On January 29th robots are set to invade the fantasy world of Aion. To be more precise, Aethertechs are invading the fantasy world of Aion. Just what are Aethertechs? Just amazing suits of destruction with giant fists and electric whips, which players in Aion’s update 4.5 expansion Steel Cavalry will wield as a brand new class. When not in the mech, they even get a 2 handed key-shaped weapon called a “Cipher-Blade”. How very classy indeed.

For those not interested in the “Megaman meets fantasy” feeling of the Aethertech, Steel Cavalry will also add a couple new abilities for each class and will feature two new instances: The Illuminary Obelisk and Iron Wall Warfront. New hairstyles, armor sets, and general tweaks are also in-store for the expansion.

Steel Cavalry appears to be releasing first in North America with no current information available regarding its release date in the EU.


  1. Seriously…? No one did a spell check and just wrote out “calvary” a bunch of times? Even the YouTube video in your face displays it properly – learn to spell you dumb kid!

    • It’s called progress >.> just like humanity went from swords and bows to full automatic machine guns. Aion just skips a few steps because they got MAGIC!!!! *o*

    • The swords and bows are still there…. We just have guns, harps and giant awesome face-smashing machines now. Whats not to love?


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