With the launch of Age of Wushu on April 10th, Snail Games invites you to use the free Character Pre-Creation service now. After you registered, you will be able to download the game client and begin the Pre-Creation process for your character. Aspiring adventurers can secure their preferred in game name and have ample time before launch to use the extensive character face designer. Beat the launch day rush; have your character created, named, and customized so that you can begin your adventures in Ming Dynasty China!

Plus if you create your character before the launch of Age of Wushu, you will receive a useful collection of rewards to boost the start of your legendary journey. The quicker you act, the better the reward!

Players that have not registered for an Age of Wuhsu Account, can sign-up here.


  1. I don’t know why I bother reading comments on this site. Full of complete idiots who will use the term “pay to win” and claim the game is “dead” because they don’t want other people to play it. Talk about Whiny manchildren.

    I want to love this game, though, but it’s too boring. Maybe once NA AoW gets day/night systems and other features I’ll have some actual fun.

  2. rewards for makin a char early are not really that usefull but doesnt matter that much if u wanna play it u’ll play it cause of the game not its rewards i guess and as far as wushu’s population so far the 2 out of their 3 servers are literaly full of people who made chars on them so i do believe wushu has a pretty good amount of people who will play this

  3. Tried this game. The gameplay is so slow. Come on, why am I fighting in Kungfu but slow like an old man? Don’t like it.

    • I agree, fighting NPC’s is incredibly boring and dull, the scenery is incredibly boring and dull, the only aspect that shows promise is the pvp which is quite fast paced….but who wants to spend hours doing boring and dull stuff just so they can pvp….

  4. Ok, enough uninformed nonsense. Everyone who is saying Age of Wushu is P2W either has never played the game, or has no idea wth pay to win actually is. There are two main advantages subscribers get that F2P players do not.

    The first is that 100% of your cultivated XP is available to use immediately, whereas with F2P 30% gets put in a separate “bank” that you do need to pay money to unlock. The thing about this is that it is almost no impediment at all as experience is incredibly easy to make in this game. 1 XP cultivates into 1000 cultivation points, and you get XP for doing silly 2 minute errand quests and even randomly for jumping around. This mechanic simply allows subs to play a bit less to get the xp they have…but if you actually want to play the game this shouldn’t matter at all.

    The other major advantage a subscriber will have is that they can “cultivate” experience while they are offline, while F2P players cannot. This cultivation is basically the process of leveling individual skills in the game. So yes, this theoretically allows subs to level their skills faster. However once a level of a skill is trained, you make no further progress until you log in and either select that you want to keep training that skill, or pick another. So not only is this not as big a deal as it sounds, it actually has no real effect on your enjoyment of the game, as you can work around this mechanic by playing more and using various methods to accelerate your cultivation that are available to everyone. Besides, this is more a matter of who caps out their skills first not who has power at the end.

    In addition to all this, the subscription itself is a measly $10, so there is really not a single thing to whine about if you actually want to try this game. It is MOST DEFINITELY not pay to win…in fact not even remotely so. Try it for free, if you like it pay the silly $10 a month, or don’t…you will still enjoy the game. But stop spreading false information based on zero experience.

    The bottom line is, games like this give you hundreds if not more hours of entertainment for the price of a couple of hamburgers a month. I don’t know many people who are that effing poor that they can’t afford this, so I can’t even understand the monumental whining that goes on in sites like this over these issues. If you are a teenager, get a part time job and your problem is solved…and you will still have tons of time to play video games. But ffs quit crying all over the internet that you can’t afford 50 cents a day to play a game.

    • Good post Cancrizans. People tend to confuse the terms Pay to Win, Content Restrictions and Payment Benefits. Having so much words in a vocabulary is just so gosh darn hard I guess. And a lot of people who will rage at a game for being pay to win, do not even engage in PvP which is the only time when that really becomes an issue. I do not know how active it’s forum is or if that is any indication of whether the game is dead or not, but if it is it would not be because it is Pay to Win, it simply isn’t, I played it. But in the end even if it was, like you pointed out, they certainly are not robbing anybody with a price tag of $10.

