En Masse Entertainment announced today that its free-to-play Military FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms has entered open beta. In addition to this, the team has also released an update, adding new content.

This update introduces the new “AVA Sports” mode, allowing players to compete against one another in far less deadly ways. There are a variety of athletic-type events, including Super Jump, Shooting, and Relay. It also adds two new A.I. escort maps, Rising Dust (Night) and Scorpion.

In addition, the in-game store has been reopened.

More info on the open beta and update content is available on the A.V.A. site.

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  1. Played it. Full of hackers even in closed beta and they will do nothing about.

    The game is a pay to win, cheat to win garbage with terrible servers.
    Only good thing is that at least it is no longer hosted by that pathetic aeria company so they cant do worse then them

    • From the work I’ve seen Enmasse do with Tera online and I can’t say so much about zombies monsters robots or the mobile games they got since I never played them but if they do as good as work I’ve seen on tera online I got hope in them.

  2. Sad they aquired this game. They should of aquired the rights to another fantasy MMO I would of returned as a player if they did.


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