Digital Extremes’ upcoming hero shooter The Amazing Eternals will be free-to-play when it launches. If you like what you’ve already seen of the game — which probably isn’t much, though there is a new gameplay highlight video, below — you can get into the action by purchasing a Founder’s Pack today.

As is usual with Founder’s Packs these days, each of the five options grants you access to the closed beta, with more goodies in the offing as you buy higher tiers. The least expensive option, the “Eternal Traveler” pack, goes for $19.99 and, in addition to beta access, grants you a nice-and-round 2,886 tokens for your purchasing needs.

Things ramp up from there, with the Eternal Seeker ($49.99), Eternal Adventurer ($99.99), and Eternal Legend ($249.99) packs. And if you’re someone who absolutely loves Warframe and is convinced Digital Extremes can do no wrong, there’s the Immortal pack, which will set you back a cool Cleveland, or $1000. That nets you 25 beta keys, a spot on the Design Council, four Traveler’s Pack gifts, “your alias immortalized in a Founder’s Stamp,” and a custom Founder Badge upgrade and in-game Easter Egg. Oh, and 100,001 tokens. It would be a lousy deal for just 100,000 tokens, but for 100,001? A bargain!

To purchase a Founder’s Pack for The Amazing Eternals, head on over to purchase page on the game’s website.


    • Warframe got added on Steam on open beta Launch so it will likely get on Steam too when it hits open beta.


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