Airship Syndicate Drops Q1 Roadmap And Kicks The Year Off With The Job Board Preview

The Job Board offers players a new source of XP.

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Wayfinder Job Board

Following the announcement last year that they would be changing up Wayfinder’s update cadence, the team at Airship Syndicate has kicked things off with the Job Board preview. This is the developer’s first attempt at purposefully releasing content a bit before it’s finished in order to receive feedback from the MMO's players. They decided to go with a feature that is intended to help players earn more XP for themselves, their weapon, and their reward tower. It will also offer players useful items, like memory fragments and dyes.

”Previews” as they’re calling these early releases are effectively like mini-betas. Players can provide feedback via a dedicated Feature Upvote Board, answering specific questions and providing any other feedback they feel necessary.

In addition to kicking off the preview, the dev team also dropped a roadmap for the first quarter of 2024. This can be found on Trello and is broken down in a way that allows players to see what’s in development as well as individual plans for progression, content, systems, and more.

Players can also keep track of what’s been completed. Currently, that includes the Awakening System, Echoes v2, Weapon Dyes, the Job Board, and more. Items in active development include mounts, raids, the Frostmarch Expansion, and other big-ticket items. Presently, the devs state they’re on track to deliver the items in the following graphic during the first quarter of the year.

Wayfinder Q1 Plans

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