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About the game:
Title: Alliance of Valiant Arms
Status: Alpha Graphics: 3D
Developer: Red Duck
Publisher: Red Duck

Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) offers frantic fragging action in an Unreal Engine 3-based free MMOFPS game. This modern warfare experience promises exciting multiplayer online gameplay and fast paced first-person shooter (FPS) action, ensuing visceral, intense battles unlike any other game available.

In A.V.A, war has broken out in modern Europe between the European Union (EU) and the Neo Russian Federation (NRF). Tensions run high as the two factions clash for unprecedented urban warfare. Are your senses keen and your trigger finger itchy and ready to take on your enemies in a thick and grimy urban jungle? Create your character, connect with your friends and create a powerful clan online. Then it’s time to jump into the heat of modern warfare in Alliance of Valiant Arms!

Explosive Features:

  • Polished Graphics.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Addictive Gameplay.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Alliance of Valiant Arms Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: P4 2.4 GHZ
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 1.6 GB of free disk space
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 6600 or equivalent

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  1. Even though new content kept being added to the game, AVA is dead. Yet another good game run into the ground by incompetent management. Blacksquad may be the spiritual successor to AVA, but it’s just not the same.

  2. AVA was an amazing game with a huge potential and a lot of players. I played over 2500 hours from IJJI times. Under IJJI was great. Then Aeria come and everything start to fall. Somehow the game survived and Aeria in the end learned how to keep it under control. In 2016 the game arrive to Enmasse, a very, very bad publisher with zero experience in FPS games and without any care about AVA. They destroyed the game completely in less then one year, until the september 2017 when they abandoned the game for good. Now more then 90% of the game community left, remaining only a few very toxic players, most of them being hackers, things being much, much worst then under Aeria. There is zero fun, zero competitivity for any legit player, zero game support. The game is dead. Even their forum is a graveyard with more useless OPS/moderators then readers, banning anyone who talk anything about the game problems. If you search a good online free FPS where to have fun and to enjoy the game play, stay away from AVA.
    I loved this game. I still have my very high rank account but in the end I moved on. Unless a new publisher will come, there is no point to look behind.
    RIP AVA.

  3. if the launcher actually worked, i could play it again, but the launcher doesnt work.
    and theres not solution in nearly 48h to my problem.
    support not really helping much….

  4. if the launcher actually worked, i could play it again, but the launcher doesnt work.
    and theres not solution in nearly 48h to my problem.
    support not really helping much….

  5. AVA was an amazing game. I play it for many years, from IJJI times. But in the end, AERIA bring it to dust. Now is full of hackers, mostly P2W, extremely bad customer service and communication with players, with most of GS useless, abusers and mocking , there is almost no updates lately (except those created for the business part that allow them to make money selling and selling in game weapons and items) and a lot, a lot of bugs… etc. The game is almost dead. Now AERIA merged with other gaming company. It will remain to see if they will closed or revive it.

    • It is a good game and the price is right, I have been playing FPS for around 6 years now with AVA around 3, I am a good player who plays hot and cold. I believe there are a lot of people using wallhacks in particular that are getting away with it because they are hard to catch. The percentage I think is high, maybe even 50% but I am not sure, this causes fair minded people to say the hell with it I am going to do it to. It is a pay to win but you can do well with out paying also like me, give me a regular ak-47 and if I am hot I can beat many. Again for the money it is good fun, I have been playing for 3 years and have spent around 50.00 dollars and except for maybe 2 players I come in first all the time score wise.

  6. If you wonder if this game is pay 2 win – it isn’t.
    They brought the permament weapons back, on top of that – if you create a new account you will get free permament weapons whenever you level up. There are also good rewards for players that are coming back, and new players too..

    There is a lot of events, free expendable items that are up for grabs every day. Coop modes give additional free stuff. There is a Last Man Standing mode where you can get free stuff too (permament and expendable). You can get additional items every 12 hours from Loot Box (by installing Aeria Ignite game client and logging in and clicking the Loot Box)

    Hackers are getting banned, I barely see them nowadays on EU server.

    Check it out, it’s much better than it was 2-3 years ago.

  7. Played the game from 2011, was good in the first place, not it sucks a lot cause 75% of players are using hacks (all possible hacks like aimbots ,wallhacks, teleportation, 1 shot 1 kill and rest.) AVA, in response doesnt do anything against hackers, and if you really manage to prove you see a hacker (with youtube videos and many many many other players reporting the dude), guess what happens??? AVA bann the dude for 3 days tops! I never saw more stupidity in my life to be honest but well, like they say… the man always learn throughout the life… Not to mention that the game always was and always will be PAY2WIN. Plus after a while, the weaponry u bought will get useless after a while (not more than one year), cause they make updates and introduce more powerful weapons, forcing people to buy more! Well, simple put: RUN AWAY FROM THIS SHITTY GAME!!!

  8. im playing ava from beta test and i can tell u this dont download it it shity hacky game 80% of the gamers uses aimbots free cheats and game ask u for evry shit money is a PAY TO WIN game always new PAY weps and u never gona get something FREEE so DONT PLAY IT.

  9. Played the game in the early stages, was freaking good till they started putting in guns that didnt require any skill or control, spray and kill instead of spray and pray. Uninstalled the game never to play it again.

