Alien Invasion: Loadout Wants You To Test Its Big Honkin’ Update

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Aliens are coming to Loadout. Big, nasty, cigar-chomping homocidal aliens. And it’s up to players to… make sure they’re just the right amount of homocidal?

Edge of Reality is pushing Loadout’s Update 5.0 as their biggest update yet — so big that they’ll be running a separate server and inviting players to participate in a beta test. You can read the beta FAQ here, but there isn’t much in the way of details just yet, just that all players will be eligible. Participating players will receive the Alien Brain Scan Deflector cosmetic item.

As for the update itself, here are the shiny bullet points:

* Fight the mysterious invaders with up to three of your friends in the new Campaign mode through many missions that will test your teamwork, strategy and quick thinking.
* Grab rare loot in-game to craft your favorite weapons of mass destruction.
* Organize your stash of weapon parts and equipment in the new Inventory system.

So get ready to get a jump on some alien-stomping action! Some day!



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