Albion Online‘s next big update, Rise of Avalon, arrives Aug. 12 and introduces several new features and content pieces. The Roads of Avalon are a means of fast-traveling between areas, accessed by gateways that spawn in the open world where smaller guilds can build outposts to “hide” from their more predatory neighbors. There’s also the new Wilderness of Avalon for players to explore and acquire various treasures.

Corrupted Dungeons are another main feature of the update, offering solo PvE challenges and the chance to “invade” someone else’s dungeon for additional rewards. And what kind of rewards can players get in Rise of Avalon? 15 Avalonian Weapons and three off-hand items, each having unique skills, can be crafted by players using the new Avalonian Shards.

There are plenty of lesser features on tap as well, including a “a major overhaul of Destiny Board PvE progression,” better toggle spell behavior, improvements to UI and crafting, and more. Check out the complete announcement on the Albion Online site.

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