  10. Was once a phenomenal game but everything changed until the Aeria nation attacked. When ijji still had the game, they were fair and the game was actually free to play. Now? Aeria forces you to spend money by taking away perm guns from shop not to mention everything from Loot wheel and redtickets is rigged. The ava community greatly reduced because of Aeria’s bullshits. To be honest the only one that plays the game now is the ones with money. There you have it great game ruined by greedy company.

  11. The game has lost majority of it’s F2P tone of attitude with majority of the weapons being only 30 days ( including some with the store currency known as AP). The game does have a learning curve from many other games since it is a game where people pay attention to sound and you need to have a understanding on how to control recoil of your gun since every gun has a different weapon shooting pattern as well as stats that can be customized a bit to fit your play style, the game runs smooth and looks fantastic on any graphic settings, servers seem to be weaker then they used to be since this is the only game where i would experience my ping to be 100+ and only experience lag in the 250+ ping range. As far as hackers go I have experience 1 hacker with a month of coming back to the game so I would like to say you don’t see them often. I would say the game is a 8/10 and worth a try even though you would need to rebuy a weapon you enjoy after 30 days.

  12. This game is perhaps the best free to play shooter on PC right now, I’ve been playing for 5 months now and have gotten quite good at it and have a view of what is going, first of all I am now part of a competitive clan and this is how I spend my time on the game, with my clan mates.

    I’m going to go over the benefits and reasons why you should play this game:

    1.The weapons, there are over a 100 weapons in this game with all unique sounds, recoil patterns and looks and when I mean every gun is unique I mean it, most guns can be modified using euro which is earned in the game by playing matches and therefore helps to increase the customization which this game offers.

    2. The Maps, this game has some of the best map designs I have ever seen, I have not seen maps designed this well ever since the CoD4 days and let me tell you these are some of the best you will ever play on.

    3. Game Modes, there are many game modes in a.v.a including Demolition (S&D), Annihilation (TDM), Free For All, Co-Op missions, Infection (Zombies). On top of that there is also a practice channel to practice nade spots and other things.

    4.Competitive gameplay and Events, In a.v.a there is something called a match channel which allows players to participate in 5v5 demolition with a competitive environment which is good for those tryhards like me 🙂 Aeria Games the publisher also hold a lot of events which increase the amount of money you earn for every event you complete, the more you complete the richer you are!

    Now onto the negatives. :(((

    1. Permanent weapons, the game has sadly become pay to win, not in the sense that the weapons bought with real money are majorly better than regular weapons but the fact that all weapons which are permanent now require a player to buy them using real-life money, this makes it very difficult for new players to get into the game as they will be purchasing guns with a time limit of 30 days on in game currency.

    2. Community, the community on this game is a piece of garbage, when you are doing bad in a game or are just generally not that good you will find yourself getting kicked, while this used to happen to me I gradually got better and have not been kicked for my skills in god knows how long, usually I am top frag/score, the community also likes to hackusate a lot when a player is clearly doing good legit (accusing someone of hacking) and they like to verbally assault everyone when they are mad.

    3. Servers, the servers are constantly fucking up and messing with everyone during matches, this can make it unplayable sometimes and the updates always, I repeat always have a bug coming with them which doesn’t get patched until the next month or so. The game however has got more popular so therefore there are now more players on both the NA and EU servers so that pings can be kept to a minimum.

    4. Hackers, the game is not as bad as people say, for every 30 games you play you will come across a hacker, instead of complaining just leave the match you are in because it only makes things worse. Hackers are still present now but they will be dealt but it seems like after every patch a new hack comes out to tear down a.v.a

    Final Verdict: The game is worth downloading and playing, because it’s free you cant expect to have an amazing time without spending a little bit of money however it is noted that you should not go crazy on things such as capsules. The game mechanics are fantastic with footsteps not being too loud and movement is smooth, the grenades are not overpowered and the armor can still be dealt with.

    • They got the permament weapons back, on top of that – you actually do get permament weapons for free whenever you level up.

      All the permament weapons can now be bought for the ingame currency and there are no rank requirements anymore.

  13. This game is much better than I thought it would be. For a free game, it has really fun game play and good graphics. This game is the closest you’ll get to a paid mmofps’s without having to pay for the game and then more if there is a monthly subscription like on Xbox Live. I have been playing the game for all day for 3 days straight, and I’ve loved it so far. I give this game a strong 5 out of 5.

  14. Warning!!
    Do not download this game because it is waste of time and it is pay to win and if you want to play without spending then you will get hammered by other players and it will not be very fun. IT IS PAY TO WIN GAME.

  15. You can not say that AVA is free from today, 03.04.2014, are forcing you to buy “AP” to aeria in order to “buy” weapons and equipment, there is just something for free: The basic equipment of bad characteristics. call the “free” game is itself a fraud.

  16. This game is GREAT. Really. BUT!!! BUT!! BUT! It lost it’s F2P value a while ago. Almost all weapons use to be permanent, now a lot of them turned into “30 days”. Servers gotten worse I think, my ping use to be way lower, now it’s in the hundreds. Updates are cool and euro events too, but it takes TOO long and rewards aren’t that good anymore. I miss them old days.

