It’s official! As of today, Albion Online is completely free-to-play across all of its available platforms — including Steam. The transition was implemented as part of today’s general update, which also includes the additions of more portals to major cities, changes to how players will respawn after death, and the ability for players to move their personal and guild islands (for a limited time).

There’s good news for existing players. If you already have an account and have been playing, just continue as you were. The f2p transition won’t affect you — other than increasing the number of players around you. Which, it seems may affect your ability to log in, as the devs announced on Twitter earlier today that the servers were under heavy load.

That said, Steamcharts is currently registering a little under 5,000 players, so we’re not sure how heavy that load is. Also, keep in mind that this was tweeted early this morning and the game’s player base is spread across several services.

If you’re interested in trying out the game, you can download it via Steam or its website.

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