The 41st Warframe is almost here, ready to unleash the power of kinetic energy on its foes. The Gauss arrives with the Saints of Altra update on PC later this week, along with an expansion of Disruption Mode and the usual assortment of new skins and collectibles.

Gauss is a speedy Warframe that can run across water or run down enemies, generating a powerful shockwave when it slams into something solid. It can suck up surrounding kinetic energy to generate armor or freeze foes or unleash it to heat them up and do damage. As long as he stays moving, Gauss will regenerate shields at a faster rate, and staying redlined boosts his abilities. Basically, it’s Sonic the Warframe.

Disruption Mode, which was introduced in The Jovian Concord, has expanded to Corpus Outpost, Grineer Galleon, Grineer Settlement, Grineer Kuva Fortress, and Orokin Moon. They come with new mission types — Sorties, Syndicate Alerts, and Void Fissures — and rewards to boot.

Did we mention “rewards”? New cosmetics in this update include the Harrow Deluxe Collection and Shawzin Hero Emote, but even better are the new Look Link and Mod Link chat features. These allow you to post your design or loadout to chat or easily import a shared design from another player. Stylish!


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