    • This game SUCKS. This is what I found out just in the few weeks of trying it out.

      1. New players get kicked out of games all the time. I think THIS IS A MAJOR problem with game / community. So if you’re planning on trying this game out for some good clean fun, don’t.
      2. No co-op what so ever
      3. Small matches, 16 players.

  17. this game its not balanced, why here:

    -armor time limit
    -weapon time limit
    -capsule shop not balanced, when your pay ap more stronger

    aeria games make all games p2win

  18. your right inewdle , this game its not more good its trash now, i and pay to win game

    aeria games kill all good game with dollar

  19. good game but, aeria games sucks this game its now pay to win why??

    time limit on weapon now
    armor on time limit

    im tested sea and sea have full perma,

    this game its now trash game not more good game

    • I’m glad to see a SEA AVA player here. I never tried the Asian versions of the game, I just visit the websites to see how much better those versions are.

      >>The worst part is that the UAVA players (not including myself) are actually buying MORE AP to remain relevant.

      >>Skill is hardly a factor in the game now. In clan wars, I’m forced to use my XM8 and MP7 because I have to play against mega capsule weapons.

      Great.. At least I have CS:GO for my competitive needs.

  20. I decided to come back here to help some fellas out.

    AVA hasn’t been good sense ijji’s last days. Aeria Games has completely ruined the game, as it’s now played by BRs, EUs, and a few North Americans who have no lives or simply can’t let go of the once great game.

    As of now, the SA58 Para (Most popular gun in the game since its release) is ruined.
    There’s absolutely no balance (OP weps)
    Shifted to Pay2Win

    It’s completely ruined. Redduck is actually making another game, “Metro Conflict Presto”.
    It was announced back in 2010, and I don’t know the status of its release in NA/EU, but it’s certainly something to look forward to.

    but just don’t try AVA. Please don’t.

    • I agree 100%. I’m not saying AG is a bad company, but they give in way too much. You’ll probably never see anything someone has suggested being added to the game because AG is among the crappiest of publishers on the net. I’ll admit, AVA had it’s glory days back when ijji was around. Now it’s fallen into the pit.

  21. A.V.A is a good game sure. but saying that it is amazing is completely over estimating it. It is not really that great of a game.
    Barely any strategy.
    Barely an Cooperation.
    The A.I is awful
    “Quick scoping” Involves no skill, <-therefore Sniping isn't the best.
    Most people end up rushing (follows Barely any strategy)
    Don't waste your time downloading this, unless you are willing to. I'm not forcing you to take sides. Play games like Arma 2 free (A2F), and Americas Army 3 (AA3) where strategy matters.

    -This is an opinion with s couple facts. You DON'T have to take my word for it.

  22. Ich habe das Spiel gedownloadet und es ist SUPER!
    Das es so ein Spiel kostenlos gibt hat mich umgehaut.
    Aber dann habe ich einen neuen PC bekommen und der hat keine Nividia Grafikkarte 🙁 Deshalb kann ich es jetzt nicht spielen! So schade das es nur mit Nvidia Grafikkarten geht

    • I have been playing this game for awhile, but I recently cut down since the summer steam sale due to me buying new games. I have only found a hacker once, and never saw one again. I played combat arms, for like a week and decided A.V.A was better. I get around 100 FPS which I like, I would recommend this game to anyone, as I used to get around 20 FPS without a dedicated graphics card. Every game has it’s bad and good’s but the goods’ outway the bads.

      This is just my opinion ^ . Although I’d like to hear your opinion on this, please no hate. We are all entitled to an opinion.

      Thanks for reading.

      • ^^ Finally someone who actually spells words correctly and uses proper grammar. I’ve seen so many idiots giving this game a bad rating because of “FPS lag”. People don’t even realize that Frame Rate is dependent on the specifications of your PC build. Lag normally doesn’t even affect frame rate; it only effects things such as hit registration and player locations.

    • Bro when was the last time you’ve seen a game only for Mac?
      I’m not even sure if it’s compatible with Mac but keep this noted; All games are compatible with Windows but only 10% are with Mac.

      • I’m pretty sure that 10% is a completely fictitious and made up number. All games are not compatible with windows, and as a matter of fact, every game that is compatible with windows is compatible with a mac as long as you use virtual machine software.

        • If your using VM software then it isnt a MAC anymore is it. if you have a Mac and your run windows …. its no longer a MAC. These things are OS specific, who cares what hardware it is. if your running MAC OS … its a MAC.

          what a dumb statement. …

  23. CHEATERS in almost every second room. Aimbot, wallhack.. Or you get instant killed and the cheaters name is faked or there is no name. Aeria games takes no care. They just offer new weapons instead. All good stuff is for money. You actually can only play in Newbie channels, cause cheating gets worse with lvl up. After reaching advance channels you will just hate it, believe me…
    Ntl AVA got really nice maps and gameplay, lots of interesting weapons and stuff. They also finally implemented female characters. But still the same sh*t with cheaters everywhere.

