Soccer, football … whatever you call the sport Rocket League is trying to emulate, it’s all good. Next week, though, the pitch will be transformed into a gridiron and the ball will be replaced with a … well, technically still a ball, but that funny-looking one you see in the NFL, as Psyonix celebrates the NFL’s championship game taking place next weekend.

The 4v4 Gridiron challenge mode runs from February 2-8, transforming the round ball into an American football, which bounces around as randomly as you’d expect. Touching the ball will attach it to the roof of your car, which you can then try to steer it into the opponent’s goal area for seven points; if it goes into the goal loose, you’ll score three. You can dodge to pass the ball to a teammate, but double-jumping will cause you to fumble. You can also pick up the NFL Fan Pack to rep your favorite team’s colors. Details on the mode and the prizes you can earn from it can be found on the Rocket League website.

That’s not the only new thing coming to Rocket League next week. A brand new update is set to arrive on the first day of February, introducing an optional setting for the lighting on the new Neon Fields arena for those with sensitivity to flashing lights. The update also adds Fennec Decals for all teams in the esports shop, at the cost of 300 Esports Tokens apiece.

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