Aion’s latest expansion/mega update has now gone live for North America with European regions set to get it sometime in August. The new update sees the usurping of the primary evil Lord Tiamat with the presumably even more evil Beritra left in her place.

Included in the update is the addition of two new classes, an increased level cap to 65, new skills for all classes, two new zones and eleven new instances. For those more interested in PvPing, 4.0 has also added 3 new fortresses and 6 garrisons for players to fight over and in. Overall these are just the major highlight points of the patch, with many more enhancements made to the UI and changes.

The patch notes for the update are so massive that NCSoft has opted to share them with players through a comprehensive PDF document complete with pictures, because pictures make walls of text easier to read. If you’d like to check it out the patch notes for yourself you can do so here.

What excites you the most about Aion’s 4.0 update?

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  1. People who say this sucks? no way. As an Free to play game now the game is filled with ppl, except that more ppl join asmo than elyos nowadays >.>.

  2. Well i get ping 200-400 but i can say that it doesn’t bother at all. I can still play very good and no lag that can affect gameplay.

  3. I’m from EU and play on NA, cause EU servers are a complete crap with all the restrictions that GameForge made to the game…

  4. Game is amazing.. but what i didnt like in game was the skillss.. its like wow like use 1 then going to be 1>2>3>4>5> then for combo 3>2>1 then use special or sth like that.. Game is amazing.pvp is amazing,story is amazing, but with skills is too mutch for me..

  5. NA version can be played by EU i`ve played but they have low players,i don t know why eu version has more even with those restrictions,really sad an good game as US version have low players and bad game as eu version have many players


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