  24. Probable THE MOST on point for shooting to hit ratio on-line today, game-play is excellent, and is built for ANY ping player in hand.. now after 6 months the UAV and NO RECOIL aka SPREAD hack plague the lower levels (because AVA decided to TAKE away Kick) and there for leaving the legit player SCREWED to Enter the PVP zone with a high S/D… S?D is everything next to Rank.. dont have these You are A noob and this will eventually rage you to quit and move on… Get it together AERIA.. of course you can WASTE money to gain a SLIGHT edge from the 1-10 Ranks but it wont help u much NOTHING worth doing till you reach 3 set of classes which is close to 3 months unless u play daily and NOT against humans

  25. Guise, I see a few comments that imply some may have downloaded AVA. The game is broken, however not beyond belief (yet). If you think AVA is amazing and whatnot, you should consider getting an IQ test. Regardless, enjoy.

    • It’s not anyone’s problem that you got f***** up computer. It’s not broken, but the problem could be one of this:
      1. Something with the computer (probably old).
      2. Bad Internet connection.
      3. Something in your download process f***** up the game files on your computer.
      It is great, but someone once said: “there is no such thing as foolproof plan”. my point is every game has flaws. there’s no such thing as flawless game.
      So if you think that AVA is bad, it is your opinion and I respect that, but that’s probably because you had bad experience in it.

      • I feel like you didn’t understand my “review.” Aeria is actually doing a bit better now (Tourneys, events, anti-cheat updates).
        My response to your idiocy:
        1. My PC is about 2 years old and I’ve already upgraded a few things in the past year. I said nothing about my PC not performing well.
        2. 30 ping avg. 50 max
        3. You’re dumb.
        I’ve played AVA since the summer of 2010 or 2011 (the years all flow together for me :P). It used to be great, nearly perfect. AVA has lost its lust. <– Aeria's fault 😀

        I'm sorry you misunderstood. 🙂

        • Look, as I wrote, there’s no such thing as flawless game, including AVA, but that doesn’t mean AVA is broken. I know that it’s somewhat aeria’s fualt(I too, played AVA back at ijji days so I understand), I won’t defend them because I know, like you and others, that aeria games is a bunch of f***tards whose sole purpose for publishing 30+ games is to milk money out of people. Probably that’s why they won’t fix this game’s servers (they probably think it’s just fine as it is). But there’s a very thick line between totally broken and some flaws.
          buttom line is, I think you’re wrong, I don’t think AVA is totally broken, but there are flaws who can’t go unoticed.

  26. wow .. i like this game because is very good one , graphics is very good for a n game like this , fantastic game , this game is for me for sure , i want to repeat again :wow , wow and again , wow wow fantastic and good game , thanks mmobomb for this game

  27. I’ve played AVA since 09 and it rocked back then. Since it has become pay to win, I’ve lost interest. Haven’t played this game in months. Aeria sucks!!

  28. any game that gives the power to players to kick people are making money on the option. and there will be hackers in games like this so best to go to another game. . you can check out Combat Arms to see what I mean so same thing here.

  29. Well, I’ve played AVA since the summer of… 2010 or 2011.. I’ve read lots of these other reviews and 99% of them are quite incorrect. When I began playing AVA, it was very balanced, there was a highish dependency on skill. These days, it’s about who has the best armor (iyan armor is the best, and only purchasable with AP. It can also be won from playing in the wonderful “Match” channel). There’s also this wonderfully over powered gun called the “Desmodus”, formerly called the “Death Modus” (I guess we’re Koreans now). The game’s balance completely fell off a cliff recently. Aeria Games is large corporation, so you know they’re money hungry. They’ve begun to make the game Pay To Win now.
    On the PLUS side:
    + Visually appealing, even in late 2012
    + Addictive gameplay, non-the-less. It just.. feels RIGHT 😀
    + All but 1 regular shop gun can be purchased with the in-game currency
    + Several events to obtain Euros (in-game currency)
    + Great events for spenders too, my $20 went pretty far
    I tried to quit, but began playing again as soon as I felt the urge to be in the wonderful AVA community. (I lasted about 1 1/2 weeks without AVA)
    AVA is still quite enjoyable, as long as you ignore the few annoying ones, and avoid the few tryhard kids in full iyan armor.. spraying a Desmodus.. ye.
    Aeria Games has finally got the hacker issue under control, they’re VERY rare now, and are banned quickly.

    A year ago AVA was a nice 9/10
    A couple months ago……….5/10 (hacker swarm)
    Now, AVA has made it to….8/10 for me.

    I would still recommend this game for someone looking to enter the FreeToPlay market, or someone who’s tired of playing the extremely generic FPS’s such as Combat Arms, Sudden Attack, CrossFire, Project Blackout.. and even something newer such as Arctic Combat, which is a CoD clone in quite a few aspects (ewwwwwwwwww)

    Planetside 2 and Warface are currently the only games I’d rather play. I can barely run Planetside 2, and the Russian Warface confuses me lol

    AVA #1 until Warface’s NA/EU release!

    • 1) AVA aeria has more hackers and huge tranistional problems. They cant control lag and stablize international servers.

