It's Almost Here! The Braver Class Is Coming To PSO2:NGS In August

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As we all know, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launched with a smaller roster of classes and the promise of more to come. And now, that promise is bearing out. Sega has announced the arrival of the game's next class, the "Braver", for those of you looking for something that combines a little sword-play with long-ranged photon weapons.

The Braver is capable of wielding both a katana and a photon bow. The former allows for fast-paced, close-quarter melee combat while the photon bow lets players drop back a bit and still deal consistent damage. In addition the Katana features a PA Combo that offers three levels of action changes when players use the same photon art in succession.

The class also boasts an exclusive skill, "Brave Combat", that reduces PP consumption for a period of time and launches a powerful finishing attack while active.

Players will also have a new side story and quest to try out when the Braver update drops. The Urgent Quest, "Mining Rid Defense", won't be available until August 18, at which point players can find it in Central Aelio. Up to 8 players can join the defense to protect mining rigs from enemies. More details on the new class and other content can be found in the NGS Headline video below.

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