut's old population.

Indie 9 years ago
Spunk, you're a hypocritical sellout. This site has more ads than mmohut. I thought you were indie. Now that you're in charge here prove that you respect us and remove the ads. I believe Omer and that you lied.

LordDreed 9 years ago
I suppose you haven't checked spunkify's reddit post? Do yourself a favor and stay away from MMOHUT.

reterter 9 years ago
spunkify gone from mmohut????? omg yessssss! now kitty can do first looks !!!!! (.)(.)

slizeey 9 years ago
hey spunkify you should go onto a new game and play with a girls junk or sumthin and plz skip the toe at insertion this time ok :)

Wolf tech 9 years ago
What happen to spunkify was complete crap I can't believe they fired him well at least now he on a better team congrats spunkify :D

Hellchrine 9 years ago
Good to have u here but what happened to Omer???

iHatezMMOHutNowz 9 years ago
Everyone, unsub from MMOHut, let them feel how much we hate them.

kennikia 9 years ago
This site is so easy to navagate around! Unlike that mmohut site.

TheGuy 9 years ago
I m confused,did he quit mmohut or will be working on both or what??

wtf 9 years ago
he just ditches omer to join this place, wtf.

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Tech 9 years ago
Just read through all the drama on reddit and must say I'm shocked at the way they treated you spunkify.

I've been a long time watcher of yours and omers vids on mmohut and now it's come to this.. I'm actually pretty frequent on onrpg forums aswell but after all this I think i'll just come here to mmobomb for all my forum and f2p gaming review needs.

All the best with your new job.. Atleast mmobomb are a passionate gaming group with a clue.

david 9 years ago
Yay! Spunk!

darthx9 9 years ago
welcome Spunkify

Mystika 9 years ago
This is why although I read reviews, I'm highly skeptical of them, as more often than not, they are extremely biased (and usually paid for). I prefer videos even though they're not perfect (since they're nearly always first impressions only). It's pretty much only user reviews you can trust these days, and even then you have to look out for the geniune reviews and differentiate them from fanboy ones or pure hate.

Well anyway, wish you luck Spunkify on :)

Jonas 9 years ago
sucks for mmobomb - 'hey spunk, can we get that video by today?' "Oh yeah, just let me finish playing this game for most part of the day then I'll actually work for, say 10minutes? - also do you mind if i say im working from home, but im actually out shopping - also, do you mind if i disagree with everything you just said and rant about things that dont make any sense?" 'okay yeah cool no problem thanks spunk.'

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umdiddly 9 years ago
Nice. Sounds like good times! I'm glad something good came out of that reddit expose' thread. Cheers!

Nosferat 9 years ago
Damn, now I have to stick around to see in what direction mmobomb will go on.

I was for the most part "leaving" meaning I did come and check new games and stuff every 5-6 days or so, but I lost total interest in the site since the direction it felt that as the days, weeks, months went by to be more of a corporate run business, then like "For Gamers, By Gamers" like the razer motto.

In a more shorter description, it felt that the direction is the same one mmohut followed(only it wasn't so bad)

It's saddening to watch the gaming community being destroyed by the one sided corporate mind who only wants profits and nothing else. A corporation unlike a human being, does not feel, does not care or share any kind of passions, it's a pyramid of the most greedy,selfish people you can find, some of them especially those on top of the pyramid , can easily be considered as sociopaths. No feelings for others, no remorse, no care in the world just the $ sign in their eyes and their only real pursuit in life , making money for the sake of money.

Corporate business always ruins stuff, just look at giants like EA, it's like a shark, it's constantly hungry, constantly needs to feed and it leaves only death and destruction behind. Just ask Bioware how they feel now after some time under EA :) How they like their new masters, the ones that pushed them to rush dragon age 2, rush Mass Effect 3, the main purpose it had that crappy ending and we had to wait months and months for a DLC to at least partially fix the problem.

Anyway, welcome Spunkify, we wish you all the best in the world.

Abyson 9 years ago
Spunkify !!! <3
F*** Simon !!! :D haha congrats man

DragoonisMystic 9 years ago
Welcoming abroad SPUNKIFY to here!!!;-)

cacalips 9 years ago
INSERT the willy wanka face: Oh so you brought on an editor who was paying rent with youtube cash and sponsor cash.

