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If there’s one thing I like about free-to-play games it is expansion announcements. If it’s a game you love these announcements are pretty big news. The part I like though is that you usually don’t have to wait too long before the actual expansion release! There’s usually no 6-8 month lead time from announcement to release. Sometimes the release announcement is even in the same week as the release!

Snail Games has followed that same formula! The Age of Wushu expansion “Wings of Destiny” has received a release date…and guess what? It’s 7 days away. Yep! All of you martial arts fanatics can jump in and start playing expansion content on October 15th!

The latest expansion includes features such as:

  • Companion system – build relationships with players offline to acquire special benefits and the ability to summon offline allies to your aid

  • Delightful Island – an exciting new area filled with exotic adventures

  • Silver Hook – a hidden secret must be uncovered in this new Forbidden Instance

  • Flower Prince contest – show of your unique style in this special invitational competition

  • Path of the Departed – join in a struggle for power in the secluded region surrounding Lingxiao City in this unique new game mode

  • For a more detailed look at the new areas and the Path of the Departed, check out our write up from last week!

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    1. A pve server? No? What’s the point of adding content and stuff when the only thing you need for a forced pvp game is a small area and all the complex, bullied at school-pvp freaks inside to fight each other!


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