Alone Or With Friends: See How Nightingale Multiplayer Works Come Early Access

Don't want to see people? We get it, and so does Nightingale, apparently.

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The clock keeps ticking as we get closer and closer to the February release of Inflexion Games' Nightingale. Taking on the challenges of a PvE survival game world, as there's no PvP in the upcoming early access, can be daunting.

But how will it all work in early access?

First, you won't actually see other players in your Realm unless you want to see them. Team up in co-op or set your realm to public and you won't be alone. Opt not to, and you can take on the challenges all by your lonesome.

Want to explore with friends? You can all party up together provided you've completed the tutorial. That's really the only restriction. There's no "level" requirement, so don't worry about your friends getting ahead of you or vice versa. It's all good. The loot front is personal, though. If you want to trade, you can, but don't worry, no one's stealing your precious gains from encounters. Loot found elsewhere in the realm is a different story. Get there quick.

Finally, on the quest front, quests are your own. Each player needs to complete steps, so if you want to be on the same page, make sure you start out on the same title page.

Check out the full blog on multiplayer in Nightingale for more!

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