      • The game is fine, and I see plenty of people around, even in more remote areas. In fact they are opening another server at launch. Disregard omgf, he is just a troll who can’t admit that he has no damned clue wth he is talking about.

  5. I’m the only old mmo/mmorpg player that feel sad nowadays? Back in my day people used to play an on-line game mostly for the community and partys.
    It seems like now a mmorpg is for a solo gameplay, doesn’t require party in anything, doesn’t require you to talk to people and you can still make yourself strong with cash, I’m having a really really hard tim eto find a game where you can’t level at all without a party, a game that I can stay for more than half hour.
    Some enterprise should ripoff darkages.com systems and make a decent game, no wonder 123123123 asian games closed, it’s all crap games, everywhere. IM SAD qq post

    • i am sad myself because gaming community has been destroyed. it feels like everybody is saying that every MMO is copy of each other, and still everybody hates games with unique ideas because small flaws! i went to mmohut and everybody there said Blade and soul is shitty game because of the publisher. that what depresses me.

      • Well thats true, and i think it will always be like that since ppl expect perfection in new ideas otherwise its a fail or sh!t, but those ppl arent real players.
        Anyways i like blade and souls especially for its combat system , i cant say ive been playing it ,im not sure if its out yet and is it f2p but i liked what i got to see and i really like the wizardy class 😀 If i ever get to play it imma be that little thing with ears and tail….lol sounds like Elin in Tera Online lol , but yeah , thats another game that was new and innovative and it had its bugs and all but give it time and it will grow and mature into something good if the publishers really want it to 🙂

      • LOL wow, Blade and soul is a shitty game because it is a shitty game. The in game marketing caters to young adolesecent males. Core game play is typical copy n clone crap. The voice acting even says this “You look a little young, you know you need level 20 to start a guild”….And it is from an npc with nipple coverings….big tits, nipples, telling you you are young….level up to progess…yeah….. games garbage man. Your argument is invalid.

        • Aaah so cause the npc reffers to your lvl as your age is shity game ? Lol nice argument. As for the sex part, ita marketing, sex sells or havent you noticed the marketing these days? Its not just in b&s, tera also has sex all over it, maybe not as much but it has it. And should i mention scarlet blade?
          In any case, you are not the one to judge weather ” my argument is valid “or not nor anyone else. I left my opinion, not a statement.
          You can have your opinion but that is expressed in a different way than what you just did.
          So in conclusion i like b&s not for its sex aspects though a nice character model is always nice to look at. It may be a “clone or copy” ,but isnt any game these days? In mmo rpg’s there is not much veriatty to go on anyways but the batlle system is much much more interesting then clicking and spamming 1,2,3… till i dont use up all my mana or kill a mob.
          But hey, like i said, its just my opinion, everyone is intitled to one 🙂

          • Oh and might i add that the game isnt for children? I think thats even stated on the site, or is regulated by the entering of your b.day before you can or cant enter the site. Not my fault kids lie abouot their age so they can see some pixel boobies xD

        • Wait… so you are saying that a game is ‘shitty’ because it is mature? You didn’t even touch on the gameplay or storyline and you said that his argument is invalid? Should I also mention that this game is the most played game in South Korean internet cafes? Children these days don’t know how to make a good argument…

        • Saying Blade and Soul is a shitty game is what pissed me off, I played in CB2 and CB3 and from what I have seen and played is far from shitty, perky tits and bouncification aside, it’s a pretty solid f** game, even in beta. And “copy and clone crap” I’m pretty sure there was a cross-hair I had to aim at an enemy player and then press R three times in succession to pull off a basic combo. It’s pretty real-time to me, and there are not many games that BnS can copy off of for having that style. The game plays like a fighter in a sort of sense, and what game offers a travel system like BnS?;Sprinting for about 10 meters then jump off the edge of a cliff and gliding through the air like a ninja. Then think of the unique skills each class has, The way a Kung-Fu Master can parry any attack and follow up with strong counter but, without proper timing, can be punished. The Assassin’s unique ability to set traps in the middle of a fight, stun an opponent, then does a Spinning Piledriver to the opponent that would bring a tear to Ryu Hayabusa’s eye(Izuna Drop, look it up). The Destroyer….eh…just your typical BIG ASS SWORD wielding Tank. Then there’s the Summoner, the blademaster(come on what MMO that you know allows you to send about 6 swords thrusting through someone’s body?)
          Not Fanboying here, I’m just saying, it’s not your average mmo. The only thing average I can see about BnS is the graphics engine it runs on, The Unreal 3 engine, which powers other Mmos; DC “Universe, Tera, APB, just to name a few.
          This was a Rage Counter made by An Anime Fiend.