Please tell me how hiring him is going to lead/change/be different in the mmo community

Polarity 9 years ago
Woooo! Now I have no reason to go to mmohut! <3

Adrian87Bv 9 years ago
Props to mmobomb for bringing spunky over here. I was a mmohut sub for over 2 years now (i unsubed this morning). Although i was already subbed to mmobomb for over a year, now with spunky i got more reasons to stay. you guys the bomb.

Ylo 9 years ago
I am not watching another MMOHut video AGAIN, I am going to unsubscribe to MMOHut, and watch MMOBomb and Spunkify. :D

NEOZ 9 years ago
subscribe to MMobomb, unsubscribe MMohut. honestly, i dont care about the adds much as long the site give us promotions, giveaways and the staff continuous whit first looks and weekly news and the casts i´m an happy gamer and consumer ;)

Zac 9 years ago

StarFlazh 9 years ago
Welcome man nice to see you here with us :)

herolet 9 years ago
dam i loved omer,both of you,why did he sell mmohut..its gonna crash so hard.but welcome to mmobomb dude,looking foward to one of you famouse first looks xD

Paul 9 years ago
Spunk! Sup dude!!!! :D

Rufinus 9 years ago

jonathansty 9 years ago
Welcome, but is your name
spotify + punk = spunkify

We are with u 9 years ago
Spunkifyyyy IN!

GanZoul 9 years ago

Name (Required) 9 years ago
Welcome to MMObomb :D !!!

JMGGamer 9 years ago
Now if Omer would just get the balls to answer to the MMOHut community.

Krevra 9 years ago
<3 Spunkify, keep up the good work!

quickx 9 years ago
hey spunkify i never ever post anything on any but reading your story i couldnt help but say F.U.simon hope you enjoy mmobomb better i actually enjoy this site and its community better

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Sage 9 years ago
Great to Have you here Spunkify. To think that yesterday I was watching the latest episode of F2P Cast and one user mention competition between MMOHut and MMOBomb and today I dont see MMOHut existing anymore without Spunkify or Omer.

Keep up the great work MMOBomb and Magickmann and hope you fit in well Spunkify.

CallMeJet 9 years ago

Lord of Cinder 9 years ago
Glad you're with mmobomb now spunkify. Remember watching you on mmohut but after what happened to you just seems like a douche move by "simon". Keep on gaming man.

hmstunna 9 years ago
Yay spunkfy, Welcome

Kaidalen 9 years ago
Yeah! Spunkify! you are the man! MMOBomb is my new fav website!

Kawaiido 9 years ago
Sucks what happened, but welcome aboard. <3

DeathBladeZz 9 years ago
this website seems to always get better. :D mmobomb all the way!!!

Eliteiseven 9 years ago
i left MMOhut to Join MMObomb

Maske031 9 years ago
MMOBomb Team thank you so much you are such-a good guys that is why i am following you since beginning of your Journey!

DanteX 9 years ago
Wuhuuuuu!!!!! I am glad you are not a sell-off spunk!!! Great to have you here :D

Vieric 9 years ago
nice guys, hope he finds more happiness here. and heres my thoughts, posted elsewhere but ill put em here too.

I'm going to be totally honest here, I never really liked Spunkify much (nothing personal!) however, I think that was due to me feeling as though he "replaced" Omer for a long time, now that I've seen just what went down and how he handled it without caving in, I have a newfound respect for him. Sorry for not giving you a chance till now, it was foolish of me, I'll be watching with interest and hoping all works out well for you. I would also like to thank you for clearing up all the questions I've been asking myself about MMOhut for the past while now, I've known something up was since remo stopped doing first looks, seems I wasn't totally full of it. Just know that you did the right thing, and every one of us thanks you for it, you've definitely proven yourself in my eyes.

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Treeman 9 years ago
What about Omer? I like that guy. Anyway welcome to MMOBomb Spunky, and we're all looking forward to your upcoming articles.

Name (Required) 9 years ago
Alright Spunkify

DC 9 years ago
Welcome aboard Spunkify! :D Me gusta!

aqaq 9 years ago
lol i knew spunkify was going join mmobomb because it the right thing for him to do and for us to see him on a great site like this and magicmen plz put him on your freetoplaycast because it will be awesome to see him there.

reaply 9 years ago
Hey there Spunkify!

I have been watching MMOHUT for a year now and I didn't like you at first when you first started. But I started to like your reviews and your humor. I'm glad that you are in a better, more respected community. You deserve to be here and i'm sure that MMOBOMB is glad to have you.

Alex516 9 years ago
I've been using MMOBomb and Massively for information on games more then MMOhut recently, I suppose its finally time to take MMOhut off my favorites.

