When Albion Online‘s Rise of Avalon update arrives in August, it will introduce a new system designed to expand the gameworld and offer players more ways to explore. More to the point, the new system will give players a way to travel as well as new places to explore and even settle and live.

Known as the Roads of Avalon, the new system creates a network of constantly changing paths through Avalon. They’re designed with small group gameplay in mind and are accessed via special gateways with limited lifespans. The gateways take players into the ancient kingdom of Avalon and connect to one of three places: an Outlands zone, a Royal Continent zone, and a different section of the Roads of Avalon. As players explore, they’ll be able to unlock shortcuts that can be used for transport, trade, and other activities.

Recently, the Albion online team decided to offer players a look at this new system. However, due to the amount of material they need to cover they’ve decided to break the information up into three blogs. The second was posted today while the first was posted on July 10. And, of course, both feature a video for those that would rather watch than read. You can check out both the videos below, or read through the posts at the links above. The third post will come at a later date, so keep an eye out for that.

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