Like a phoenix, Alliance of Valiant Arms rises from the ashes of what was, and is becoming AVA: Dog Tag.

Sorry about that, I had a different source of caffeine this morning and apparently this is what it does to my brain. But it’s true. Less than a month after the game officially closed on June 29th, it’s already back for beta testing under its new name. It seems that once En Masse had shuttered the servers, the game’s developer decided that rather than relying on yet another publisher, they’d just handle it themselves.

AVA: Dog Tag will go through testing phases — like any new game. The Alpha test is already set to start in just a few short days on July 18. This test is set for Europe and North America and will run through the 22nd. Those looking to help with testing the reborn shooter can sign up on the game’s official site.

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  1. Idk I spent a lot of money on the old one not really wanting to get back into it unless they provide some kind of gift for returnees.

    • No gifts, sorry, your problem if you gonna play or not. Also your problem you spent money on a F2P game. Everyone else will be playing and having fun, while you’re sitting in the corner being bitter.

      • The I am quite fine playing the current one I have which is rust. I am not bitter about its failure though its still a loss. Though for them to have funding to start over makes me think they took our money just to reflip the title on a new engine. Dev teams work closely with publishers its still the same team doing the work they are just skipping the middle man this time. Though for them to just let the first game die off like that without doing much to save it just means too me they will just do it again.

  2. It will be built from the ground up, not just a relaunch of the old game;
    It will be using the latest Unreal Engine 3 and will have improved graphics;
    It won’t be P2W as skins will have the same stats as regular weapons;
    The gunplay mechanics will focus on what made it great back in 2011.

    • Does that even matter? Other titles have already filled its niche and they won’t give way without a fight. Even new games within the genre struggle hard on release unless they areexcellent. I don’t want this game to fail, but odds are stacked against it.

      • 1600 members on A.V.A Dog Tag Discord on first day of alpha testing. Wait until closed beta, open beta and early access when game goes fully live. This game will destroy all F2P FPS games like it did back in 2009-2012. Game wont be P2W, will have improved mechanic and graphic, new realistic gun sound, better anticheat and much more.


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