STO Design Your Ship Banner

For nearly a month, Star Trek Online players have been casting their votes for a new ship to be included in Update 11, starting with eight and now whittling the list all the way down to two. Those two, fittingly given the working titles of Alpha and Omega are now up for the final vote to determine which one will see the light of day in STO.

You can vote for your favorite on the STO Facebook, Twitter, or forums, as described on the contest page. Voting runs until midnight PDT on Oct. 22. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of differences between the two designs, but if I had to pick, I’d say that Alpha’s “dimples” bother me, and I prefer the sleeker design of Omega. #TeamOmega


  1. “Design your ship” *My reactions* “Oh cool I can now fully customize my own ship” to me thinking this would now make buying zen ships more worth while to only have my dreams and wallet crushed by pre-made awful looking ships……Ya……


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