By this point, none of us should be surprised by collaborations between video games and other media and in-game concerts aren’t really a completely new idea. That said, it’s probably likely that most of us expect in-game concerts to be EDM, dubstep, something along those lines. So it might be a bigger surprise that avatar versions of Korn will be making an appearance in Adventure Quest 3D‘s and Adventure Quest Worlds‘s “Battle Concert Series”.

On August 20, Korn will play the grand opening of the Battle Concert Arena, where players won’t only enjoy a concert, but earn loot while fighting monsters in the moshpit. They’ll also get to hear a song from the band’s upcoming album, The Nothing, before it releases on September 13.

The concert itself will be free, although the devs are also offering Magic Tickets that will immediately teleport players to the event. New players will receive the Magic Ticket automatically while experienced players will need to pay 100g for it. There’s also a VIP Package and Backstage Pass that players will be able to purchase. Details on the event can be found on the Artix Entertainment site.



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