In response to player requests for more solo PvE and PvP content, Albion Online will be introducing a new kind of dungeon, corrupted dungeons, in the Rise of Avalon update. These new dungeons will spawn in the open world in the same way regular solo dungeons do, but they’ll be easy to identify from their appearance.

When entering one of these dungeons, players will have to choose between three difficulty levels designed to appeal to everyone: from those who aren’t really all that well versed in dungeons to those looking for a major challenge. As with anything in gaming, the more difficult the challenge is, the better the reward will be.

Once in the dungeon, players will need to clear them of corrupted creatures and demons to earn Infamy Points. These points are important in two ways. First, you can’t end the dungeon until you have enough points to summon the final boss of that dungeon. Second, the points will carry over, allowing players to earn even better rewards in future dungeons.

An interesting feature of corrupted dungeons is that you can effectively chain your dungeon runs together. At the end of every dungeon a portal will appear to immediately whisk you away to the next dungeon. Of course, players don’t have to take that portal and can opt to leave instead.

While all corrupted dungeons start out as single-player PvE experiences, players can choose to participate in 1v1 PvP by locating the demonic shrine in their dungeon and signing up for combat. When a match is made, one of the players will be transported to the other player’s dungeon and the fight can begin.

The invaded player does have the option of trying to not fight the invading player. But to do so, they need to track down and destroy demonic shards that arrive with the invader. Destroying enough shards will banish the player and the invadee can get on with their monster-killing. Of course, engaging in combat and actually killing the other player will earn you additional Infamy (while taking away some of theirs) so it may bet worth it to give the fight a go.

Check out the video below to learn more about corrupted dungeons or read about them on the Albion site.

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