While it was quite a chaotic day for those partial to the MMO world provided by SOE, it seems there is a light at the end of its dark tunnel.

In CEO John Smedley’s AMAA on Reddit, he made a particular shout-out to both Star Wars and sandbox fans alike, stating “SWG PLAYERS – OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED TO YOU. Once we launch it… you can come home now.”

SWG fans on Reddit were immediately teased and pleased; begging for release dates and asking for promises of no broken hearts, but they were only left with anticipation and excitement for the new development.

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  1. “Please people, we’ll make a new star wars MMO if you’ll all come back! Please forget all about how we ruined Galaxies because you’ll love the new game experience–Err..I mean, the new game enhancements, err!! I mean..the experience of a new game and….Aww #$%^ it. Come back and trust us again, damn it!”

    — Smedley

    Dictated but not read.

    • its morons like you who got all happy thinking it was a star wars game, then felt butthurt….all while never understanding, another company owns the star wars copyrights now and its not sony

      morons i swear

  2. Sweeet! I think Clone Wars had decent graphics and was okay, the only problem, is that it was a typical RPG in a sense.

  3. Ok, SWG was one of the coolest games i played, because of its housing and structured gameplay the game fealt like really alive, now looking at everquest next i can understand why SOE would like to resurrect the game SWG and make it better. now when all SWG fans get hyped u should all understand that doh SWG went a painful death you should look upon the new game as it is a new game. and im quite sure that they might be able to amaze people.

    If we will have all the awsomeness that once where in swg i dont know i dont care the fact remains atleast for me that everytime someone try to make a good Star wars game im in, simple as that atleast until i totally see the flaws for myself and unsub and declare it dead.

    Flop or not well letts see 😉

  4. If they make a new sw mmo, and if it will be free to play, i hope it wont be like swtor. (EA: So i heard you want + action bars and want to hide your helmet. Player: Yup. EA: THEN GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY) (i dont know if soe is better, i didnt played any of their game before)

  5. I hope people remember Smedley is the one who BROUGHT about the NGE Content Update that killed it. Sadly I don’t think they will. Let alone his team that made the likes of NPU leave everquest 2 (top 1-3 worldwide guild that had been in the game since launch and had confirmed devs playing alongside its members).

  6. most SWG fans were so mad at SOE for how they were treated, how they ignored them and implemented the CU anyways, and then how they acted like it was a huge success despite declining numbers after the CU.

    if they do make another game like SWG hopefully they treat their customers better this time. I remember the forums flooded with SOE hate.


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