A new anime-styled game is joining the Aeria Games lineup. The company will be publishing X-Legend Entertainment’s free-to-play fantasy MMO Twin Saga to North America and Europe where it will be made available in English, German, and French. Players will take on the role of an orphaned human — the last hope for humanity’s survival after a long war between twin goddesses.

The game will feature an upgrade-able mobile housing system called “Terracottages.” These can be used as transportation as well as a base for crafting and profession development. They will include greenhouses, kitchens, and more.

More information on Twin Saga — including beta signups — is now available on the game’s freshly launched site.

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  1. this looks like another game made in the early 2000’s that someone bought for $1000 and are trying to release it as a 2016 game. why do game companies do this?

    Aeria really need new management looks like yet another aeria games p.o.s , i wonder how much the founders scam bundles will be $500 ?

  2. excited for this game? just forget it because this game UI, gameplay, graphics, sounds etc will be the same the same things like in aura kingdom, dragomon hunter.
    also obviously this game will have a lot of gold sellers or “BOTS!!!” just skip this game. this game is already dead before its releasment . (my apologize for my bad grammar).

  3. its a mixture of eden ,dragomon , and aura kingdom with the graphics skills animations and also the ability to change classes at will in there but the skill animations you can actually use grabs in there( which has not been done in any of those games by aeria). these grabs xD move the mob too its not some hit and their still there sitting animation. Kinda curious about this one because combining all those wouldnt be bad.


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