Looking forward to Star Trek Online’s next big update but feeling like your fleet is a little small? Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have you covered, with a weekend giveaway that’s sure to make you ship your pants.

From now until 10:00 a.m. PDT on Aug. 18, you can log into Star Trek Online to claim to free ship slots from the C-Store, so you’ll have a couple more options for cruising through the galaxy. Full instructions on how to get the slots can be found on the New Dawn Giveaway page.

And you’ll probably need some extra ships when the new Admiralty System gets going with New Dawn, which got a little more of a description in a recent press release:

Take command of your inactive starships to complete dangerous assignments and gather exciting rewards, while advancing your influence in the Admiralty campaigns. Within this system, each starship is given special traits and stats that must be used to successfully complete assignments. Plan carefully which ships are sent on which assignment in order to meet their requirements and offset various hazards, in an effort to yield great rewards across any of three separate campaigns.

So it sounds a little like a ship-based version of the crew missions already present in STO and implemented in other games like World of Warcraft’s garrisons and Skyforge’s orders. Depending on your point of view, that might not be too exciting, but at least it gives you something more to do with your old ships than send them to the scrapyard.



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