Star Trek Online is about to take a voyage to a familiar quadrant of the galaxy, thanks to the MMO’s upcoming Delta Rising expansion, which sees captains trekkieng through the Delta Quadrant. The DQ was most famous for being the area of space explored during the Star Trek: Voyager television series, with the events of Delta Rising taking place thirty years after. Quick access to the Delta Quadrant is all thanks to a portal in the Dyson sphere, which significantly cut down on inter-quadrant travel time.

As you might expect, several alien species prominently found in the show will return, along with a few rarely featured whom Cryptic want to explore further. Gameplay-wise, STO players will enjoy their first level increase in over four years. The new level cap of 60 will provide captains the opportunity to earn additional skills by training in specializations. With the new promotion comes new starships, equipped with the latest technology space money can buy.

Fans of the show might even recognize several Voyager cast members reprising their roles including Garret Wang who played Harry Kim.

Delta Rising will be coming to a quadrant near you this October, with Cryptic promising to dangle more details about the expansion in the coming weeks.

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  1. This game is, and always will be, amazing. It is pretty disappointing that Perfect World has filled this game with retarded amounts of lockboxes, but the gameplay is still very fun. Cant wait to see this expansion.


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