We’ve passed out all of our capes to closed beta participants, but if you weren’t lucky enough to get a cape, at least take heart in the knowledge that if you want to jump into the open beta for AdventureQuest 3D, you won’t have to wait all that much longer…maybe. So here’s the plan from Atrix Entertainment on the upcoming testing for their free-to-play mobile/PC crossover.

Starting on Julty 19th, AQ3D will jump into one last closed beta test on the PC and Android versions of the game. Sometime within the 7 days after that, open beta will go live. The catch? Open beta could obviously be delayed if something goes horribly wrong during the closed beta. For those of you taking part in the closed beta portion, great news came in the way of Artix also announcing that there would be no total wipe between this closed beta and open beta. Your levels and gold will be wiped, but any gear or items you’ve accumulated (and obviously your character) will be retained. Keep in mind that items and gear will now be harder to get if you don’t already have them from Early Access and stats on those items could certainly change.

The official announcement also explains why the Apple version of the client could be delayed, when the Steam version will be available, the 11 new dungeons being added, and the demise of the game’s web client version. For all the details, be sure to check out the full post.

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  1. This isn’t probably important but you misspelled July. But Artix entertainment has a cool idea on getting a game on all devices ever made I do admit that. The only problem is they don’t got enough money to back it up which is probably why it might fail in later years unless so many people decide to make accounts and play this game which I honestly don’t see that happening since they are a small unknown company. Also for personal reasons I think using unity engine for a massive project like this was a awful idea I would of used a better game engine then unity. I mean I like unity game engine but for a massive project like this I probably wouldn’t of used it for something like this.

    • Turns out they decided to delay open beta personally with the way their project is going it would of been a dumb move to goto open beta already it still needs to be worked on it’s clear they are rushing it.


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