I remember chatting about a possible Ghost in the Shell MMO YEARS ago on a Free to Play Cast when Nexon had secured the rights for the popular Stand Alone Complex anime back in 2012. It was originally slated for a 2014 release and, other than that, not many details were ever released about what the game would be.

At G-Star 2014 this past week, Nexon finally dropped new information, including the trailer above. Ghost in the Shell Online will be a MMOFPS and now has a release window of “sometime in 2015” on PCs. From the trailer it looks like players will be able to turn invisible using thermoptic camouflage, share skills between players, and (of course) power armor makes an appearance.

Fans of the series have been chomping at the bit for a Ghost in the Shell MMO of any type for some time now. All that’s let to find out though is exactly how Nexon decides to monetize the game, and how much that model impacts the “free-to-play” experience.

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  1. Love the anime but the game? Since its nexon’s property i wouldn’t expect much out of it. Either very grindy or just simply P2W.

  2. Nexon? As long as they don’t implement a lame cash shop where the only way to get permanent weapons and what not is through spending money.

  3. “All that’s let to find out though is exactly how Nexon decides to monetize the game, and how much that model impacts the “free-to-play” experience.”


    Corrected. Next time, proof read mmobomb staff.

  4. Nexon? lol. So it is another garbage pay to win game full witch hackers. No thanks. Also the game it self looks really bad with guns that block half of the screen 1:31 and that pathetc scope where it zooms on the outside also and of course melle is in the game etc. developers = brain dead = fact

  5. not a ghost in the shell fan but this looks kinda like ghost recon online(excluding the sharing option) and i really hope it lives up to the hype cause if it does i am seeing myself wasting hours and hours of playing this with or without friends

    • People need to learn that the only branch of Nexon that has horrible p2w aspects is the NA branch, every other branch of Nexon is not nearly as bad, hell the other branches host some of the most successful f2p games on the market right now, and they host them well. It’s not releasing here anytime soon anyhow and if Neople starts self hosting for NA like they already plan on doing for the re-release of DFO it probably won’t even be a problem.

  6. Hopefully the game ends up being something more than Call of Duty : GitS edition. It’d be a damn shame if something that shallow were produced.


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