Felt like that site was getting worse anyways.

okoice 9 years ago
Spunkify, And what about Omer?

DJ EvilHunter 9 years ago
Moving to mmoBOMB :) hello my new source for new games :D

Ero 9 years ago

Syfruy 9 years ago
Welcome to MMOBomb Spunkify!!!!!

driden 9 years ago

Spunkify i was just reading your reddit post yesterday. This is such great news for you MMOBomb and us!!

Jtall 9 years ago
Former mmohutter here :) now a mmobomber thanks to spunkify!

Slayerro 9 years ago
GG Spunk best of luck in youre future tasks

Cheers from Romania :)

AcYn 9 years ago
WELCOME BACK as MMOBomber :o3 :D!
Hope enjoy.

Loi 9 years ago

LOL 9 years ago
He's just going to tank as much as he did at MMOHut/OnRPG. Enjoy the lost profit.

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David 9 years ago
Glad you became a part of a better community spunk!And with better community i don't mean some guy firing you and making a great f2p game site full of ads...but hey,thats what you would expect from a former activision employee

bad1one 9 years ago
Opps forgot ,plz tell ,(list) there other sites, want to check them out for my self .see if i visit them or not ,ty ty

bad1one 9 years ago
just read whole thing on redit ,sounds about rite , ive watch mmohut ,and omar for over 3 yrs ,maybe 4 ,and i cant believe omar sold out ,he just got to vagas reme ,1st vid of apartment ,wow ,,,i do believe you hung in there to long ,i would of left rite after omar sold out . but your here ,GL

Ewoker 9 years ago
I really Think spunkify will make MMOBomb So Much Funner

Freekiller Harris 9 years ago

Brian 9 years ago
is that omar?

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Nadname 9 years ago
MMOBOMB , I LOVE YOU GUYS REALLY ? THANKS FOR SUPPORTING HIM , i hope everyone will join Mmobomb !

jacob 9 years ago
im so happy for you spunkify . i didnt know what you would do but im glad you join mmobomb . you
were one of the people that first got me into free to play games because i would watch your videos .
dont worrie mmobomb is the best free to play mmo site .

Spunkify 9 years ago
It's great to be here!

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Kcinnay 9 years ago
Spunkifyyyyyyyyyy <3333333333

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Vieric 9 years ago
I'm really glad spunkify is here, and I stand by my previous comment, but I just wanted to remind all the newcomers that there's a lot of talent already here too, make sure you don't overlook them! this place isn't just "MMOHut 2" and honestly, I'd hate to see it become that. The comments I've seen seem to be of folks wanting exactly that. I ask you please be reasonable, and give the older guys a chance.

Thank you.

Da Random Dude. 9 years ago
Spunkify! I moved to MMOBomb just like you!

rauke 9 years ago
We want Omer Altay here too! =) This would be NO.1 site..=) Spunkify and Remotay <3 =)

raccoonlord 9 years ago
Le Spunkeh :>

Meowth 9 years ago
I didn't like him on MMOHut and I won't like him here ether.

Crow190 9 years ago
Hey Spunkify Glad ur with mmobomb, i was with mmohut for a long time, all ways thought they were going down hill fast, but i wanted to know if u can E-mail me i have some question about gaming review site, thanks hope to hear from u seen :),

b00n90 9 years ago
So i will move from mmohut to here:D

Mmobomb my new home :D

Kyt Dotson 9 years ago
Welcome aboard, sir. I was not a follower of MMOHut, but from what I hear, it was the go-to-place for a great deal of MMO related content.

Flingurt 9 years ago
This is probably how the Europeans felt discovering America, and we even get to get along with the indians (mmobombers) without any bloodshed, let's make this day the new thanksgiving!

You all shall be my neighbours and I shall call you neighbours!

Evix 9 years ago

I don't think that Omer will join for the mmobomb anytime soon, because he is stuck doing first look videos since its part of his contract after he sold mmohut.

