A Heavy Metal Bard Known As The Beat Performer Unveiled For Blue Protocol Japan

It'll be coming to Japanese servers on April 24th.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Blue Protocol Beat Performer

Here's a sneak peek into your future, Blue Protocol fans. The Beat Performer is a heavy metal bard with riffs for days. As you've come to expect from bards in other games, the Beat Performer uses ranged magical attacks in the form of music to bolster allies and defeat enemies. Part of the Beat Performer's kit in Blue Protocol appears to include dropping an amp, and a special meter that fills as you play amplifying your abilities.

Blue Protocol continues to look like an interesting multiplayer action-combat game, but when it will finally make its way through localization and to the West is anybody's guess at this point. As someone who's not really into the anime art style, the fast-paced action combat has a certain appeal I just can't ignore.

For now, we get to continue vicariously living through our Japanese brethren and seeing all the cool stuff they are getting. If you want to watch the upcoming livestream that will cover the Beat Performer, you can tune in on April 16th. Until then, enjoy the new trailer.

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