      2) How are you to confused to Warface RU? It is less complicated than AVA…You start a match..and you play… the purchases are straight forward like anyother game and the menus are copy and paste AVA like… Warface is a piece of garbage and has the worst fps elements I ever played. AVA is still better. But only in ijji, it is dead now, there are no good online fps in this moment;

      • 1) That’s 100% true

        2) The English pak was outdated, therefore it no longer worked. I could manage to navigate the menus in Russian, but then I couldn’t communicate with anyone. That’s all good though. The core gameplay does have a few notable flaws, but it’s not a garbage game. 🙂

  30. Out of most F2P shooter games out there, I am enjoying this one, I don’t have to worry about renting a gun, though it is replaced by the expendable system, but in a way it is still keeping a gun, but you can still buy a gun permanently with IGC. Another thing is, I have not even encountered a hacker in the game, not even once.

  31. pls MMObomb help me>>>>when i start downloading AVA from aeria games and when download start it says error *not installed* can any one or mmobomb mangers help me pls ? :O pls pls pls pls pls pls SOME ONE HELP ME :O

  32. when i started the game, the background is a bit sketchy, kinda strobey in a way, if any1 knows what i could do to possibly fix it, id greatly appreciate it. otherwise, its a very good game, graphics just r a bit twitchy.

  33. damn i didnt know this game was so good i hope it goes the same for me…. my game is barely downloading…. its been downloading since 6:20pm. is that normal…… does it work as good on slow computers????

  34. Hello guys, I have played this game from the beginnings when ijji released it. So let me tell you what it became during these years..

    It was a really good FPS at the beginnings, however there were 2 things I hated always in it… the range limit, and the armor system… it is optimizing the game for 10 year old kids. UAV also an absolutely no need item..(game creators give the hack tool to the hands of the players.. just remember Artic Combat was only in beta fase and after 1 week, it had an UAV hack because everyone can have the UAV item in the game.. and that hack gives it.. fortunately the UAV item didnt work yet in the beta version so the only thing you could notice as that you are marked by UAV all the time.. but what will be there when it will work? :\ ) it was quiet balanced at the start. But now…. cheaters everywhere… I have never seen that many kinds of cheats in a game before.. thats for sure. Aimbot, wall hack, OPK, UAV hack, gun adding, damage hack, nick name steal.. it is really a shame the game finished like this…. It had really low amount of cheaters until the ijji cared about it.. I am not speaking about the last 2 years, because they really stopped to ban hackers durring these years, they even removed the ban list from the forum, fired GM’s.. then they have sold the game to the Aeria now.. and it is worst than ever..

    The latest hackers I have met are hide their name in the report list, so you cant even report them.. and just today I have met to the first God mode hacker.. He got 8 para headshots timed perfectly… he walked to me, and shot me… now the time has come to stop playing AVA for me.. and I warn all of you guys, never pay a single cent for these guys until they show us they can work for the money they get, and remove hackers. R.I.P Ava

  35. hey mates out there. was wondering if anybody knows if i can send cash item to a fellow player of AVA? or i simply can’t?

  36. He guys I am new to AVA I have CA player for years but CA is not what it used to be. But I must say AVA puts CA in the dust AVA is far more better in so many ways then CA I will never go back to that hack fest game CA, NEXON had an opportunity to make tons of money but their substandard security and over priced items has cost them probably tens of thousands of dollars because there used to be tons of people online playing CA but since NEXON is lazy or uneducated in developing more secure game play they are loosing 100s of players daily. Hats off to AVA job well done!

  37. A.V.A is a great game i got to admit, no hackers, but so much lag, and the colourful guns!! whats that all about, if A.V,A had normal guns and didn’t look like they had a Gay GM creating these f**** up OP guns A.V,A would be a good game, the thing is i have played Combat Arms for so long i can’t stop going on there and AVA doesn’t have a mic system, so i can not talk, overall i like combat arms better, friendlier people and less lag, and only hackers in bravo and golf servers so just avoid those and you will be fine with the hacks.

  38. GUYS PLEASE HELP. I went to the download page of A.V.A and it said (available at the start of Closed Beta). Does that mean beta is going down and we will have to pay? PLEASE i need to know!

    • I play “Combat Arms 2 years” and AVA 3 month.. i can tell you “Combat Arms” hawe more cheat users… i think in Combat Arms ewry 3th player use cheats… its normal for thet game..
      In AVA i see some cheat users but not soo meny like in CA… AVA hawe beter grafic and more realistic gameplay then CA…CA is more arcade style gameplay but CA hawe more maps… wepons.. etc. I love CA game and i will stay in CA becouse i play it too long to quit now and hawe big rank and i spent real money on game to buy perment wepons… for new players i recomend to play AVA becouse game offer litle stress ,and if you start CA you will get meny stress becouse cheat users. 🙂

    • Must be something wrong with your PC then ( or the O/S) … I run it fine on Windows XP x86 , and Windows 7 x64 without a hitch now ( on same machine )… It used to crash often due to its own failings , but not anymore. Haven’t tried it on Windows 8 developer yet … may try that soon !

  39. I’ve had 3 accounts on this game … 2 to get to grips with it ( spent a lowly 10 GBP on second account ) . Third ( and presently used account) , not spent a penny . Once you get to grips with it you need not spend . Best FREE FPS bar none . Earlier versions were very buggy but the game has come on quite a way now and very few crashes . I’ll be playing this game for a long time to come . 10/10

  40. Shit… Wouldn’t even start. Failed to install the game. Please try again [-2010] AVA
    So many unanswered complaints in the forum, that I’m scared to use this!
    And this is just for the Reactor!