I think Omer is busy working on something special, because we haven't heard about what he is being doing, expect weekly recaps.

bad1one 9 years ago
got to throw my 2 cents in there , see Inflictious, got in a good point ,yes i read most of them , and srry to hear omar is selling out to bigger bis , in this day and age ,its hard not to ,things do cost $. but like inf. said i had my doubts about spunk ,but he seems to know about mmo,s alot ,and vids ,comm so sits well with me ,and i hope ,most sites dont sell out ,and hope comm. can help out site they like if something is wrong ,just ask people for help ,believe me they will ,if not with $ maybe time ,equip. something ,and people will surprise you. lol ,gl spunk ,your going to need it ,we a wild bunch who will tell you when wrong , :>)

BATMAN! 9 years ago
Hi Spunkify, ive been following you advice about unsub. the mmohut channel , and i only have one thing to say. Mmohut was one of my first pure gaming-channels i did subscribe to , but when i see what the mmohut community have become. I decided to follow you into the new community here at mmobomb and i hope i dont regret. Make shure to make alot of great gaming content and i look forward to see more from you :3

PS: please make Omer start at mmobomb too. it would have been great! :)

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NotHereAtm 9 years ago
The whole mmohut community is joining mmbomb

Edvinux 9 years ago

So, Omer sold his soul. Or it was a last joke. xD

jadefelsen 9 years ago
amazing news

NeoSpark 9 years ago
This is great

SvajsAparat 9 years ago
Welcome Spunkify!
MMOBomb is now my favourite website for f2p games

CAPTA1NRAG3 9 years ago
YEEEESSSSS Love you man!

DirTek 9 years ago
Welcome Spunkifyyy!
As a lot of other members, I used to love MMOHut, but indeed, since it started to decline, I became a bomber.

D4rkZeroX 9 years ago
Omer and Kitty coming next? I can only hope =D

mrkein 9 years ago
feel a little sorry for MMOhut BUT WELCOME SPUNKY ON MMOBOMB

Imnothereforthebetakeys ImhereforSPUNKIFY 9 years ago

titus 9 years ago
+1 spank

George 9 years ago
I would rly love to see spunkfy here!

Tristin 9 years ago
Whats up Spunkify! Moving from MMOHut to MMOBomb. Hope to see content from you soon.

Draugen 9 years ago
Hey SPUNKIFY welcome to mmobomb and hope to hear you on the podcast soon

Charlie 9 years ago
I will always support you spunk, no matter what :D

proslayer4 9 years ago

Echoman 9 years ago
Welcome bro. :)

Ryo 9 years ago
Just came here for spunkify ;) I subbed to mmobomb already.

Inflictious 9 years ago
Welcome to MMObomb!

For along time i was at mmohut, damn near every day.

The very first time i went to watch a you tube video had had to watch a 30 second tide commercial.. I was pissed. There was not even the 5 second skip ad option.

Left a small remark, and never went back.( They had lost me forever)

But thing's happen for a reason, Around my first day here was the Very first F2P cast.
Watched this site grow and change alot over the past 7 months or so, But one thing that has NEVER changed here....

How much MMObomb care's and interacts with thier community!

No F2P game site has ever remotely come close in this way.

Hope you Enjoy your stay, And again Welcome.


View 1 reply
SS Lucy 9 years ago
oh shit. here he is. good luck bro.
and drag kitty and omer with you. please.

Poeticas 9 years ago
Haha Spunky glad to see you finding new home ^^ now we will come here !

Yuen 9 years ago
Thats greats news!

Heart2Game 9 years ago
Came here just because of Spunkify. Your fans will follow sir! All 140k of them!

Kreator 9 years ago
Wow, that's great news! Welcome aboard Spunkify! Good work too Spunk and MMOBomb. Would be awesome to hear spunkify on the F2P cast.

View 1 reply
Legendary_eon 9 years ago
congratulations Spunkify

Red88Bird 9 years ago
Hell Yeah ! Let's give him the warmest welcome that he ever received !

Durian 9 years ago
Spunkify I hope you will bring the great obsession of boobies to this community too!

Dimzy 9 years ago
Spunkify forever i liked spunkify as much as i liked Omer and now im going to MMobomb im gonna subscribe and im gonna subscribe to Spunkifyable wich is spunk's side channel

Sakee 9 years ago
I found MMOhut when it was in Omer's hands but since the change it went really downhill... Recently I haven't even been close to the site due it haven't got any news I haven't heard of and has really fallen back. Now I understand why.

I did checked OnRPG every once in a while but I don't quite really like them either... poor site design and ads in your face on the main page too. Meh...

I'm pretty glad MMObomb picked up Spunkify.

EXO 9 years ago
MMOBOMB FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BGSeeker 9 years ago
Welcome Spunkify!!!

bopobo 9 years ago
pls tell me omer and kitty left with u T_T

xDaKillerx 9 years ago
I never usually go for MMOHut for the news but instead go here.I just like watching MMOHut's videos :D.

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