Artix Entertainment’s latest free-to-play online game AdventureQuest 3D has officially entered Open Beta testing. Players can access the beta via Steam (both Mac and PC), Android, or iOS device (although the iOS version isn’t quite available yet as approvals are still pending.)

The AQ3D team has a lot of plans in place already based on the feedback they’ve received from players during closed beta. This includes implementing things like key binds and the PC-specific interface. As expected with any launch, there have been issues but the team is on them and keeping everyone updated on the site.

To join the beta, just head over to the Adventure Quest 3D site and click play.

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    • So true. But I feel it’s gonna be a wake up call for them because steam users aren’t gonna buy the BS they do because they are real gamers they wanna see stuff get done. They don’t wanna see the devs act silly and take so long to fix one glitch. The steam users are likely to leave ASAP if thing’s don’t change like I been talking about below.

    • That’s what I thought. I think some things need to change otherwise I think they will likely lose players like they did in their other games. They are getting alot of people now because they are going to popular platforms but who knows how long it’s gonna last you gotta produce good quality content and the past 3-5 years it feels like they been doing quantity over quality which I feel is gonna hurt them and if you read one of adam bohan’s (artix’s) interviews he is exactly gonna do it again do quantity over quality so I got very little hope for AQ3D at this point even though it’s open beta.

  1. Game is great on mobile devices I will admit that but I laughed when steam reviewers trashed their game it was obvious it was gonna get trashed on steam since it’s not ready for the PC environment yet. It looks more like a mobile game just ported to the PC without any modifications to fit for the PC userbase which will ruin the PC users in the longrun. This game could be worth playing but only on a mobile device but this game has alot of cons and very little pros for now at least. If the devs wanted feedback I think they should of held off on open beta till 2017 and get alot more towns and areas in before moving onto open beta I felt there could of been more testing done but that’s just me.

    • I also personally wanna say I lost faith in AE from what the support team did to me on their previous team on AQWorlds but I wouldn’t recommand following their flash browser games anymore especially AQWorlds. But their mobile games some of them are kinda decent and their Mobile MMO AQ3D it’s horrible on PC but if you like playing your games on a mobile device then I’d recommand trying this game out on your mobile device it could be better then it is right now since it needs alot of work. And personally I still think they released open beta way too early like I said above I think they should of waited till 2017 or maybe even beginning of 2018 at least but I don’t recommand PC it’s pretty much garbage on the PC environment but if you don’t mind the mobile UI (interface) then you might like the PC version anyway but personally I think the PC version is garbage mostly because of the UI (interface) also there is alot of other cons I mentioned but the devs built them in intentionally since it’s to help them make money but you will find out when you log in since it’s a pretty big list I won’t list it here.


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