  41. Couldn’t get the game to work at all. Wouldn’t even start. And ijji has horrible support. I was looking forward to othis game too.. Damn

  42. This game the best game i ever played.
    This game has all things what a game FPS need to have for nice gameplay.
    And i payed to much money for it and need to do more homework than gaming.
    XD U KNOW??

  43. Best free to play shooter I ever played.
    Seriously, the graphics are incredible for a free to play game.
    Not to mention the fact that you actually can buy the guns permenantly with the money you earn ingame as well as with the special Ijji currency you can buy on their website.
    I never thought in my entire life that I would ever find a high quality free to play shooter like this, I am glad I found this.
    Why are you still reading this?
    Go and register on Ijji and download the game already!

  44. I will make this short and simple.

    Imbalanced Gameplay,
    Like most F2P fast paced MMO,
    Some more Hackers,
    Oh did you know that this game has like, hackers?

    • lol what are you talking about, there’s no hackers in AVA. I mean, YES ,you CAN get killed by a SINGLE bullet in some cases, but that’s not hacking just because you don’t get to see where the bullet came from (annoying stuff). Get a good helmet I guess

      Regarding the imbalance though, I’d agree with you. The Pointman class is out-performed by the other two in every case, sadly.
      Also, to anyone reading this: while the g-coin weapons are quite balanced, what made me quit this game is that special sort of armor that can only be pourchased with real money and turns you into a fkin TANK. It also lags during peak-hours or something.

    • did you play the game? guess not ‘coz of your nonsense comment. there are no hackers(maybe you are to retard so you always get killed). and the game play is not imbalanced. and what separate this from the other games is permanent weapons.

    • Um…. Nah, you just suck. Probably no proof that there are hackers, not repetitive at all if you play CO-OP and do dailies. Go unlock some skills. Oh wait, you probably didn’t know they existed.

      All FPS are the same, thus your argument is invalid.

      And the gameplay is balanced. You just suck.

  45. this game is soo good why??
    1-updates evry yes evry!! month
    2-soo many guns
    3-soo many maps adn mods
    4-0 hacker(i play this game for 2 years adn i only saw 1 hacker)
    5- veyr tactic game you have to youz yours brian in this game
    6-you get clasis and you can be very good witch out spending money on it
    1-sometimes it gets a bit laggy
    2-non xD

    at all if you wanna paly good shooting game you found 1xD (no hacker, no reall money, you just need skill xD)

  46. I played this game for two times. The last time i played it, I logged out and shuted down the computer. Then, the next day I clicked the AVA desktop button and it said i didnt had the game downloaded!! WTF! But the game is really nice and now i cant find a FPS game just like this one! 🙁

  47. THE HOMEPAGE IS AWEFULLLLLLL!! NOT GOING TO DOWNLOAD sorry guyz looks cool buttttt the homepage is freaky probebly some sort of zombie-thing in it so not going to download

  48. fix the info with the countries you can play, seriously, it’s not free for all to play and lot’s of people from russia, latin america and even some north america countries can’t acess it, big shit, hope it get’s f**** up when blacklight comes up

  49. to wanser ur q rya yes u can buy weapons permanently and u can buy a rental for 7 days to see if u like the weapon then buy a permanent version of the weapons rentals only cost 3000-4000 credits (which is pocket change) then buy a pernament weapon for 400000-500000-300000- whaterver happens

  50. the game is free to play.. the only thing you can pay for is G-coins…. gcoinz can buy you super coll premium eclusive itemz… i spent like 20 bucks on G-coins you can buy them at your local gamestop..thats the olny thing you pay for. but bying g-coins is a choice…. you dont have to. i choose to though. i boght a SGG556 with g-coins. the only thing that pisses me oiff is that people like privates and begginerz and traniees use G_coins to buy packages so they can pwn even the most elite players who are high rank and acually play the game instead of wasting 15 to 20 bucks buying weapon packages and map pack cheat codez. but other than that itd the best free to play game with real payment g-coin options. so i was just talking about payment…. my other blogs are about gameplay and qality. ask me for more reviews and giudes…. ive played for 3 monthes now and i m staff sergeant 5 class.. if you want an honest review.. ask me.. if you want weapon and map reviews.. ask me….

  51. This is by far the best free FPS game out there. Operation 7, Crossfire, War Rock, Mission Against Terror, Wolfteam, whatever. They don’t compare to AVA. It uses Unreal Engine 3, so expect some awesome graphics, and the shop system is well thought out. In other similar games, you constantly have to repurchase your weapons because they expire. In AVA, you can buy a cheap expendable version to see if you like the weapon, then purchase a permanent version that requires repairs occasionally. And by that I mean playing 50-100 games straight with that weapon. Regardless, the amount is pocket change (usually around 1000-2000 credits). There’s tons of PvP maps and gametypes, but there are AI modes and Horde modes where you combat hundreds of prisoners during a riot with 3 other players (and there are several maps for doing this).