      • I think that the problem is that the games themselves have became a lot easier over time to suit younger audiences. If you want a to play a game where you need to party warframe is that game. You only have 3 revives per day and in every mission if you solo you will die at least once. But if you are looking for a RPG then I don’t really know… In path of exile you are not able to do the harder dungeons and bosses by yourself, also playing solo is quite hard so that could be another good party game.

        • I agree on warframe, its a nice change in shooter games ,it makes this game interesting plus its all futuristic which is always a plus for me hehe 🙂

      • NCSoft is notorious for cancelling Great Games: Tabula Rasa, and the renowned City of Heroes. I signed up to NCsoft’s BnS newsletter and haven’t got any sort of response from them.
        If your willing to deal with a bit of a buggy experience with the game, Try Artomix Blade and Soul, it’s a private server.

    • Well why i would need somebody to help me. It only restrict and slow me. And if you are looking for that type of game go to Allods online.

  6. So that must be why everytime the first server was busy/full
    So they created another server for players.
    Man most of you are such liers or fools. I dont know.

  7. So many fools man…

    It is now in beta so you have restricted time YES

    After beta you will have unlimited time to play it YES

    It isnt about p2w, It is about what opponent is your. For example like i played first day and another guy played it third day. So who win?? So dont fool around.

    VIP allows you to gain money and exp faster and have unlimited time in beta YES

    But you can get anywhere even without VIP. You can have what strenght you wanna. So it isnt so restricted like everybody else think.

    Try it and dont listen to those crying noobs. 🙂


    It is fully Yes.
    The company insists FALSE so that the game you can have access to all content, but no.
    Who gets PAID crafts, items and various things while offline and qualities better than those who do not pay.

    The game is DEAD since closed test and now are forced to say that everything is a speculation or wrong news about the game.

    In MMOsite already been blocked numerous comments on topics relating to the game just because they say it is ALL P2W and this trend is.

    Want to cheat? Play this game.
    If something’s played perfect world you’ll probably enjoy this game, CASH CASH CASH 🙂

  9. Def not pay2win. But you do get some pretty nice benefits. Saying all this, the combat and skills you are on the same page as everyone. A lot of people already know how to lvl up really fast and to use potions to increase the points they get. Whoever pays could be faster at lvling up trade skills and or combat skills but that’s about it.

  10. Its not P2W, vip helps you evolving faster, like offline training, and triple/double xp, also adds a little content, like a little DLC, vip is only for evolving, theres a online shop in-game, where you can buy some weapons and armory.


    • using SWTOR as an example is a bad move, it just made me want to delete that game and I haven’t even instaled or registered to it, and if it’s a sub game with a “trial” version then what is that F2P tag doing there….

  11. I tried it during the beta and from what I saw it is definitely pay to win….If your not a monthly subscriber you have to “unlock” 30% of the exp you get with gold…

    Everyone in the game knows kung fu fighting, even the wildlife will block and dodge your attacks with ease. Seriously though, for a game that claims to be full of kung fu action….there isn’t very much of it…most of the time you will be standing around taking turns hitting each other….Though I have to say that the pvp is where this game gets a little bit more fun….if you pay money that is.

  12. This game looks interesting, but people have been saying it’s way too P2W, and it looks grindy as hell, so I’ll skip it. Although the Jet Li picture on the website almost made me register.


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