Albion’s Next Major Content Update Will Bring “Significant” Improvements To Roads Of Avalon

The update, Beyond the Veil, will arrive soon.

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Albion Online Update

Albion Online is staring down another big update, this time titled “Beyond the Veil”. The update’s title was revealed today in a post highlighting some of the things players can look forward to when it arrives. Note that the date of arrival was not one of the things included in the post – sorry, gang.

What we do know about Beyond the Veil is that it will make some serious changes to the Roads of Avalon, touching on Hideouts, objectives, group content, and even how players log out of the Roads. Once the update hits, Hideouts will no longer be Hideouts. Instead, they will be referred to as Headquarters. They will also now have maintenance requirements and guilds will need to be more active in order to maintain them.

Outside the Headquarters, players will now find open-world treasure, mobs that upgrade over time if left alone, and crystal spiders. They’ll also have updated large-group content to take on. Mobs are stronger and areas between Hideouts will contain high-value content. Portals will be changed as well, with large ones only leading to ‘raid regions’, and small ones completely removed.

On the topic of logging out of the Roads: with the update, logging out will return players to the place they first entered. It will also result in durability damage and loss of some items. Those who are accidentally disconnected will have a chance to reconnect and prevent this. The idea is that this will make Roads more competitive and rewarding to players.

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