  52. there is no lag, but there is recoil fire but you get used to it in 3 days tops….. and the graphics are soo good for me because i have a great operaring system with the top noch video cards and memory sytem. my enternet sever is also the top nothc… but that doesnt matter… if the game sucks for you.. its probably becasue you either suck at the game or you dont have the minimal system reqirements because the game only runs good on windows vista. so FYI and if you cant handle AVA go and play world of worcraft…

  53. this is the best game ever…..!!!!!!! i played it for 2 monthes now and i absolutyly love the game. no hackerz so farn and a great system for promotion and cash… one thing ive never ever seen in ANY oother shooter is that you can buy weapons PERMANENTLY!!!!! you may rent if you plz. to and the clan sytem is amazing…. a channel just for clan members and a channel just for beginners and a channel just for the public…. and another thing i seen is you can play the fucking LOTTERY!!!!! play the lottery and get weapons and (even if you have great luck) over 1,000,000, eoros in prizes!!! peopel are not as rude and are very encouraging in AI demolition. in annihalation missions kills are easy because some people are begginers and some people are ecomplete pros.. not hackerz…and if there is hacking they atomaticly remove the hacker from thr game…and you can buy g-goins at gamestop!!!! they update for regular chackups only after avery player is finished so gamply is not enterrupted. so if your looking for a GREAT online multiplayer game with the discription above.. look no further than Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A)….. ranking system is great… my rank is staff sergeant 3rd class.

  54. I played this game for a month and
    I highly recommend it If you are looking for a simple shooter game!
    There is a good amount of guns and a few customized ones to win in a “Capsule Shop”
    Some players can get really rude if you aren’t a good player and most players will call you a hacker if you are a pro.
    I’d give it 8/10
    -2 because of the random errors!
    they just pop up and make u exit the game :/
    I had to restart my computer a several times
    to make the game work again.
    This is a reason why I stopped playing A.V.A

  55. I’ve played this game for a month..
    I highly recommend it If you are looking for a simple shooter game!
    There are only a few hackers
    but some players can get really rude if you make mistakes
    I’d give it 8/10
    -2 because of the random errors!
    they just pop up and make u exit the game :/
    I had to restart my computer a several times
    to make the game work again.
    This is a reason why I stopped playing A.V.A

  56. This game is the best free online shooter for so many reason like 4 instance its extremly easy to get cash for new weapons, many game modes + weapon, a very addictive mode called prison break. the graphics is so far the best for free fps games. also game is still in the early stages (10/10)

  57. After playing Alliance of Valliant Arms I realized that all the previous FPS I played were nothing compared to this game. This is the most brilliant FPS I have ever played.

  58. The Game is great and i played it about 3 months. The Graphics are VERY well made and the gameplay is cool. But it also contains some lag making you unable to move or shoot makeing you a free kill because the enemy still moves. There are sadly also a lot of campers that really are annoying. And a lot ,if you ask me too much, snipers. The money you get and the promotion system, are really good. you ,sometimes, get money for leveling up or when you support bar is full.
    Also good, havent seen it in the other games i played so far (War Rock (<– Absolute shit), S4 League, Battlefield Heroes and Combat Arms), is that you can buy weapon Permanently and Expendable making it easy to check out on new guns

  59. +top notch graphics
    +lots of weapons
    +lots of maps and gamemodes
    +fast smooth gameplay
    +regularly updated
    -cash shop can be over powering to nonpayers
    -a few bad member on your team and your team will suck
    *one of the best shooting games out there and if your looking for a good game i highly recommend it

    • Mh, thats weird, me and a lot of other people would agree that the cash shop is not overpowered and a few bad members on your team can be easily dealt with.Someone can easily carry the team in objective based games.

      • depends, if the guy is really good, then he can carry, but if hes with noobs… neh, like im pretty good, but i cant carry my team, ava is a game of teamwork, and a great game

    • This game is good but if you start playing don’t go to the PVP channel 1 you’ll probably get killed by lots of para (Highest and most damaging gun out there) users. Pros: Good Gameplay,Good quality,Good Engine. Cons: Lots of hackers,Lots of FPS lag,Laggers Final Verdict 9/10 Recommended if you want to try something new.

      • U never see AVA Hacks maybe once in ur whole time playing EVER. Combat ARMS flooded with Hacks dude but i still like CA but iquit long time ago

    • Not so. The cash shop isn’t too bad, because the non cash weapons can me modified to be nearly as equal.

      The new AD65 (or something like that) is a Staff Sergeant weapon and is comparable to the M4a1 Mk. 3

  60. This game is pretty good. Nice graphics and plays smooth. I would recommend it to all FPS fans. I have not seen any hackers yet.

    • there are hackers but… ill put it liek this one hacker every time u rank uop 100 times which is enver there are no ahckers uc an get fake ranks but thats it

  61. Hell ya, I get tired of any game I play after a week or 2. However, after playing A.V.A I can’t seem to get enough no matter how much I play. To be honest, I don’t know how this game is free to download and play. It is 100% the best game out there that’s free , and even better than most you have to pay to download. Get it A.S.A.P

  62. its just like modern warfare 2 yes its i played this game for so long now its the best online games out there the things that u do in call of duty black ops and modern wf2 u can do the same things in this game and it looks like call of duty

      • Thats an absolutley ridiculous statement. Combat arms is a watered down arcade shooter, through and through. Its basically for, and full of, annoying kids who either complain about everything, or gloat like jackasses. The times weapon system is silly, the actual combat, while fun for a quick romp, cant be counted on for a true in depth shooter session unless your standards arent that high. Its really an awful game, as far as the standards set by the top dogs in the genre go.

