The wait is almost over. NCSoft announces that the North American version of Aion would finally receive the 3.0 expansion, called Ascension, and convert to a “Truly Free to Play” model on April 11th, 2012. This means that in less than a month current Aion subscribers will not be billed and anyone in the current trial (which has a level cap of 40) will be granted access to the full game.

The Aion: Ascension was also updated to include the Ascension trailer and a 3.0 Game Guide. Expansion features include a level cap raise to 60, new zones, instances, and mounts, and so much more. Player house is also implemented in this expansion. The North American free to play conversion will follow NCSoft “Truly Free to Play” model made popular with Lineage II. This model features no restrictions on chat, auction, or instance. As advertised everyone will have full access to the game. This model is somewhat different from the currently running Eurpoean Free to Play Aion which is run by GameForge and does have certain restrictions on things like the auction (broker) system.

The Game Guide, 3.0 Trailiers, and more information can all be found here:

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  1. Primarch on March 22, 2012

    Played Aion for 1.4 years from launch. Great game, got bored eventually and left. Recently returned to a lot of improvement and new content. This added with a new expansion otw with f2p being implemented is by far the best filler for me till gw2 release.
    Very polished game.
    Good open pvp, rifting, rvr, pve/pvp and balance.
    Too much grind but much better than release due to tons of added content, instances etc,
    Confident Aion will be an f2p leader if not at the top of the boards.

  2. iCantAffordaMac on March 20, 2012

    I don’t understand how people visit a MMO gaming site and bash just about every game that gets released and all the while they never even bothered to play it before forming an opion. Either calling them “pay to win” or a “grind fest” or my favorite, “just another stupid MMO”. If you don’t like the game or your not interested just don’t play it. Plus why go visit a site that you KNOW is about MMOs? If I ever listened to the comments on this site I probably would have never tried any F2P MMOs.

  3. holdup on March 19, 2012

    for those of u saying this is a terrible game, your stupid. i challenge you to tell me which game is going to be better f2p game than aion. i play aion right now. i much rather prefer it take ages to get to max level than have everyone in the entire game the same level except those making new characters, such as wow, which is complete crap. They’re losing so many people that they are giving away level 80 character fully geared… i mean come on, your taking the game away from the game. Those of you who want to play it it does have a completely free trail going on fully broker/ 8 character slots/ warehouse, the only limitation they have right now is lvl 40 cap. ASMODIANS FTW. I much say there is a lot of grinding but thats a good thing. you have to work for what you get.

    • Dizzyjay on March 19, 2012

      Exactly, in everything work and effort has to be put in. If everything is handed to you like that whats the point, if thats the case I rather play a offline game where I can get everything with cheats. And YES ASMODIAN ALL THE WAY!!!!

  4. break15 on March 18, 2012

    This Game is shit i wait for Tera 😛

  5. xlcyruslx on March 17, 2012

    finally, i wait since years and now is finally f2p!!! cant wait!!!

  6. on March 17, 2012

    The best game ewer:S

  7. GRINDFEST on March 16, 2012

    id rather just wait til may 15th for diablo 3 to drop..Aion going from P2P to F2P is not a shocker as most jumped ship early because it just sucks..Theres no difference in MMORPGS pay to grind for god knows how long..all of them are built to make it take forever to reach end game tier gear..then after so many reach it time for an expansion..bunch of crap..

  8. salmakas on March 16, 2012

    Not bad for a new sequence variant of the game well is a great article 🙂

  9. Dizzyjay on March 16, 2012

    Sweet, April 11th would be the day Aion saves me from all the crappy mmo I am playing. But its still quite a wait, atleast they give a date unlike Webzen. >.>

    Yes I am looking at you Webzen.

    • cacalips on March 16, 2012

      Funny how you think this is going to save you from anything. Welcome to the same grind, click, and limit unless you pay model. NCsoft is greedy and horrible. Copy and Paste wowo graphics with pay to farm more than 5 minerals per day. If you really think it is better you would have paid already for the subscription.

      • Dizzyjay on March 17, 2012

        Hey everyone has different taste, its a funny world with different people. I really don’t wanna play anything else right now. And they are adding some new stuff to it(its not new in the gaming world but new in Aion), which is worth checking out. I don’t know if your talking about the Europe version or the NA version, its completely different like magicman mentioned. And about the subscription, I just don’t wanna pay what you gonna do? Like I said we are all different, we all have different tastes, deal with it.