Albion Online Celebrates Five Years In Action With The “Living Legacy” Event

Celebrate the game’s history over two weeks.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Albion Online 5th Anniversary

Sandbox Interactive’s Albion Online has been in action for five years now and the company is celebrating the anniversary with a two-week-long event titled “Living Legacy”. During the event, player-designed guild statues will be transformed into open-world enemies. These temporary bosses come in three varieties: Construct, Colossus, and Titan. Each has a selection of melee and magical abilities.

Defeating these statues come to life can result in some nice rewards including a new riding horse skin, a Chromacannon vanity weapon, and an Anniversary Cake. The cake grants a Fame Boost. Players will also be gifted a special avatar and avatar ring just for logging in during the event. And, for those that care about Twitch Drops, players who watch the special anniversary stream on the AlbionTV Twitch channel tomorrow at 2:00 pm Eastern can score some goodies. The stream will feature interviews with the developers as well as a look back at the Alpha version of the game.

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