        • Man, I will never hear it put as well as you did about that game. I love it, but my system just cant handle it right now. 512MB RAM wont get you far in the mmogfps community. Combat arms: Great but like you said, depending on your level of expectations. Alliance of Valiant Arms: Now thats a damn game brother…Yall Have a Good one now…

      • this is NOTHIN like mw2 or bf3, cause is have both plus mw3. it is exactly like counter strike. EXACTLY!!!!

        • LOL! Like Counter Strike? Play Soldier Front. That’s like CS. In fact, just by comparing this to CS I know you fail at FPS games in general.

          1. CS lacks wallbang
          2. CS lacks bullet drop
          3. CS lacks gameplay complexity.
          4. CS weapons are purchased within gameplay for kill-credits. In this game, you buy permanents/expendables/timed weapons in the lobby shop.
          5. Weapons are customizable.
          6. Physical skills are obtainable in AVA. Once an achievement is unlocked, you may gain extra ammo, farther range for nades, quicker movement speed, melee damage, etc. permanently attached.
          7. There’s a capsule system.
          8. There’s a Co-Op mode available in 3 difficulties. Easy being normal, Normal being difficult, and Extreme being Nearly Impossible. You may get permanent rewards for completing them multiple times.
          9. You may ride a tank.
          10. You can lure bots to a certain location by using radio command and trick players using noises and distractions.
          11. The grenade lacks practical use in AVA unless you’re tossing it far. The main purpose of the nade is to ensure that there aren’t enemies around a corner. If there are, then the enemy will shout against his will, revealing his position.
          12. There is a radar that allows you to see damaged opponents for 3 seconds and all teammates.
          13. Nearly all weapons are obtainable through in-game credit. The only ones that aren’t are capsule weapons, which is similar to a lotto (gachapon.)
          14. Most capsule weapons are purchasable with in-game credit.

          • Man, have you been smoking your own socks again?.. CS Is for competative gamers. that wanna play in turnaments and stuff like that!

          • Try playing CS. It’s actually a very fun game, plus you don’t have to download anything besides Unity Webplayer, and that doesn’t take very long. I had to keep AVA running all night just to download it, and it’s still not done this morning. Plus, the dude above me. It’s tournaments. Not turnaments.

          • Yo sir, A.V.A cannot be compared to Arctic Combat. Arctic Combat has Aim Down the Sight function on all weapons.. Iron sights, Red dot Sights, Pistols.. A.V.A has not. Arctic Combat way better Gameplay and more realistic

            Kind Regards,


          • Who cairs about iron sight ADS that not that big a factor… its Better 2 have it ubut ava is much better great gameplay combat arms is good 2 but it got borin so i turned to AVA. AVA has way better graphics makin it more realistic and it has better gameplay SO STFU

      • CA is a pay to win cash dump, full of hackers, with no iron sights, no decent physics, and mediocre graphics at best. I don’t know how you could possibly compare it to BF3.

    • ok ive play this game since it came out beta it was great when it was ran by IJJI ,however the game is ruined since aeria took over, as a person whos play this game this long and i am quitting it. i do have my own oppinion of it the game now sucks. it had a good competitive scene but thats ruined with hackers ,aeria games cant maintain servers for crap and they cant even protect there own game site its been hacked many times aeria games even been ddos and peoples accounts have been stolen from log in servers of aeria games there security sucks , plus aeria games the greediest company i ever saw. the game used to have high ratings but now its got less than 2D graphic game. its got 6 of the 7 continents playing on north america server forcing it to crash. only ones who like the games owner and who play it now are those who spent too much money to quit,those who are here during aeria games ownership and dont know better,or hackers

  63. I started this about 6 or 7 weeks ago. It fu**** kicks ass. Plainly put. Great graphics. Even toned down to the lowest level, they’re pretty damn good, which is good for computers with shitty graphics cards like mine. Takes a while to get used to recoil, and too many people abuse one-shot kill sniper rifles (you’ll see), but I see maybe one hacker every other day at most, its just fun to play, has great weapons. The only problem you might ever experience is when you get a new update. A lot of people have problems with that, but worse-case-scenario, you’re offline for a day

    • I’d just like to say to people who plan on trying out
      that was a pretty good general review but just keep in mind of a couple of negatives (Not Major ones, I’d still recommend people trying the game)
      You tend to start teleporting sideways or backwards and freezing for split seconds quite a bit if your computer isn’t that good
      Some people can be very irritating, as in kicking some people for the slightest mistakes in the coorporation modes or kicking more inexperienced players for not doing this and that, or simply raging in caps lock all day
      It can become rather irritating when luck doesn’t play by your side for a very long duration (Capsule Shop)
      Community isn’t all that alive ingame, as in as far as I’ve seen, people hardly ever talk or socialize in games, this even includes when you’re bored to death spectating after you’ve died in demolition or some sort
      Updating CAN take a painful long time
      I believe that’s most of the negatives I’ve experienced, which has all happened to me which made me stop playing for some time. But i get back to it alot


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